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Privacy policy

Accessing our blog means that you are providing us the authority of storing your Data and information. By visiting our website, you agree that we can use your data to provide you with more relevant information for your queries. This also helps in improving our service hand in hand. You may also be asked to provide any personal information which is related to you for the proper user recognition.
The information you will provide on our blogs allowing us to contact you anytime regarding the queries or surveys on our website. By submitting your personal information on our site, you are giving full consent on this term.
Though we store the log data, information that is sent to us by the use of a particular browser is also considered very much. Information such as browser version, Internet Protocol address, browser type, respective time and date of your visit on our website, visited pages. All these information are stored in our database to improve our services. Also, we also access the data from Google Analytics which especially monitors and tracks the information related to you as well as our services.

We may also use the cookies that are sent to your respective browser and store in your computer’s hard drives afterward. The purpose of sending cookies is only to collect relevant information about the visitor and its nature. Though we do not prompt you on accepting the cookies, you will always be asked whether to take or not. It is recommended to accept the cookies to use some portions of the website.

Since the website is being optimized now and then, hence it can securely use your data or information you are sharing with us. It is not necessary that all the information you share on our website is hundred percent secured. We never guarantee absolute security to any of the visitors on our website.
Any changes in our privacy policy will be displayed on this page. You should always check the privacy policies our website from to time as we reserve the right to change or update our policies at any time. If you have a question with any of the terms mentioned above, feel free to contact us.

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