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This one was interesting mostly for the section where the main character is held prisoner along with dozens of other humans by a coven of vampires The coven is basically farming the humans keeping them barely alive with vampire blood mixed into their food, harvesting the ones who get too weak and turning the stronger survivors into vampires themselves It s an odd concept The rest of the book Convoluted and boring. The truth is that I really wanted to finish with all the Chronicles and Vittorio managed to convince me that I am right by doing just that I barely managed to get through the entire book and very often I wanted to put it aside, and only my persistence kept me going I think I got tired of the writing style, with the same descriptions and lack of engaging action The mixing of the vampires and angels is a bit peculiar, for some it all falls in the supernatural category, but for me is a bad mixture for this kind of book It shows too much about the author, the questioning about religion, good and evil, angels, and I was left with the feeling that vampires were just stuffed in the tale However, this time just didn t work for me and I d rather keep the distance from now on Moreover, there was some eroticism involved in the story which seemed awkward and wrong Vittorio was really annoying, he kept talking and was quite slow in understanding the circumstances Another thing I disliked was the fact that he just couldn t decide if he was fascinated by the vampires or if he considered them demons, if he was attracted or repugnant by them I comprehend the compulsion, the feeling that you can t stop staring, but this was ridiculous In my opinion, the story didn t really have a solid frame and by the end it just fell off. Cep BoyK K Bir Ocukken Korkun Bir R Ya G Rm T M R Yamda Karde Lerimin Kesik Ba Lar N Kuca Mda Tutuyordum Kocaman, K P R K P R G Zleri K Zarm Yanaklar D Nda Tamamen Hareketsiz Ve Sessizdiler Benimse Adeta Dilim Tutulmu , Kuca Mdaki Bu G R Nt Ye Bakakalm T MVe Bir G N R Yam Ger Ek OlduAma Kimse Ne Onlar Ne De Benim I In A Layabilir Art K, Nk Isimsiz Olarak G M Lmelerinden Bu Yana Be Y Z Y L Ge TiBen Bir VampirimAd M Vittorio Pandora Ve Vampirle Konu Ma N N Yazar Anne Rice Bu Kitapta Bizi Orta A N Floransas Na, Vittorio Nun Lkesine G T R Yor Romeo Ve Juliet In Vampir Versiyonu Olarak Adland R Lan Bu Roman, Kutsal Ve Lanetli Harikalarla Dolu Bir R Nesans Talya S Nda Gen A K N Ve Masumiyetin Yitirili Yk S N Anlat Yor Vittorio The Vampire is the second novel in the New Tales of the Vampires series by the legendary Anne Rice Honestly, I first read this novel a few years ago, but I fell in love with this story so much that I had to read it again I ve read some love and some hate reviews on this novel and honestly, I don t see why their would be any hate Sure, everyone s opinions are welcome, but I personally think this novel turned me into a vampire lover Yes, I know many will say, Not her Vampire Chronicles novels Come on Well, I admit, her Vampire Chronicles are fantastic and they truly are the heart of vampires Although, I read Interview with the Vampire Queen of the Damned much to young to appreciate it s greatness Yes, I loved them, but what made me beg forvampires and horror was Vittorio I got this novel on a whim from my friend and boy am I glad he lent me this novel Who knows how long it would have taken me to get into the amazing novels I so in love with now Anyway, onto my thoughts on this novel I truly believe there are many novels you can fall in love with The characters, storyline and especially, the world that is created I have so many novels I love for so many reasons, but honestly, I remember everything about this novel The spot I read it, which was my bed and on the couch Take it in mind this was over 5 years ago I remember being entranced in the world Anne Rice has created Vittorio s pain was my pain, his joy was my joy and his interest was my own Anne, as always describes this world in detail I feel as if I m right there next to Vittorio Battling with him, crying with him and feeling the seduction he feels It s truly a beautifully written novel.This is one of those novels I know I ll read for a third, or many even a fourth time, just to get involved in this world again I really am disappointed there wasn tnovels in this series, but since I haven t read the first, I think I ll go back to finally read it Why haven t I read it if I loev this one so much, you might ask honestly, I loved this one so much, I don t want to be disappointed I don t believe it will be a bad book, none of her vampire novels I ve read are even close to being disappointing I just love Vittorio so much, he s always going to be my first Everyone has their first Who s yours This is a great novel What I have learned is that by the love a person can be saved and by the love that very same person can be doomed and brought into the world of shadows and blood Living forever and always remembering the sins is the greatest burden because there is no coming back Vittorio s rage to revenge brought him into the hands of those who destroy and kill for living Imagine yourself being in love with someone who saved only one life, yours WHAT WOULD YOU DO Would you continue to hate or never stop loving Vittorio made his firm choice, an interesting solution to a problem that was perceived by Vittorio himself as his new life. If there was a half a star I would have given it to that silly boring book I am really sorry for this Anne Rice used to take me to places of wonder but in this book she took me to a hell called what the hell is this I wont say much but I really hated this book I really love Anne Rice and all the vampire chronicles but this one is a failure Vittorio the Vampire is the second and final book in the series New Tales of the Vampires by Anne Rice It s different from the previous novel, Pandora This novel has entirely original characters Whereas Paganism played an important role in Pandora, Christianity is the focus in this novel.And I think that s the part of the novel that shines By this time in the series, the vampire thing is kind of old I still enjoy the vampire aspect, but I found the angels in this book to be a refreshing and a complimentary addition to the Anne Rice take on vampires.Like all of Rice s novels, history and art are important to the story This novel features the work of Fra Filippo Lippi, an artist during the time of Cosimo de Medici, as well as the writings of Thomas Aquinas and St Augustine All of it flows effortlessly through the story, enriching the experience just as I ve come to expect from a Rice novel.The novel is short My hardcover was 288 pages and it s a quick read took me two days , but it s worth it I think it s best to view this story on it s own It s completely different from the other vampire books I didn t find it to be better or worse only different And that s what makes it special. I probably got to page 43 50, and then started to jump around in the book, and decided to read the end of the book Well the first couple chapters I was enjoying, when the character was talking about his about his life, but when his family was slaughtered, he goes out finding the Ursela, who had put the attack on his family, he finds her, is ready to take his revenge, blah blah blah, just to be made into a vampire, then falls in love with her OKAY to me that is just weird, you fell in love with the same person who had slaughtered your family, yeah rather hard to believe, well it is for me anyway Anne Rice obviously did her research for the book dating it back to Florence in the 1400 s The book itself was lacking in plot, and foreshadowing, probably a few other things as well I understand that the character was supposed to be in conflict with himself for many different reason s, but to me they seemed rather contradictory despite her efforts in writing the character. That it I m afraid I m finished with Anne Rice after following her since the first there s only so much angst you can take before depression sets in Early Anne Rice novels, the first Lestat books in particular, carried you along in wonderment at a new view of the world, but that wonder has grown stale and stagnant, and lanquid posing while waiting for the next sexual frisson does not, for me anyway, make for interesting reading.Wondering about your place in the world is all very well, but most of us grow out of it in our teens Maybe that s why these Vampires do littlethan gaze at their own navels they are emotionally stunted Too much new gothic lounging and not enough plot. Tiresome so far Vittorio is a weenie.