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From The Creator Of Binky The Space Cat, A Hilarious Story About An Unconventional Little Pirate Ahoy There Will This Sweet Little Pirate Find His Place Aboard The Rusty Squid Or Will He Be Forced To Walk The Plank When Small Saul Joins The Crew Of The Rusty Squid, It Doesn T Take Long For The Other Pirates To Notice Something Is Very Different About This Tiny Fellow He Was Born To Sing Sea Shanties, Bake Pineapple Upside Down Cakes And Redecorate, Not To Hold A Sword And Plunder Being Rough And Tough Just Isn T In His Nature Small Saul Learned At Pirate College That Pirates Only Care About Three Things Their Ship, Being Tough And Lots And Lots Of Treasure Can Small Saul Show These Ruffians That Despite His Gentle Spirit, He S Worth His Weight In Gold With Treasure Chests Of Laughs, Small Saul S High Seas Adventure Is A Light Hearted Celebration Of Individuality, Perseverance And Being True To One S Self The world can never have too many good pirate books, and this one is a treat Too short to enlist in the navy, Saul goes to Pirate School instead, but somehow his heart just isn t into looting and pillaging He s better a tidying up the ship and cooking tasty snacks than he is at swinging a cutlass Even his pirate tattoo isuma bit different.Can a ship full of bloodthirsty, greedy pirates come to appreciate Small Saul It s a good read for kids who want a pirate story, but an even better one for kids who may have a little trouble fitting in. A delightful read by Ashley Spires Small Saul is a loveable character and the message is important A perfect read aloud. Such a lovely message A picture book for all ages It s tough being smaller or shorter than your peers and it s extremely difficult when your peers just happen to be pirates Spires uses some funny illustrations that will have both adults and children chuckling This is one of those books that has a wide appeal range as it can be read in a storytime to preschoolers but also older independent readers will find the story compelling as well.Quotes I liked from this book He did well in Navigation, but he lacked focus in Looting The basics He was born to sing sea shanties, not to hold a sword Find Small Saul at the Westminster Public Library Small Saul demonstrated how we can all contribute while remaining true to ourselves. A wonderful picture book to encourage children that being themselves is the best way to be Saul is a pirate who doesn t conform to traditional pirate stereotypes he excels in singing sea shanties, he cleans, he prrrrs instead of aaaarrrrs Despite his attempts at beingpirate y, he is still different from the other pirates Pushed overboard by the captain, Saul s absence soon becomes missed by the other pirates A fun, sweet story, this is a fun nod to celebrating the unique qualities of everyone This would serve as a great read aloud and would capture the attention of all children. A very cute book that is both about pirates and about the fact that it is okay to be different. I have been waiting for this one for a while so I was happy to finally find it A fun story about a pirate who doesn t quite fit in but finds his place after all. Great book about appreciating our differences and following what comes naturally to ourselves no matter the preconceived notions of how we should be.