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    I m not even going to try and rate this book, it s pretty much impossible for me to make up my mind There were parts i loved, but there were also some parts that had me exasperated Nothing that has to do with the story itself, but my personal happy place Before you start the book there are a few things that are vital to keep in mind Eric is extremely good looking Yes, suspend total believe that there is no such a person He has a very carefree personality and how he raises his son and how he behaves, would never be called normal He is a very unique character, that if you re in the right mood would seem amusing most of the time Things i loved Peter, Jason and David There was nothing i did not like about their scenes or personality Eric s parents were great secondary characters I found myself laughing at a lot of their scenes with Eric Eric s display of love for Jason It was very endearing, if not a little over the top sometimes Like whenever he pictured the worst case scenario on pretty much anything the boy would do Then again, it seems there are parents who are as paranoid out there The scenes between David and Jason That was such a cute relationship Made me feel like a total perv at times too, for just how hot they could get with each other Rose and Eric s friendship I absolutely could not help but shake my head and laugh out loud whenever there was a scene between these two They treat each other as enemies, but deeply care for one another The fact that Eric s best friend is also the same age as his mother, was quite refreshing Eric s mother when she was in mama bear mode I was rooting every time and the way she handled everybody, including Eric was hilarious Things that did not work for me Eric s overly naive personality There were times that i found it endearing, but when the same outcome kept happening over and over again because he never thought things through, it made me want to shake him No matter how naive a person can be, i thought he should have at least thought about how Peter would feel about his decisionsbefore he did it Instead he would go in half cooked and get himself in the strangest situations view spoiler I don t care how much somebody loves you, or how many times you assure them that you feel the same way If your actions makes that person feel insecure about or jealous, again and again, there will come a time that they would be fed up If you truly love that person and already know how they feel about the situations you can get yourself into for being careless Then wouldn t you at least TRY to be careful, so that it will not happen Personally there were scenes like when he would know that the old man was watching him, and he would willingly display himself nakes with him and even allow him to touch his thigh I m not saying i thought he was cheating, but it made me uncomfortable to read hide spoiler

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    All right folks what can I say about this one It was a free read and I always caution on you get what you pay for That was before I read some really excellent free writing and this is included At first I was thinking that this book is way too long with 76 chapters Eric was a bit whiny and I am shocked that he ever passed for straight Jase was just too cute for words and you could not help but fall in love with Pete, David and the Mother was outstanding When I began reading, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop Everything was just too perfect and we all know what happens when things are too good in books But honestly, as you read, you just want to read about their lives and the day to day interactions I could honestly read 100 chapters I had a lot of fun with this book in a Seinfeld kind of way Everything just happened and some of it was outrageous and you think, no way can all of that happen to one person Eric , but with the characters and the writing you can just about believe it is all true I was sad when it was over and hope he decides to write about this cast of characters

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    This was a free read from Terence Audette s site Editing grammar isn t always great, but I can overlook that as this just made me feel happy It tailed off a little too abruptly at the end the last chapter was only produced a couple of months ago the author has said that it may be revisited in the future Still a 4 star read added from comment made at a later date Having read a couple of negative reviews of this story, I just wanted to add a couple of things in its defence.It could use a lot of editing just for the sake of a few commas or apostrophes alone It is a free read was put up on Terence Audette s site over several years so, I d imagine, evolved It can, therefore, meander a little It isn t of the highest standard of writing It is an instalove tale the MCs fall in love very, very quickly It made me happy.As with watching a film, sometimes, I have a real craving for Arthouse sub titles but, othertimes, my heart desperately needs Chick flicks Cherry Garcia.

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    Ok I ve seen this free fic recommended several times now very enthusiastically I might add so I thought I d give it a try Wow I pretty much never quit reading something once I ve started, but I just couldn t deal with this one I gave up at around page 40, and I only kept it up that long out of sheer stubbornness and determination to see it improve I even skipped ahead to see if things would get better They don t.So what s my problem First, one of my hugest pet peeves the insta love phenomenon The doc and the widow immediately fall in love after having met each other ONE time, which I think is totally ridiculous There was no build up, no getting to know the characters at all Actually, it felt a lot like I had just been dropped right into the middle of an ongoing story and had missed the whole beginning like the part where the characters actually talk to each other and develop some kind of relationship before professing their eternal love Further, there doesn t seem to be much direction in the plot no cohesiveness Generally speaking, it just feels like a bunch of random snippets put together without much thought to transitions or underlying storyline What underlying storyline Bottom Line Sorry to say it, but I really didn t like this one at all and wouldn t recommend it to anyone But as always, my opinion is just my own, and as evidenced by the multiple good reviews that prompted me to read this to begin with, there are obviously plenty of others who will feel differently about this than I did.

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    This one is an all time favourite of mine One of my first forays into the MM scene I was so sad to see it end This one for me could of gone on indefinitely Funny sweet adorable there are not enough good words to describe it I just loved everybody, male and female, and that says a lot as I tend to hate most femmale characters lol.

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    4.5 starsIts free, yes it needs editing amongst a few other oddities, including the writing and structure I am not going to nitpick, it was enjoyable and made me feel warm and happy Pete and Eric were lovely and its fast love not a worry for me It s gorgeous and fun, a few good chuckles as well, I loved it Worth reading as long as you can go with the warts and all theory.

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    3.5 4 I liked this story and parts of it had me actually laughing out loud, some of it was a bit over the top, but that s ok.

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    I really liked this bookIt was like reading this really crazy journalthe characters where funny and adorableI loved Jase and Eric, could really relate to their relationshipthe mom was just greatthe relationship between Pete and Eric was super hot and super deep and just goodI really liked David as well I kind of wish there would have been about his relationship with Sammaybe that ll be the next story My absolute favorite was Eric and Rose s talksI laughed my ass off with these tooIt was just too funny.I cried with this book too, what can I say I loved it, the ending felt a little rushed But it is a freebie, so even if the ending was not perfect, still must give five stars.

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    Even though I haven t finished I know this one is going on the My Favorites shelf already because I just LOVE Eric and Pete Eric is so warm and loving with the quirkiest sense of humor and a mother that kind of creeps me out Fun and touching, family first story with love being the core and true foundation of the book It s one of the books you can t wait to find out the ending but that you hate to have end.Okay, I just finished and I have to tell you this story is so amazingly witty, funny, loving, tender, quirky, LOL, entertaining, etc etc etc that I had to create a new shelf just for it My 6 Star Favs I know GR goes up to five stars, but I ve found so many good stories that giving five stars for me is pretty standard This story tops them all It is a free read and I only wish I could purchase it in mobi or prc format so I could get it on my Kindle and have with me always for when I need a smile.Fantastic story and now I have to go hunting and see if Terence Audette has to offer me HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 1st read Oct 18, 20112nd read Apr 27, 2013

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    Okay, so yeah, they get together in this whole love at first sight thing that was a wee bit high on the roll my eyes scale, but you know what After I read further, I just didn t care any I found myself grinning from ear to ear so many times while reading this book that by the end I was nearly giddy And I m grumpy and irritable most of the time, so that s saying something If you re looking for something light and fun, with great supporting characters, and sweet romance, this is the book for you.