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Under The Stars, In A Secret World Rowena, The Youngest Of Twelve Sisters, Loves To Slip Out Of The Castle At Night And Dance In A Magical Forest Soon She Convinces Her Sisters To Join Her When Sir Ethan Notices That His Daughters Slippers Look Tattered Every Morning, He Is Certain They Ve Been Sneaking Out So He Posts A Challenge To All The Suitors In The Kingdom The First Man To Discover Where His Daughters Have Been Is Free To Marry The One He ChoosesMeanwhile A Handsome Young Knight Named Bedivere Is Involved In A Challenge Of His Own To Return The Powerful Sword, Excalibur, To A Mysterious Lake While Looking For The Lake, Bedivere Meets The Beautiful Rowena And Falls For Her Bedivere Knows That Accepting Sir Ethan S Challenge Is The Only Opportunity For Him To Be With Rowena Forever But This Puts Both Bedivere And Rowena In A Dangerous Situationone In Which They Risk Their Lives For A Chance At Love I was so excited about this book I d read a couple of the books in the Once Upon a Time series and had enjoyed them The Storyteller s Daughter is just fantastic The story of the 12 Dancing Princesses is one of my all time favorites, and I m also a bit of a sucker for Arthurian legend I thought that combining the two would be fantastic Alas, I was disappointed The story just never gelled It followed two characters who were separated and then came together, but the way they met didn t really make sense The magics weren t well defined a problem for a fantasy novel because they weren t exactly Arthurian, but then weren t like those in a typical fairy tale The combination made one of the central elements very confusing and took away from the book The plot was also a fusion that just didn t work Sometimes it felt that I needed to be thinking about Camelot, yet at others I should have remembered the fairy tales I love fusions and twist on fairy tales, but this time it just felt choppy It didn t blend together like it needed to Besides that, it was predictable I didn t know exactly how everything was going to happen, but I knew ahead of time what was going on I hate being able to guess a plot and I m also really terrible at it , and it really detracts from the story in my opinion.The characters were nothing remarkable The villain didn t seem that evil, and the good characters were on the boring side I wanted depth and differences and found none The romance was so blah It was safe and typical complete with the whole true love is magnificent, immediate, and conquers heals all things message Maybe I m just a cynic, but I think that it s complicated than that I guess I m also comparing this retelling with Jessica Day George s magnificent Princess of the Midnight Ball, so it even weaker The writing wasn t that great, so there was nothing to really save the book The dialogue was unsophisticated and Weyn tended to drop information on you like a brick There wasn t any nuance.I was saddened by this book I wanted it to be good and fun, but it failed me If you want a better retelling of the same story grab the book by Jessica Day George that I mentioned because you won t regret it Unfortunately, I can t say the same for this one.Book from Library In all honesty after I finished reading this I could think of washuhDon t misinterpret me this is not a bad huh just I kind of confused one.This time around I did have some background of the original tale from reading Jessica Day George s Princess of the Midnight Ball Highly recommended But on to this retelling Suzanne Weyn in her other retellings always relies on a historical setting to place the fariy tales in In this one she incorporated the well known Arthurian legends That was a totally good move on her part It weaved well in the story because we see her version of the life behind the mysterious Lady of the Lake, which in this tale turns out to be the mother of the dancing princesses Ok this is going to be an irrational irk on my part but it bothered me to no end that Rowena the focus of the book is the youngest of the sisters This shouldn t have bothered me, but really she doesn t display too much of the characteristics of the youngest Then there is sweet Bedivere that is simply devoteful, but I thought the whole soulmate bit was over done I mean really that fast The most ridiculous thing is when their father sets up the contest that any man can marry one of his daughters if they solve the mystery behind the girls worn out slippers This is not what is ridiculous, but he lets the men stay in a room beside theirs to solve the mystery Ummm maybe I m really smart but shouldn t have he tried to do this exact thing himself first I think it s kind of obvious but I get why it was done because that was the only way to have the adventure that ensues.It was lovely though, and the part where they go through the different forests was symbolic but a little too short Good but not great and that s why all I thought in the end washuh , because I was expecting to love it since it had such good bones with the Arthurian legends to help it along Could have been better but still worth a read. This was a good book It was all nice and sweet Just like every other book in the series true love prevails above all Rowena is a good protagonist and Sir Bedivere is all you want in your knight in shining armor I like the the story of the 12 dancing princesses and the way Weyn portrays the story is done well But I couldn t get over the fact that out of all the 12 sisters Rowena just has to be the most beautiful, as well as the most adventurous and the only daughter with the second sight Also Sir Bedivere just has to be the most handsome of all the knights aside from Arthur who dies There is only one sister you really get to know other than Rowena This is due to how short it is so its forgivable.There isn t as much rising action as I would ve hoped for The struggle was just too easy for me I like it when the characters have to work really hard to finally find there happiness It makes it all the sweeter and it makes me feel like the characters are strong and they really deserve it Its not that Rowena and Bedivere don t deserve happiness because they are good people but I felt like they just got it so easily The ending resolves everything The good guys win and the bad guys lose There is magic, love, and revenge so its a good read. Click here It s book stuff At the beginning of this book Everyone else around me at school and such Me Reading Middle and end of this bookEveryone else around me at school and such Me Reading Really, what I m trying to say is that at the beginning it was very tiring, boring and not interesting But towards the end, it got way better That s why it doesn t deserve 5 stars You don t get 5 stars when only 1 3 cf the book is good This book had the sound of an old fairy tale, which is good because it is a retelling of one You know, the usual, people falling in love at first sight Evil spiritsI ve actually seen a lot of people complaining about that, but they should get over themselves What do you expect when you pick up a re telling of a fairy tale Jeez Also, the cover was pretty cool Seriously It s pretty amazing.I don t have anything else to say I think I ve elaborated enough.But wait I forgot to tell you I tried to party with the others and it didn t end too well