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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Tennessee Williams Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is a play by Tennessee Williams One of Williams sfamous works and his personal favorite, the play won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1955 Set in the plantation home in the Mississippi Delta of Big Daddy Pollitt, a wealthy cotton tycoon, the play examines the relationships among members of Big Daddy s family, primarily between his son Brick and Maggie the Cat , Brick s wife 2002 1380 160 9647487002 20 . I m not sure that you can consider yourself a southerner or even from the south if you have not read Tennessee Williams plays all of them I may be a transplanted Hoosier now, but rest assured, I have read and adore all of Williams plays They are, without a doubt, some of the very best of American literature and, by far, in the top tier of Southern Lit This, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, is one of his best Dizzying and fantastical, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof examines the emotional toll of sexual repression Brick is an aging former football star stuck in an unhappy marriage to his theatrical wife Maggie After the suicide of his former teammate and best friend Skipper, Brick left the field, turned to alcohol, and now spends his days drinking and warding off Maggie s pleas for a child His father might have cancer, and the family estate will go to his obnoxious older brother if he and Maggie don t soon start a family Laced with sarcasm, the drama centers on Brick s father and Maggie s fumbling attempts to help the protagonist come to terms with Skipper s death as well as admit the homoerotic nature of the friendship, something Brick vehemently denies As is typical of Williams work, the play s comic elements areunsettling than funny, the characterssurreal sketches of social types than realistic personalities The humor works better on stage, but a few moving scenes make the drama worth checking out. The characters in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof all have these strange reasons for living, all based off of some sort of character flaw The way the flaws tie all the characters together symbolically is brilliant.Maggie especially has a strange reason to live to be the Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, with no purpose in life other than to endure the unpleasant heat, to survive it Theshe digs into the other characters, it becomes clear that although they have these strange reasons for living like her husband, an alcoholic, who lives only for the next drink they all seem to have this common mindset that life is miserable and all they want to do is get through it.What really makes this work is the character Big Daddy, who has been diagnosed with cancer The way all the other characters think only of his inheritance, and the way Big Daddy clings to life even when it seems like he doesn t even enjoy it is really interesting to read.But compared with The Glass Menagerie or A Streetcar Named Desire, this play falls a little short The dialogue doesn t feel as crisp, and it seems like it s just one giant monologue after another. , readathon18 LGBTQ Classic drama that deserves to up there with the greatest plays ever written.The story is centered around a family in crisis, a sizzling drama of desire, avarice and deception set in the steamy American Deep South, you can almost feel the heat coming off the pages The play condenses so much life and emotion, it s remarkable really Feuds, tortured pasts, anger, guilt, love, jealousy, envy, revenge, sorry, sadness, lust, all crammed into a relatively short work Would love to see it performed on stage, but the book ain t a bad alternative Well worth reading. Set on a large, rich and successful Mississippi plantation in the heat of a 1950 s summer, family members come together to celebrate a big birthday party and bring along their avarice and greed as well as their mendacity in hopes of acquiring a big piece of inheritance when Big Daddy kicks the bucket.I have always loved the movie with Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman thus decided to find out if the play was similar and was surprised at two major differences view spoiler Maggie did not sleep with Skipper in the movie nor was there indication of a homosexual relationship between him and Brick.AND.Big Daddy does not say Crap when he is disgusted.he says BULLmucheffective Anyway, all the characters are there.Brick, Maggie the Cat, Big Daddy, Big Mama and Gooper and Mae with their five screaming no neck monsters, as well as issues of alcoholism and homosexuality, but I find I really much prefer the movie over the written work this time. hide spoiler Cat On A Hot Tin Roof First Heated Up Broadway InWith Its Gothic American Story Of Brothers Vying For Their Dying Father S Inheritance Amid A Whirlwind Of Sexuality, Untethered In The Person Of Maggie The Cat The Play Also Daringly Showcased The Burden Of Sexuality Repressed In The Agony Of Her Husband, Brick Pollitt In Spite Of The Public Controversy Cat Stirred Up, It Was Awarded The Pulitzer Prize And The Drama Critics Circle Award For That Year Williams, As He So Often Did With His Plays, Rewrote Cat On A Hot Tin Roof For Many Years The Present Version Was Originally Produced At The American Shakespeare Festival InWith All The Changes That Made Williams Finally Declare The Text To Be Definitive, And Was Most Recently Produced On Broadway In The Season This Definitive Edition Also Includes Williamsrsquoi Essay Person To Person, Williams Notes On The Various Endings, And A Short Chronology Of The Author S Life One Of America S Greatest Living Playwrights, As Well As A Friend And Colleague Of Williams, Edward Albee Has Written A Concise Introduction To The Play From A Playwright S Perspective, Examining The Candor, Sensuality, Power, And Impact Of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Then And Now I loved this play as a teenager the feverish pace, the soaring poetry of the big speeches, the way Big Daddy was everything my father wasn t and the way Maggie keeps sighing over Brick But after thirty years of living, I just don t read this play in the same way There are so many things I swallowed whole as a teen that seem laughably far fetched as an adult Brick is a thirty year old man Not a fifteen year old boy Yet he still doesn t know if he s gay or straight I mean, come on His self doubt resonated with me as a teen, but now it just seems silly A real gay man if he were gay would have done a lotthan just shake hands with Skipper every night And a real straight man especially a gorgeous football star from a very wealthy family would have had lots, and lots, and lots of women besides Maggie The Cat Maggie is just as unreal as Brick Sexual attraction is all very well, but at some point wouldn t she notice that Brick is weak willed, irresponsible, cowardly, and selfish She keeps saying that she ll die if he doesn t make love to her again She never praises any of his personality traits, just his phenomenal good looks How many marriages are really like this Even when she admits he s weak, she goes into a big speech about you weak, beautiful people like Brick s spineless alcholic need to leech off everyone else is incredibly poignant and sweet Where is this woman from What you really have here is a gay man pining over an unobtainable fantasy, not a real woman trying to create a working marriage with a real man Maggie fixates on all the most unreal things Brick s phenomenal beauty which magically gets evenirresistable once he becomes a hopeless drunk his childlike helplessness, his inability to protect himself, his parents or his wifeall things that would send a real life woman running for the hills Notice that it s the evil characters, Mae and Gooper, who have the concerns real married people actually have, i.e raising their children, obtaining financial security, putting down roots In what universe are these the bad guys Very powerful, enjoyable read I particularly liked having the very specific stage directions, so meticulously explained and set out by Williams for readers as well as directors and performers Also enjoyed the accompanying essays about the development of the play along with director Elia Kazin and Williams own essay about the play.These are not people I would want to spend time with they don t want to spend time with each other The way Williams lets the anger, frustration, thwarted love, hatred, jealousy, fear, and so many other emotions out through this family s interactions is so well done.I have not read a play for years but will definitely make dramaa part of my routine in the future, especially Tennessee Williams.Highly recommended.