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Here s the first thing I have to say about this book I got through most of it No, not even got through itI rather enjoyed the first 3 4ths of the novel But something about it just didn t do it for me I m usually the first person to see a book through, but as soon as another book came alongwell, goodbye CLAY Maybe it was because it was outdated, or that the characters were from 1980 Ireland Britain It was creepy and every time I put it down, I felt like I d just been dreaming Not in a good way but in a sort of icky way Geordie is an un helpful supporting character Davie is sweet but makes too many bad decisions I can only take so much catharsis as a reader , and Antagonist Whose Name I ve Already Forgotten is weird I really don t understand how he pushes the plot other than the fact that he has this magical ability given to him by god So maybe he s the ONLY plot pusher Here s what this book needs Some good side story And no, Davie s one conversation with sort of girlfriend doesn t count More plot, action, etc ORrealistic dialogue Please But here, for equality s sake, are the pluses Nice charectersCool ideas So I wouldn t read it, despite the awesome cover. Fourteen Year Old Davie And His Best Friend, Geordie, Are Altar Boys At Their Local Catholic Church They Re Full Of Mischief, But That All Changes When Stephen Rose Comes To Town Father O Mahoney Thinks It Would Be A Good Idea For Davie And Geordie To Befriend Him Maybe Some Of Their Good Nature Will Rub Off On This Unhappy Soul But It S Stephen Who Sees Something Special In DavieStephen S A Gifted Sculptor One Day As Davie Looks On, Stephen Brings A Tiny Figure To Life It S A Talent He Has, The Gift Of Creation And He Knows That Davie Has This Talent, Too Davie Allows Stephen To Convince Him To Help Bring A Life Size Figure To Life And Clay Is Born Clay Is Innocent, But Stephen Has Special Plans For HimWhat Has Davie Helped To Unleash On The World A YA book with some dark overtones I liked the writing easy to read but didn t like where the story went in the second half of the book a bit haunting and foreboding and I was questioning just who the target audience was. The horror of this story did not affect me the first time I read it Stephen is evil, no two ways about it Davie is naive and ready to be manipulated by God or the Devil But what about something in between What about someone who is just a lonely boy whose father is dead and mother is in a mental hospital Wait He lies He manipulates He hypnotizes He was kicked out of a seminary What s going on From first readFreaktastically wonderful Was Clay alive, or did Stephen Rose hypnotize Davie I really want to teach this with Han Nolan s When We Were Saints Somebody s head would explode. Cal NesvigBook Review Clay By David AlmondDavid Almond s book Clay, tells an unusual story about a quiet, young boy named Davie, who was forced to reach beyond his comfort zone Davie and his best friend Geordie are forced to befriend a strange new kid in town named Stephen as requested by Father O Mahoney The two boys are already mischeveous enough drinking wine from the local church and getting into fights, but Stephen takes this a step further The two boys discover that Stephen has a supernatural power and can bring sculptures to life He uses these sculptures and this power for pure evil Davie becomes obsessed with power, and uses it for his own personal benefit Clearly, this shows how Davie transitions from being a quiet, young boy, into a wicked, evil person Power and responsibility are two big traits that should not be bestowed on such young children Personally, I thought Clay was an interesting story with a new concept I had not yet found in any book s plotline It was extremely suspenseful and kept my attention, eading the whole way through.Davie transitions from a quiet boy to a ruthless killer, fueled by greed and responsibility that he should not possess Stephen and his abnormal talent to control sculptures are catalysts for Davie s transition During the story, we find that Davie s childhood was not going to well Stephen was thought to be crazy, even by Davie and Gordie Stephen came back, wiping his knife blade on a handful of grass We were trembling We were speechless We started back away p.48 There is a certain subtlty about Davie that makes the reader think that he wants to leave it all behind at some point and have a normal life, but can t seem to bring himself to this level The reader will also find Davie extremely religious I trembled I crossed myself I clouded my eyes says Davie, I prayed, Deliver us from evil, Look after us p.51 He looks to God for help in times of need, but never seems to find what he is looking for Perhaps this is because Davie doesn t know what he needs or is looking for when summoning Divine assistance.In conclusion, the book Clay was a fantastic story and a good read for people of all ages It possessed appropriate word choices and grammar usage, as well as told a story with a concept not likely found in many books or movies today In the book, Davie is rejected by many persons, and feeling this rejection wholeheartedly, he goes from being a speechless young boy to an evil criminal This transition was well presented and quite believable to the reader Gordie becomes scared and seems to deviate from the friendship with Davie as time progresses The plotline was filled with suspense building excitement The character development was outstanding as well organized As a reader, you learn to care about Davie and Gordie and their safety while intently turning page after page to uncover a story like no other. David Almond is constantly surprising me I knew immediately that this would be like the golem story, but I continued on, expecting somethingthan that, and I was not disappointed I swallowed the entire thing in one afternoon and my brother will testify when I tell you that there were moments when I would just set it down and squeal in delight at Almond s genius His themes of faith, servitude, and friendship are incredibly pervasive within the surreal plot and almost childish narration There are points that I could easily parallel with Mary Shelley s Frankenstein and even James Whale s 1935 film, Bride of Frankenstien you may say I m wrong, but I definitely get an undeniable impression of homosexual subtext in many of Almond s books, and the scene in which the narrator and Stephen Rose create Clay together is reminiscent of the creation of life by two men in Whale s Bride of Frankenstein I am sort of going a bit off track here with analysation and all, but I really can t help myself with a work like this that Almond has created I would recommend it to many, though some ignorant Christians would probably take offense to much of it It definitely takes an open and discretionary mind while reading, but don t let that stop you from taking a bite David Almond has created something great with this book, and I would even go as far as to say that it s my favourite of his at this point. What to say about CLAY I think Brent said it best Frankenstein meets Demian, meets The Outsiders, with a twist of the old Golem story David and his best friend Geordie have it pretty goodthey steal scramental wine from the church and cigarettes from their dads They run the neighborhood, looking out for Mouldy, the school bully They lead a typical life, until Stephen Rose comes to town.Stephen comes to live with his Crazy Aunt Mary his father is dead, and his mother is hospitalized in a mental hospital Stephen was recently kicked out of seminary school He seems to need friends, and you couldn t ask for better friends than Geordie and Davie But things start getting strange, and Stephen comes between the friends as he entices Davie to join him, modeling clay into a person Stephen seems to have the power of creating life from inanimate clay While this horrifies Davie, it inspires Stephen toanddaring feats.Disturbing, thought provoking OriginalIn this slim book, we re challenged to re examine our beliefs as Davir is challenged.A spooky tale for the week before Hallowe enGood and evil exist together and we wonder who will be redeemed. Clay A Novel By David Almond It s my first David Almond novel and I won t hesitate to say I thoroughly enjoyed the dark and light tones of the story, a story blended into reality effortlessly True to it s title the book revolves around a small town full of simpletons Stephen Rose, a kid who can bring clay objects to life with an incredible talent engages with Davie and the latter s life shifts suddenly as he witnesses the strong forces of nature and impossible phenomenons that beak the laws of life and death What really distinguished the book is it s simple but engaging storyline, it s quick to read nature and overall gradual shifting from lighter to darker tones The primary characters in the story are Davie, Georgie, Stephen Rose, Father Priest, Crazy Marrie and clay creatures bright to life Dialogues and conversations are filled with Nowts and Aye s and Live The character of Cray Mary is one of it s kind, though she doesn t appear much in the story Also, Davie is our protagonist, a teenager who tries to cope up with his teenage life but gets dragged intotrouble Georgie is a great supporting character who always guides Davie and tries to stand by his side The real troublemaker is Mouldy, a bully and a thug, but he s sorted out later in the book One of my favorite characters in the book is the Art teacher Prat or something who, in his classes, tells about some profound philosophical thoughts which relate to the story at some point or another He s a adorable, patient and a compassionate person who really sets a lighter tone to the story To tell the truth, I wouldn t classify this book as YA nor will I classify it as an adult book Anybody with a liking for some Strange Thing s like interest should immediately pick this book up There s some profanity here and there, a little bit of graphical violence it what you need t look out for is the evil thoughts and sins committed by Stephen Rose and his dark thoughts I wouldn t call him an antagonist as he plays the role of an anti hero There are a whole lot of twists in the plot now and then The location the story was set in is depicted in a very rich manner as the author has successfully attempted to blend the story into reality as much as possible I m almost sure that these countryside suburban locations are inspired from real life and they do have fancy names THe story is fast paced, has deep psychological insight, highlights religion and belief in God, witnesses supernatural and impossible to believe phenomenons and throughly engages the readers with its fast paced first person narration style A dark book with immense potential Nice Reading Another unsettling and thought provoking book by David Almond Myself and my son are working our way through his books and although Kit s Wilderness is still my favourite, this one must come pretty close Davie and Geordie are two young teens whose main problems involve the local bully Mouldy When a strange new boy called Stephen Rose moves in with his Aunt, a lady known around town as Crazy Mary , the two boys are urged to befriend him and help him get over his traumatic past As altar boys, Geordie and Davie are looked upon as good boys Geordie is unnerved by Stephen, who takes an instant like to Davie, and there is soon a rift between the two old friends Stephen has a way of making Davie do what he wants him to do, and has a unique way of solving the Mouldy problem Stephen is able to bring clay to life with his hands, and Davie, though frightened of the new boy, is also entranced and under his spell, and joins him in making a monster of a man they call Clay Like many of Almond s books, the novel covers so many universal themes, that you cannot help but relate to it The characters are superb and just march right off the page and into your mind This particular novel examines themes such as the meaning of life, death, God and religion in such a simple, childlike way, that you almost miss it With echoes of Frankenstein, this is an eerie and unsettling read which I will think about for some time This book was odd, but after discussing it with others, I came to really like this book I read this book to see why it is banned in some places I also wanted to read this book to see what the symbolism of clay was within the story.I would recommend this book to students who are Catholic, students who enjoy art, or students who have family issues I might also give this book to a student who has dealt with death, a mental disability or with bullying.In school, I would use this book for a unit on mental health I might also use it to discuss what moral values are.Drugs yesSex noRR witchcraftLanguage yesViolence yes