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Fifteen Year Old Grace Manning Is A Candy Striper In A Nursing Home, And Mr Sands Is The One Patient Who Makes The Job Bearable He Keeps Up With Her Sarcasm, Teaches Her To Play Poker And One Day Cheerfully Asks Her To Help Him Die At First Grace Says No Way, But As Mr Sands S Disease Progresses, She S Not So Sure Grace Tries To Avoid The Wrenching Decision By Praying For A Miracle, Stuffing Herself With Pancakes, And Running Away From All Feelings, Including The New Ones She Has For Her Best Friend Eric But Mr Sands Is Getting Worse, And She Can T Avoid Him Forever Robin Epstein Has Delivered An Incredibly Engaging, Thought Provoking Debut YA Novel, With All The Snappy Dialogue And Attitude Of The Movie Juno

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    4.5 stars.I am continually drawn to Young Adult fiction that feels like the truth Books such as Kirsty Eagar s Raw Blue and Laura Buzo s GOOD OIL and Sara Zarr s ONCE WAS LOST all resound with me so strongly because their stories are subtle yet complicated, quiet yet resounding and GOD IS IN THE PANCAKES is of the same calibre.God is in the Pancakes is a stand out read for me due to Grace, such a spunky protagonist who I couldn t help but ache for Reading about her felt like reading about my own teen self and many choices and mistakes she makes completely make sense to me haha, tongue twister of a sentence, moving along I ADORE books that have a strong dynamic with family relationships and this one just felt achingly real.Grace s relationship with her sister was brilliant the complications and love and fights, the petty full blown arguments and the small gestures that show their bond were just perfection made me nostalgic for those good old days when my sister and I were still at home together.Likewise, the mother daughter relationship is captured so well the mother is not just there perfunctorily, but is a string nuanced character of her own.There s complications with Eric, Grace s best friend, where things are changing And GOSH it s not like it was a swooning book so much as the kind of book that makes you feel like you have been punched in the gut because you can just feel the ache and awkwardness and attraction and complication of it all It resonated strongly with me the yearning and the fear and the confusion and the whole mess of it all Although Eric is definitely worthy of a swoon DOne of the biggest parts of the book was Grace s relationship with the quirky and lovable Mr Sands, who asks Grace to help him die And whoah the whole euthanasia thing was head spinny done brilliantly, not preachy or easy or judgementally It really got me thinking.It is not Christian fiction despite what the title may imply but Grace wonders about faith and God and if there is anything in it or anyone out there who cares about her and the things she struggles with so much that she cannot bear to say aloud to anyone and I found the exploration of this refreshing and honestIt was easy to forget that I was reading about characters in a story as I felt immersed in the lives of these people and really rooted for them It is also worth mentioning that I found some of the plot lines unpredictable and yet their resolutions rang true.As for the prose it s unsentimental and strong It s succinct and will cause you to smile effortlessly Robin Epstein is a former stand up comedian and a sitcom writer The humour in this book helps lift some of the intense subject matter Recommended While on the surface, God is in the Pancakes may look like a quiet novel, the impact is anything but I finished this novel with a rock the size of a fist in my gut and with tears glistening in my eyes Ultimately, it s a triumphant and brave book unique in plot hopeful and funny and true.

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    Re read in June 2017 Read and reviewed in November 2010 Contains some smaller spoilers What a brave and beautiful little book Sarcastic Grace Manning is fifteen and has been living with her mom, who is manager in a branch of You Say Potato and her only slightly older sister Lolly in a women only household since her religious father, who took his daughters out for church and pancakes each Sunday, left the family to move in with a Sunday School teacher Grace and Lolly have a wonderfully realistic relationship They cover for each other and they both feel the deep bond between them, but there are also walls between them Popular Lolly believes that Grace is jealous of her boyfriend Jake and refuses to listen, when Grace subtly tries to warn her about Jake s infidelity Most of her ups and downs Grace shares with her best friend Eric, who recently made the school s basketball team and started to hang out with the other team members and the female groupies his new fame brings with it I have read several best friends turn into lovers stories, but I thought the execution in God is in the Pancakes sublimely well done The sudden tingling, the awkwardness, the difficulties to talk about accidental touches, the insecurity in the shadow of other girls advances The bitter sweet love story is not the center around which Grace s narration revolves, though I am not sure even if one of the several strands can be picked out and labeled as the defining theme But surely Grace s relationship with Mr Sands, a spunky senior who lives in Hanover House, an old people s home, where Grace works as a candy striper in the afternoons, is the one that made me think the most Mr Sands has turned into Grace s confidant and father surrogate He knows how to take Grace s humor and moods and teaches her poker but his health is deteriorating quickly He suffers from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS which shuts down the muscles he still can use When he hands Grace an envelope and begs her to help him die, Grace digs out old habits She bakes pancakes and she experiments with praying The latter connects her with someone old enough to have been God s babysitter who loves to answer prayers Mr Sand s wife Isabelle I am glad I didn t guess the outcome of Grace s dilemma, but I was very satisfied with the note on which Robin Epstein ends the story The book deals with difficult questions The existence of a higher being, euthanasia, hypocrisy, friendship and love, truth and hurt, getting old but offers no cheesy solution Still, there was hope and warmth all over this book And the part where my eyes misted was pretty unspectacular, but real Lolly says I am not going to tell on you I m your sister Recommended.

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    Street Corner TBR Reduction Challenge April 2 per Nic.Well, it was heart warming and bittersweet, but something about the writing style was just a little bit off for me I think it was the pacing, it was too slow It s one of those that feels like it s dragging don t get me wrong though the story was beautiful, serious and moving Grace is a high school student working at a Nursing Home as a candy striper She falls in love not goo goo eyed, let me have your baby love with one of the old men living there, Mr Sands He s quirky and off beat He is adorable But, he has Lou Greig s disease There is no cure and he asks Grace to step in and do him a HUGE favor We go through her struggle, she doesn t know if she should could is going to do it Honestly it is sad Watching someone you love and care about deteriorate is not a pleasant thing She is confused.Not only does she have Mr Sands problem to worry about, now things have gotten awkward between her and her best friend Eric She likes him and wants to be with him, but doesn t want to lose their friendship It s a little nails on chalkboard to read the beginnnings of their romance and even the end as well They might fit together eventually, but the writing is just, well awkward.After reading this I can t help but wonder if someone who was not a Christian would like it or not I still am at a loss, I just don t know It s not preachy or anything, but at the same time God is mentioned throughout as well as prayer 3.5 starsQuotes You can t let what other people say about you affect the way you go about your business, You know why The reason, Mr sands continues, is because people get things wrong All the time The get things wrong over and over again, and once you ve got that figured out, their judgements or what they say about you seems a lot less important So you think someone hears us or is listening when we pray He smiles and I can see both the top and bottom rows of his teeth I ve had moments of doubt Of course I have I don t know how anyone can live in this world where, let s face it, injustice takes place all the time and not wonder if anyone is paying attention He shrugs But what I keep coming back to is the fact that life is so fragile, someone has to be looking out for us At least in the most basic way So for me, prayer is not just asking of a favor like please God, let my mother be okay but as a thank you A thank you for every minutes I ve had with her I m sure that kind of sounds corny, but it does help me appreciate the good things in my life So when I say yeah, prayer works, it s because I think that if all I m doing here is expressing gratitude for her life, that s okay That s important.

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    This book ended up being intense than I was expecting The quandary that Grace faces is one I can imagine being extremely gut wrenching, with no easy answers It brought home to me how important it is that in Canada physician assisted dying is now legal with strict criteria that must be met I really liked the main character Grace she was a thoughtful, independent teen girl who strove to usually do the right thing and yet she wasn t perfect Her reflections on everything going on in her life felt very realistic and I could often relate to her mindset, even if I did not always agree with her choices Her relationship with Mr Sands really stood out as unique in a YA novel often we see peer friendships and romances being explored, but it s rare to see an inter generational relationship Having candystriped for a year in high school, this was a personal touch for me There was one particular gentleman who was my favourite patient just as Mr Sands was for Grace and who was such a lot of fun to spend time with There is so much about a hospital setting that is depressing, but this story definitely highlighted that building a connection with a patient there can brighten it Sidenote, but the speech language pathologist in me was wondering why they didn t try some augmentative alternative communication AAC methods with Mr Sands as his ALS progressed to affecting his speech There are technologies available nowadays that can operate voice output devices with eye movement only, for instance Instead it seemed like he just wasn t given any means to communicate any

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    full review on my blog, holes In My brainI m so glad I found out about book blogs, because I think this is the biggest, most obvious reason why I love it I discover books Plain and simple, because this seems like one of those books I would never think to pick up, but after seeing a glowing review at Inkcrush, I borrowed it and ended up loving it Easily the most enjoyable aspect of God is in the Pancakes man, what a title is the beautiful narration It s not beautiful in that poetic style, it is beautiful in its simplicity and conversational tone that made the reading experience feel like a dream I never realized I was flipping pages because Grace s voice flows incredibly well, not to mention she s an extremely relatable character I was surprised by how true that statement was I empathized with her high school experiences, but importantly, to her teenage feelings of self doubt, identity, insecurity, and slightly but not too much rebellious attitude.The plot was what I would think as perfectly structured It s not predictable by any means, but I felt that everything had its own place in the story a good thing There s no WTF moments, or those Why is that even relevant scenes, everything played some sort of role, whether it was Grace s family, love interest, or Frank Sands The questions and moralities raised with Mr Sands request for euthanasia had me thinking, but thank goodness, it never felt preachy.Sometimes books are only as good as their secondary characters and may I say the supporting cast is excellent My favourite parts of the book involved Grace and her family, they feel so alive Her sister gah, she is exactly how I would picture my sister stubborn, self righteous, annoying, but still at the end of the day, lovable An amazing portrayal of family and effects divorce in my mind I also highly enjoyed the fact that this is Grace s story, not some love story or some family story, and the author never lost sight of that.God is in the Pancakes is a charming, witty, and still emotionally sincere read that definitely deserves attention.4 5 because it s the type of book that reminds me why I read Young Adult It doesn t have the oppressing dystopian government, but it does have the realistic portrayal of those nuanced teenage emotions that I could relate to all too well It both witty and heartwarming, Grace s voice feels authentic, and the plot is commendable I find writing this review a few days later, it s not the most memorable book but I can still remember how I felt when I was reading it I was just happy to be immersed If you got the chance, try this one

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    What would you do if a dear friend asked you for a little helpdying For Grace, the 15 year old protagonist in this book, that is exactly the decision she must struggle with Working part time in a retirement home, Grace strikes up a strong friendship with Mr Sands But Mr Sands is slowly dying from ALS, and he would like to speed the process along Grace needs some serious advice but doesn t have much support on the home front since her dad just left This was a storyline that seemed undeveloped and unnecessary , her older sis is having boy troubles, and her mom works too much She would like to ask her oldest and best friend Eric what to do, but now that he s on the basketball team he is garnering attention from the jocks and some new girls, so Grace feels a little left out there too Grace makes some surprising decisions in this story, and she faces a big struggle with faith She prays for guidance but sometimes feels her prayers aren t answered As a character, she grows considerably over the course of the story, and I always like that in a book Overall, I liked this story and thought it dealt with some unusual issues for a teen novel The thing keeping it from 4 star status is that I didn t think the writing was always strong It wasn t a can t put it down page turner for me.

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    God is in the Pancakes looks at an intergenerational friendship and a girl who s asked to do something that is both far beyond her years and the ultimate ethical dilemma help an old man with Lou Gehrig s disease die peacefully Epstein presents all her characters as fully realized people and most especially highlights the lessons Grace learns from Frank and his wife, as well as vice versa.She also doesn t make Grace s decision an easy one, and while her choice surprised me, so did the conclusion of the book There are moments of both humor and insight here one of my favorites was when Grace sneaks Frank in his wheelchair out of the hospital to the movies Epstein movingly examines why he might want to have a friendship all his own when his body is otherwise trapped.Grace s heart is in the right place, and as she grapples with trying to find those around her she can trust, she learns some very adult lessons Pancakes are comfort food here for those who are, in some ways, beyond comforting, but Epstein shows that even in our darkest hours, we can reach out to each other and find, and give, comfort An excellent read for teens and adults alike.

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    I m still on a YA fiction kick and the latest read was Robin Epstein s God is in the Pancakes It was a fine book, though didn t blow my mind the way some YA lit has recently The protagonist, 15 year old Grace, is a candy striper at a nursing home and faces some pretty typical YA lit situations Her parents are recently divorced, her best friend might be her dream date, her older sister suddenly ignores her in favor of the bad boy boyfriend, and Grace is struggling with whether she should pay attention to her personal style, or lack thereof Added to the mix, her favorite client at the nursing home has asked her to help him die It is a fairly simple read with predictable plot points and turns Grace is likable enough, but there just wasn t anything to really grab me.

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    My school library had this on display and the cover caught my eye and the title caught my curiousity Then when I read the blurb I was sold and the book gained a high spot on my to read list.Some of the books I ve been reading for the past week have let me down so I was beginning to doubt that I would be able to find a book anytime soon that was amazing for every reason Epstein has creating a story that is straight general ficion with a dash of humor and a sprinkle of romance, that is both light and heavy at the same time, moving and real, and exactly what I ve been needing I read this in one sitting, unable to put the book down as I watched Grace s journey unfold.Now, I don t want to ruin it by saying too much Just know that this is a wonderful book that I recommend to everyone.

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    A gripping story about a teenage girl who finds herself facing some very difficult decisions Grace Manning works at a local nursing home as a candy striper Working in such a dismal environment is difficult but one particular patient makes this job not only only bearable but actually enjoyable Mr Sands has an amazing sense of humor which helps Grace deal with the divorce of her parents and the loss it has created in her life This novel touches on many aspects and difficulties that many of the elderly face Robin Epstein does an amazing job of sharing this heart wrenching story of a dieing man, divorce, and difficult decisions.