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So You Think Know The Story Of Little Red Riding Hood, The Girl With The Unfortunate Name And The Inability To Tell The Difference Between Her Grandmother And A Member Of A Different Species Well, Then, Try Your Hand At Answering These Questions Which Character Not Including Little Red Herself Is The Most Fashion Challenged Who Not Including The Wolf Is The Scariest Who Not Including Granny Is The Most Easily Scared Who Is The Strangest Notice We Re Not Not Including Anyone, Because They Re All A Little Off Who No Fair Saying The Author Has Stuffing For Brains Vivian Vande Velde Has Taken Eight New Looks At One Of The World S Most Beloved And Mixed Up Stories You May Never Look At Fairy Tales In Quite The Same Way Again

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    This was a nice, short book of Red Riding Hood stories And I have to say no wolves were killed in this book or else I would set fire to those people Okay on with the stories The Red CloakThis story is about Meg who is sent out to her granny s house but she spies a wolf on the way She keeps going even though she is terrified and then she runs into a woodsman that is doing some illegal chopping of trees She asks him to help her but then he turns all menacing and she does some things to sic the wolf on him Let s just say he spends a lot of time up the tree s that belong to the King And Little Red skips merrily away lol The Red Riding Hood DollThis story was a little creepy Georgette was a seamstress in her mother s shop One day after dealing with a horrible customer, Georgette decides to make herself a life size doll Her mother wasn t happy about this and told her she would take it out of her wages Georgette loved her little girl doll, she always wanted a child of her own and now she does in a way She even has a little red cloak After spending the night in the woods with her doll, she is awakened by the woodsmen to find out her doll came to life I was hoping it was going to be creepy but it wasn t so this was my least favorite story Little Red Riding Hood s FamilyThis is a story of Roselle who has to take supper to her granny because her mom sprained her ankle Roselle s father was afraid of granny because she had a temper This is one of my favorite stories because granny is not what she seems but Roselle isn t either Granny and the WolfIn this story the granny, Nelda, is out in the woods one day and she finds a wolf in a trap that she saves She takes the shite trap away as well She tends to the wound and the wolf decides to follow her home and stay with her Then of course everyone and their brother s uncle shows up to visit and she has to keep trying to hide the wolf But, after getting rid of everyone she ends up telling Scarlet She took the news well and they decided the wolf would be enough protection for granny out in the woods alone So all three of them sat down and ate apple tarts and friend chicken Deems the Wood GathererThere was an old wood gatherer named Deems He was partially blind and he kept coming upon different people in the woods Or so he thought He tried to give each of them sound advice because he loved to help people I thought this one was pretty cool because he runs into the wolf and the three pigs, the gingerbread man, and hansel, gretal and the witch Why Willy and His Brother Won t Ever Amount to AnythingThis is the story of Isolda, she has a bunch of brothers and sisters and they all live with her parents in the apple orchard This story is just bizarre and not one of my favorites, but the brothers that seem dumb as stumps end up being The Brothers Grimm.The Little Red HeadacheOne day a wolf is having a nice nap when someone steps on his tail Of course it hurt and he jumps up to find a little girl and she screams so loud it gives him a headache She runs away and leaves her basket, he tries to yell to her but it came out all wolfy and scared her So, being the nice wolf that he is, he takes the basket to the granny s house and tells her what happened but she screams and then the little girls shows up and there is screaming Eventually the wolf runs away thinking they are all crazy Little Red Riding Hood s Little Red Riding HoodThat s a long title Anyway, there is this really bratty girl that is actually a fairy godmother and she is always complaining about everything She hates her cloak but can only use magic once a day The fairy godmother was visiting the little baby, Ruby Marie and since she hated the cloak so much she gave it to the baby and accidentally put a spell on the cloak to make it smart instead of the child Years later, Ruby Marie s mom asks her to go see her granny because she was sick The cloak was not happy at all because of germs and Ruby Marie wasn t either because she was a brat On the way there they run into a wolf and the cloak keeps trying to help her get away, almost strangling her They finally get to the house where the wolf was hiding The cloak kept trying to strangle her and then strangle the wolf Ruby threw the cloak off and said she hated it basically and wished the fairy godmother never gave it to her A woodman passing heard all of the yelling and the wolf jumped out the window before he got caught Ruby told the woodsman he scared off her granny but granny was in the wardrobe Ruby wouldn t believe it though and the cloak had enough, so it ran away too well slithered away It had many owners through the years but later on it found is true owner Obviously, the last one was my favorite This was a cute little book and it s on kindle unlimited right now if anyone wants to read it MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List

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    A collection of short stories, each approaching the tale of Little Red Riding Hood from a different, quirky perspective.Every tale opens with a variation on Once upon a time, after x had been invented but before we had y, which pleasantly reminded me of The Princess Bride That represents most of the humor throughout the book breaking the fourth wall, cross references to other fairytales, and anachronisms in abundance The very ending of the last story had me in stitches Sometimes Vande Velde s wit can be a little too sharp I felt like the cameo by the child Grimm Brothers bordered on mean spirited, but your mileage may vary Content Advisory Some of the tales can get a wee bit spooky in a Halloween special sort of way see especially, the one where the doll comes to life, or the one where the man with terrible eyesight can t tell what he s looking at Mild rude humor throughout Two brief but eyebrow raising sexual references in the preface the Wolf donning Granny s nightclothes and climbing into her unoccupied bed is described as kinky and Vande Velde ponders aloud what sort of relationship Granny might have had with the Woodsman that he d feel comfortable strolling into her cottage A short, fun book for tweens and teens, especially around Halloween The stories themselves could make for interesting a word which here means warped and weird bedtime tales, but you might want to edit or skip the preface if you re reading aloud with younger kids.

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    This book got my back up from the start, by opening with an introduction that made fun of the Red Riding Hood story in particularly lame and stupid ways First of all, don t try to be funny if you don t know how thinking about the VVV books I ve read, humor is a weak point for her Second, isn t it some kind of party foul to make fun of the very thing you are ripping off to sell your not very good short stories Because most of the stories here were pretty weak The couple that were better really aren t related to Red Riding Hood and felt like she stuck in a couple extraneous details to make them marginally relevant Overall it felt like she had one Red Riding Hood inspired story and decided to throw together some other discarded writing to make a collection just so she could have a book to take advantage of the current popularity of this subgenre of YA Thumbs down.

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    Have you ever thought that the story of Little Red Riding Hood was kind of lame If so this is the book for you.The author in the beginning gives an introduction of why she felt the need to give this fairy tale it s due To be honest I always thought the story was boring and definitely left a lot to be desired Here we have a collection of stories that give a new take to Little Red The stories range from a creepy doll coming to life, all the way to a red cloak having a mind of it s own Some are comical and others ironic A good array of different prespectives are presented here.I m usually horrible with short stories I always need and still feel like that most of the time It would have been interesting to see a full fleged novel with one of the ideas It would be hard to do though A lot of backstory would have to be done Regardless of that I did enjoy the book and feel better about the story After reading this I will absoulutely be reading from Vivian Vande Velde.

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    Red Riding Hood was once a young lady who Was so ashamed of the cloak her mother had dyed red that the girl felt compelled to sneak around the edge of town in wolf infested woods Wanted a child so badly that she designed her own life size child doll Had to deliver her grandmother s dinner because her father was afraid to go over to Grandma s house It being a full moon and all Found her neighbors Willy and Jacob extraordinarily annoying had absolutely no common sense And was darn lucky that her cloak was brilliant.Etc.Vivian Vande Velde brings her quirky humor and gifted storytelling to the tale of Red Riding Hood Eight different versions None any realistic than the original Many of them every bit as entertaining.

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    Though this book was good, it wasn t great Would I pay 15 dollars for it Nah Would I pay 5 bucks for it Yeah, probably.

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    To tell you truthfully, I had read the Rumpelstiltskin Problem a long time ago and remembered that the last version of the story was really funny I was hoping to find the same true here Which, some of them were I really enjoyed the retelling having the grandmother be a werewolf The image of having a wolf rifle through her closet trying to find four matching shoes makes me smile The doll coming to life is probably my least favorite The stories are worth reading in that they don t take very long and have a lot of different perspectives that are really fun to read Now for the premise of the book Vivian Vande Velde says she wrote the book to explain away the lack of character development and plot holes in the Red Ridinghood story Instead of telling us the historical context of the story and some of the interpretations thereof, she rails on it for its lack of modernity.I have problems with fairy tales being judged by today s standard of story writing To take a folktale fairytale myth and rip it apart talking about the motivations of the characters, etc., is a bit excessive That is why there are so many re tellings out there on the market They take the story with all of its perceived faults and then fleshes it out for the modern reader A modern reader, who can read in the first place and can afford to be concerned about the literary merits of a story than about whether or not their family will survive the winter or die of some strange malady or the next invasion by bandits and or armies And that doesn t even bring up though I just have the merits of these stories as teaching tales with a moral which you may or may not agree with in their historical context I am glad for the retellings of such tales I like quite a few of them, but don t get on your proverbial high horse about plot holes without explaining where the folktale fairytale myth came from But that is the historian in me talking, I suppose, not the editor wielding a red pen of doom.

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    This is an anthology of Little Red Riding Hood retellings There are eight different stories, some better than others Velde also uses inspiration from other children s stories, like Three Little Pigs and Hansel and Gretel These are all silly, funny stories, kind of making fun of how ridiculous the Little Red Riding Hood is It was nothing special and not worth the time reading.

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    This book started out bad for me with an author s note in which she makes fun of the original Grimm s Little Red Riding Hood.Everyone knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood, the girl with the unfortunate name and the inability to tell the difference between her grandmother and a member of a different species.The question is Why do we all know it If you look at Little Red Riding Hood, it s a perfect example of the exact opposite of a good story.Now I accept that everyone s tastes are different, and it s obvious that Ms Vande Velde does not hold Little Red Riding Hood in high regard a strange and disturbing story that should not be shared with children Which is fine But by stating, in the beginning of her book, that the original tale is not a good story she does alienate those who actually like the Grimm s tale I don t know if it was a weak attempt at humor or if she thought that stating her opinion as a fact was a good way to beginn a retelling.I didn t like the eight new versions in Cloaked in Red There was nothing inherently wrong with them, they were nothing special, nor were they anywhere close to being better than the original They just fell flat While the stories are all a retelling, they just take the superficial things from the original story i.e the red cloak, grandmother, wolf etc , but nothing deeper, nothing meaningful.So whether or not the original Little Red Riding Hood is good or not is subjective No question, but what it does have, is a deeper meaning There are all kinds of versions out there about what the story warns about One can analyze for hours about whom the wolf stands for and why Little Red Riding Hood didn t recognize him as a danger when he was pretending to be her grandmother The eight versions in Cloaked in Red however don t have any deeper meaning to them, there is no hidden debth to them, and nothing to make one think about They are just that Eight stories 1.5 stars

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    Vivian Vande Velde is one of the most underrated storytellers out there I adore her books While her novels are my favorites, she is also a master at crafting a good short story a rare skill, I find Cloaked in Red is no exception With her signature dry wit, VVV has managed to create eight distinct and highly original versions of the, admittedly, rather strange original tale.Before she beings, VVV treats the reader to a hilarious and sarcastic summary and deconstruction of the original story, complete with explanations on a number of different versions She points out the absurdities of the original naming a kid after an article of clothing Kid can t tell the difference between her own grandmother and an animal , leaving me rolling with laughter Usually I skip author s notes, but for some reason I decided to read this one Piece of advice Read it If you re at all unfamiliar with the story, or just need a refresher on the details, she does an excellent job summarizing it More importantly, the author s note is laugh out loud funny Each story follows a different character in the original story the grandmother, Little Red, the woodcutter, Little Red s mother, the wolf, and even the Red Riding Hood Sometimes Little Red is bratty, sometimes she s nice, sometimes granny is a victim, and sometimes she is something quite different Some of the stories are sweet, some are horrifying, but all showcase VVV s wry humor The real triumph of these stories is that each is unique and I never felt like I was reading the same story over and over again.While all these stories share a common theme, they are each separate and self contained so you can easily pick the book up, read a story, and then read something else in between The whole book is pretty short and can be read in about an hour or two I do recommend this book to fans of fractured fairy tales or someone looking for a laugh.