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Dignity Takes a Holiday tells of the misfortunes of Pete as he tries to find love, usually in all the wrong places It was funny I cringed in embarassment for Pete at times If it weren t for bad luck, he d have no luck at all His mother is a sharp tongued shrew who can t stop insulting him but also sets him up for some of his worse humilations While funny I couldn t help but feel sorry for Pete 47 and still living with his mother, still a virgin I just felt bad for him He had a lonely life until he feel down the steps and twisted his ankle Pete is just a hard luck person No matter how optimistic he is, nothing works out the way he wants it to Enjoyable, light, quick read Sure to make you laugh out loud. What The Fuck. I find Rick Reed a fascinating author I m never quite sure what I m going to get when I pick up one of his books I certainly didn t expect to be laughing continuously given other stories of his that I ve read nor to find such an embarrassing creature as Pete endearing A crazy romp that turned into a sweet, hopeful story I spent most of the time laughing in horrified fascination wondering what in the world he was going to come up with next view spoiler The Midsummer s Night s Dream drugged sex scene was hilarious and one of the funniest things I ve read in awhile And the apparent bestiality scene had me in tears hide spoiler I laughed like a madman all through this great book If the great Patrick Dennis author of Auntie Mame were still alive and he got together with John Waters with the goal to write an outrageous gay novel, you d have Dignity Takes A Holiday The baked beans incident at the end was priceless Really not my cup of tea If you re the kind of person who d laugh at not laugh with someone who slipped and landed on their arses instead of helping, you d probably enjoy this.There is simply no way anyone could empathize with the characters at all They had no redeeming qualities whatsoever Even laughing at them just seems downright cruel to me But then again the characters themselves have mean streaks a mile wide that a second later you re recoiling instead of pitying them. A warped, satirical comedy about Pete Thickwhistle, a 47 year old gay virgin who still lives with his evil, bitchy, psychotic mother and is looking for love I have read other reviews and I have seen where folks were totally offended by this book There s an issue with a cat that is disturbing and every other kind of strange thing you can imagine This is not meant to be taken seriously It is a satire Don t read this if you are easily offended It is definitely not for you.Full review full of spoilers can be found at On Top Down Under Book Reviews. My favorite thing about this book is that it gives perspective Laugh or cry at the absurdity, but we all have a little Pete in us Sometimes dignity does indeed take a holiday, but through it all we love, learn, live our lives with the hope of a happily ever after. This book was a solid 3.5 for me, I couldn t decided which way to tip it at all, it s times like this I really wish for 1 2 star ratings I think I could summarize this book pretty simply Peter Thickwhistle is a socially awkward but kind, sweet guy who just wants someone to love him and instead meets and is constantly surround by horrible people that set to intentionally be horrible to him or make him the butt of every joke In the end he thinks with his big, forgiving, romanticizing, heart instead seeing things clearly At least there will be someone in his corner this time I read this book really fast because I just wanted something good to happend to Pete, and when it finally did, I kept reading because I was afraid something horrible would happend to ruin it I would almost like to revisit Pete a few years later and see how things are going Not a full novel or anything, maybe just a little short story. I won t say this often, but this was a book that is definitely not for everyone You have to have a certain sense of humor to really get a farce Check out the title, the cover, the blurb even the character s name Thickwhistle Everything screams Don t take this seriously And yet, reading through the reviews here, some people did A lot Yes, this minirant is for the readers who complained about just to name an example Pete being mean to the cat and then stopped reading this was a farce Check the definition a broadly satirical comedy with an improbable plot Thank you, Merriam Webster I m certain Rick didn t actually harm a single cat in the writing of this novel Anyway, I was snickering as I wrote the above paragraphs, so it s not meant to be as snarky as it sounds I didn t much like the cat part either, but after that, all the bad stuff happened to Pete, and that, dear Readers, had me snickering and giggling throughout the story The man could not catch a break, but then again, I didn t really expect a perfect little life from the 40 something year old virgin still living with his unbearable mother If I haven t scared you away yet, let me say onething fart jokes Still here Then why aren t you reading this book You d love it For a better muchon topic review, check out what Lisa wrote She summed it up well Pete Thickwhistle Doesn T Live What One Might Call A Charmed Life At Age Forty Seven, He S A Flamboyant Gay Man Who Believes No One Knows He S Gay, Still Living At Home With His Harpy Of A Mother Worse, He S Still A Virgin, Longing To Find Just The Right Man To Make His Life Complete Pete S An Upbeat Kind Of Guy, Yet He S Never Learned That The Answer To His Motto What Could Possibly Go Wrong Is Always Everything Pete S Road To Love And Happiness Is Full Of Potholes, Yet He Never Tires Of Searching, Despite Job Losses, Weight Battles, Clothing Faux Pas, And Disastrous Vacations, Parties, And Dating Debacles Pete Is The Ultimate Underdog Living A Television Situation Comedy, One Named Dignity Takes A Holiday