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The True Face Of Love Ruth S Grandmother Lives In The Forest, Banished There For The Evil That The Townsfolk Believed She Practiced But If Studying The Stars, Learning About Nature, And Dreaming Of Flying Is Evil, Then Ruth Is Guilty Of It Too Whenever Ruth Took Food And Supplies To Her Grandmother, She Would Sit With The Old Woman For Hours, Listening And LearningWhen She Wasn T In The Woods, Ruth Was Learning The Trade Of Her Father, A Blacksmith, Now That Her Brother Would Never Return From The CrusadesAmidst Those Dark Days, A New Man Enters Ruth S Life William Is A Noble With A Hot Temper And A Bad Name, And He Makes Her Shiver But The Young Man Is Prey To His Heritage, A Curse Placed On His Family Ages Ago, And Each Male Of The Family Has Strange Blood Running In His Veins Now Ruth Must Come Face To Face With His Destiny At Grandma S House

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    1.5 stars I liked Stephan I wanted a awesome brother sister relationship where Stephan helps her figure out what to do about William and is there for her and protective and awesome..But no Just kill off the brother and all the potential for greatness Thanks a lot.So I like the idea of the wolf being a were wolf, or something really similar, but I wish that it would have been of a mystery to figure out As it is, you can tell by reading the back cover and by page 3 Real subtle I wanted to like Ruth and William as a couple but a few things were against them.A What if I devour you he asked at last She pulled back slightly and touched one of his eyeteeth with her fingertip I hope that you do, she breathed.What No I can assure you, Ruth, that that would not be good.That sounds like a super great start to a healthy life long relationship Also, Touched one of his eyeteeth Who does that B Ruth is afraid of William.and is still considering marrying him without actually knowing him Sure, she knows that he s cursed and he seems nice.right But since he met her, he can t control his wolfy actions He blacks out after being a wolf He thinks that having Ruth would be worth the death of a hundred people, but he s not sure he can make that decision, condemning a hundred or people to death all so that he can be loved and love in return I m all for helping the poor guy but he s got issues A lot of them And until he resolves them, don t get too close C He practically killed you as a kid That s gotta be off putting.D She glared at him as he stepped closer We should never see each other again, he said That is fine with me, she said, stepping back again until her back hit the wall She stared deep into his eyes, and suddenly she saw something, a change in them His voice was little than a growl Unfortunately that doesn t work for me Than his hands were on her waist and his lips were on hers She moaned as she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave in to his embrace She was pinned between him and the wall with nowhere to go even if she had wanted to But I don t want to go anywhere I want to stay here with him, be a part of him. He gently bit her lip, tugging on it slightly with his teeth, and she closed her eyes It s no use, he said, pulling away ever so slightly I tried to forget you, but I can t, not now, not ever I need you, I don t care what the consequences Just knowing you, loving you, makes me crazy If that is my fate, I d rather go mad with you by my side He kissed her cheek and then trailed kisses down her throat We are only going to destroy each other, she whispered I should leave now and never return It s too late for that, he said, gazing at her fiercely Why You love me, don t you Yes, she whispered God forgive me, I do Then I shall never let you go, for I love you I could run I would catch you, he growled against her lips I could kill you Only your absence could do that You can t make me stay with you I will marry you and then you will have to, he said What if I don t agree to that something inside her forced her to ask He pulled away from her, and his green eyes bored into hers with an intensity that made her quake Then I ll make sure your father forces you to marry me And how will you do that I don t know I will not lose you, though She felt white hot flame explode throughout her being I have no choice but to marry you None She smiled slowly Then kiss me again Pages 121 and 122 in the mass market paperback by Simon Pulse At this point in the story, I no longer cared about them as a couple I didn t like nor did I respect William He doesn t love Ruth If he loved her, regardless of personal pain, misery, or effort, he would want her to be happy and safe And if that meant losing her in his life, he would have done it had he loved her As for what these two have Attraction Infatuation Ruth is just silly This, in a real life situation where all is not fairytales and gumdrops, is not a safe relationship Get the heck of out his life He needs help He is controlling, possessive, and dangerous He would force you to marry him What part of that is in any way good This should have been her reaction to all that and then ran like hell.Also, ending a sentence in a preposition She was pinned between him and the wall with nowhere to go even if she had wanted to. is grammatically incorrect And then there was Peter Heard that coming from a mile away It was blowing a horn and wearing tap shoes.And then there was the anti freaking climatic ending Ruth Oh, yeah, we still need to break the curse else William nom me to death one night he gets a little too excited but there is only two pages left What to do William nomming on Ruth s neck Grandmother Idiots You re cured now, William Happy wedding present, you two I never want to see you again It was Magic The End.Not recommended The very few things that made this interesting and different were sunk like the Titanic by the truly horrendous romance and characters.

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    I generally enjoy re tellings of fairy tales, so was excited to hear about this young adult version of the Red Riding Hood story I regreat to say, I was wrong This is your basic Harlequin romance with a werewolf in it Poor, but feisty young woman meets rich, handsome man and they fall instantly in lust But wait he has a terrible, deep, dark secret once a month, he turns into a wolf and rips people s throats out gasp But he s so handsome and charming and he bites her lips when he kisses her and growls in her ear that she has no choice but to marry him, so what can she do Oh dear, I hope it all works out in the end and they live happily ever after Maybe Grandma, who has been banished by the townsfolk to live alone in the woods because they think she s a witch, will save the day Ya think I wish Grandma could give me back the time short tho it was that I spent reading this.

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    I loved other books in the Once upon a time series, but this one. No just no Red riding hood is my favorite fairytale, but it is my least favorite fairy tales to read retellings of, Why Because everyone thinks it is a bright idea to make the wolf love interest Author, Hmm, I am writing a books based on Red Riding Hood, and I need a love interest for Red Hmmm let me see, There was this woodsman guy, who came in and saved Red and her Grandmother and left without a reward, he just wanted to do the right thing There is also this creepy wolf that tricks a little girl into leading him to her grandmother,s house and eats said little girl and her grandmother Hmmm ooh I know I ll make this wolf guy like a werwolf, that is a danger to every one It will be really romantic Every single Red Riding Hood retelling I see does this, and this book is no different I mean Ruth, girl grow a brain already, William almost killed you TWICE If he really loved he would run off so he couldn t hurt you I do not recommend And a note to authors, STOP MAKING THE WOLF LOVE INTREST ALREADY

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    2 6 08Debbie Viguie is an established author with several books under her belt and she is the co author of a successful book series called Wicked She has her bachelor of arts degree in creative writing, and she says she has been writing most of her life Most of her books fall into the fiction fantasy genre and that is precisely where her book Scarlet Moon can be found Scarlet Moon, along with her book Midnight Pearls, is part of the Once Upon a Time Series published by Simon Pulse This is a series of classic fairy tales that have had a new twist and a deeper story line put into them Scarlet Moon is a modern retelling of Little Red Ridding Hood that you would necessarily want to tell your little girl The book starts out with a young Ruth, the main character of the book, walking through the woods with her brother on the way home from their grandmother s house Disaster hits when the two young children are suddenly come upon by a mysterious black wolf with piercing green eyes Ruth s leg is mangled by the savage wolf and her brother luckily saves them both, but even though Ruth is in extreme pain she can t get the image of those green eyes out of her mind, in fact, she didn t even know that wolves had green eyes The book soon progresses into chapter two and it is now nine years in the future making Ruth around eighteen years old She works in her father s blacksmith shop, which is frowned upon in this time of the Crusades Soon a strange man enters the shop and helps Ruth deal with a troublesome customer This man happens to be William, the Earl of Lauton William is know to have a bad and dangerous reputation but Ruth doesn t think to much about it However, she does notice his strange strikingly familiar green eyes The story line of this book takes off on the first page of the book so it doesn t give you any time to get bored in the sometimes dull background overview of other books The story not only hooks you with the action and mystery from the first page but I also think the it progresses nice It doesn t move so fast that you don t have time to get involved or connected to the story it also doesn t move so slow and get into so much detail you feel like putting it down and never picking it up again Scarlet Moon is definitely a book for fantasy lovers especially if you like books that involve spells, curses, and mystery If you are a fast or avid reader this book won t take you long to finish Its fairly short, so if you are looking for something to keep you occupied for a while it probably shouldn t be your first choice, but if you re looking for a quick read you might pick it up I would also say that this book is geared toward teen readers so if it s an in depth story line your looking for its probably not for you either Over all I think Scarlet Moon is a good read with a captivating story line that keeps you turning the pages and keeps you entertained down to the last page Scarlet Moon, which was written by Debbie Viguie, is a mystical, romantic, and thrilling retelling of the classic fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood Ruth, who is portrayed as the Liggle Red Riding Hood characted in the book, is living her life without fear even thought she was attacked and her leg was mangled by a wolf when she was a child This story takes place in a small villiage in the times of the Crusades which her brother and cousin left to fight in leaving her to help her father in his blacksmith shop I love the mystry and courage in thes book and the story always has you guessing what is going to happen next Scarlet Moon is a must read for any fairy tale lover especially if you like the movie The Brothers Grim.

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    This is a retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood, a story that I have never really been that found of However, I actually loved this book It really brought the whole fairy tale to life, and gave the characters so much depth Ruth isn t your typical girl She is very pretty, but knows how to fight She has a love of learning and nature, but works as a blacksmith William is a great character and you really feel for him and the trails he has to live through They have great chemistry together You fall in love with Grandma, and I couldn t help picturing walking through the beautiful woods to go for a visit at Grandma s house The story was full of love, passion, adventure and mystery There are some parts which are a bit violent, so I wouldn t recommend it to a young audience My only complaint is that the book was too short I would have loved it if it had been a full length novel and really delved into the characters and the story Since the author was limit to page count, some parts did feel a little rushed, or tied up too quickly Those were all easy to overlook though, the story as a whole was just fantastic.Of all the Once Upon a Time books this is by far my favorite Some of the others seemed to be out there, but this one was along the lines of a traditional fairy tale and yet was still unique

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    I thought this was such a great re telling of Little Red Riding Hood I loved Ruth as a main character I thought she was different and fierce How she loved working along her father in the blacksmith shop and how she would learn about healing from her grandmother I have a little bit of problem with William and Ruth s romance like it was rushed but in the end it worked out.

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    3.5Sweet little retelling of Little Red Riding Hood with a romantic twist and couple of additional background and plots On the whole I m satisfied.

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    This was a short, quick read It great for a quick read when on vacation or an airplane ride.

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    Hahahaha I m sorry, but this is the second Little Red Riding Hood retelling I ve read whose synopsis ends with facing their destiny at Grandmother s house and I think it is the most hilarious thing ever When I think of my grandmother s house, I do not envision any showdowns happening Funny stuff Anyway Scarlet Moon is a really neat retelling of a fairy tale that you don t know much about Besides the obvious don t talk to strangers lesson in Little Red , we don t know much about the characters and their lives I especially enjoy retellings of Little Red Riding Hood for this reason there is so much you can do with them and so many different interpretations It is interesting to see how different authors interpret this fairy tale Ruth is a very endearing protagonist She is strong, smart, and forward thinking And William well, he is about as dreamy as one might expect a charming, young nobleman with a dark past to be The answer is too dreamy My issue with this retelling, and most of the other retellings in Once Upon a Time, is that it spends a ton of time on exposition and the result is that the rest of the book feels rushed At less than two hundred pages, Scarlet Moon does a good job of fitting everything into a very small page number, but it suffers from this problem than the rest of books in the Once Upon a Time series.

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    It s not a bad version of Red Riding Hood, but it wasn t anything amazing either It is nice to read fantasy with a sprinkling of historical fiction, and I like that Ruth had a reason for being different from other girls, with her brother off fighting the Holy War Her wearing manly clothes and being skilled at blacksmithing were out of necessity, and not just because she didn t want to be feminine As for the romance, it was kind of eh I liked where it was going until Ruth and William had that super eloquent conversation about how much they loved one another, halfway through the book It wasn t believable both because it didn t sound like spur of the moment talking I mean, I get an eloquent phrase here or there, especially if you ve been thinking it for awhile, but these words seemed to come out of nowhere , and because it left me confused as to what the rest of the book is about It s so great when characters finally confess their love to each other, but that usually happens towards the end of stories for a reason If it does happen earlier, there also needs to be a clear reason this confession still might end in them not being together, so that the tension is still there.Not to say I was ever super invested in the relationship, as sometimes William did seem a little controlling, and I think that was the author s idea of making him interesting intriguing, but It would just tick me off if somebody tried pulling that same stuff with me.I also had a problem with the werewolf thing You have a curse that affects a family for ages, but those in the area aren t aware the three days surrounding the full moon is a dangerous time to be in the woods alone I mean, the village all thinks the grandmother is a witch, so why don t they have any legends about a beast that haunts the woods during those nights I get that the amount of deaths that happen are quite small, but still A superstitious village would know not to venture into the woods during those three nights, after generations of this curse.In some ways, it felt like this book wanted to be a steamy romance, but it couldn t because it s YA There were several times the characters thought about sex wanting to do it, thinking someone else may have done it, etc , but it was always in the vaguest of ways, so it didn t really bother me But then there was that one moment where Ruth moaned during a kiss That went a little too far for me, and seemed so weird, to have that one moment and nothing else in the whole book Looking back on the book after finishing it, while the book itself is clean, all of those little instances add up to make it feel like it wanted to be steamier.I have a lot of negative to say about this book and in the spoiler section , but it did keep me reading until the end, and there were a few times I wasn t entirely sure where the story was going to go, which is always great when reading a fairy tale retelling Ruth was an interesting character, and the historical bits served the story well, fleshing out the setting However, this isn t a book I ll ever re read, so I ll be getting rid of my copy.SPOILERS BELOW So, William I m not quite sure why he had such a bad reputation, when he rarely seemed to behave in a way that fit said reputation I get he might act like a better person around Ruth, but even when in his POV, I didn t really see it I mean, he certainly is controlling at one point he tells Ruth he ll force her to marry him , but people talked about him like he got angry at the drop of a hat, rather than simply being controlling.Then, what about William s father I get they can control themselves most of the time when werewolves, but I had to wonder about the logistics of being a noble out fighting a war, and disappearing at the same time each months for three nights days in a row Though, I would say this could be applied to the entire family line, and not just William s father It really didn t seem like anybody knew the family secret, but that s a long period to be gone at the same time every month to not draw questions, even if you are royalty.Then we have Ruth s grandmother There was that one point in the story, where she comes across William naked, and it seems from their conversation she has a guess about what he is, but then she acts like she s learning new information when Ruth tells her later Also, if she s an actual witch, why didn t she cure William right away, rather than acting like she s helping Ruth search for a cure Also, why did she decide to cure William at the end, anyways Nothing seemed to have changed between them, so it wasn t like she was waiting for him to pass some kind of test or anything It just happened.Lastly, we have Peter He felt very random at the end So, he has the mind of a beast and is attacking killing people I get James and Mary were out of jealousy, but it was also kind of weird how nobody seemed to care about Peter s confession of killing them Honestly, even before learning Peter felt like a wolf, I had wondered for awhile if maybe Stephen had actually died from William s father, while he was a wolf I thought this was the reason Peter was so against William Then, for a brief moment at the end, I thought somehow maybe part of the curse had been transformed to Peter, hence his feeling like a wolf However, instead, he feels like a wolf simply because of PTSD I know PTSD is anything but simple, and everything Peter did can fit into it, but it was weird to mention how he felt like a wolf on the inside while William was a wolf on the outside, but then to not go anywhere with that Maybe William could have talked to Peter, helped to calm him, to tame the wolf inside Something.So, the book had a good start, and a fairly good first half, but the romance side of things felt off once it came to that eloquent but cheesy love confession, and the ending just didn t tie things up as well as I had hoped.