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About Us

The sole purpose of betadvice is to provide you thorough and accurate knowledge of generic medicines. We provide you complete information on the generic drugs and opioid consumption. From medicines classifications, chemistry to consumption each and every major to minute things have been included in our blogs. The information you will get here is not at all biased at any manner, on the basis of researches and numerous surveys, we have concluded to write these blogs related to different generic medicines.

Safety is considered:

The blogs are entirely informative and aims to generate awareness among people. we are not sales entity, hence any type of product promotion can never be the cup of our tea! In the terms of safety, we can never compromise therefore complete and deep research towards a particular medicine is the way we functions.

We do not specify prices and purchase on our blogs, you will get to read essential information related to a particular drug such as side effects, compounds, precautions and many more. Also, we advise you to consider the thought of your healthcare expert before you move ahead to purchase a particular drug for yourself. Our information is real time and true to the knowledge but the doctor’s consideration is very much needed if you are moving towards opioid or generic drugs medication.

Our mission:

Our aim is to generate awareness towards the medication of these generic drugs. Before writing any of our blogs, we do complete research and also reach to the doctor’s to know more about the aspects of medicines. Both pros and corns are written by our writers so that you can easily decide whether or not to consume the medication. No sales pitching has been done in any of our blog posts, we do not promote any type of marketing here.

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