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[[ read online kindle ]] Fratricide is a GasAuthor Lindsay Gutteridge –

Dilke Has Been Miniaturized, First Man In A Daring Experiment To Solve Earth S Hideous Overcrowding He Was Just A Quarter Of An Inch High And There Was No Going BackNow Dilke, A Microagent For British Intelligence, Was On A Mission To South America Tracking Down The Source Of A Horrifying Poison GasAnd In The Mammoth Jungle Dilke Was Hunted By Mammoth Fanged Wolf Spiders And The Ferocious Praying Mantis Fratricide Is A Gas A Brilliant Spine Chilling Succesor To Cold War In A Country Garden And Killer Pine

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    The little gem of the early 1970 s follows our miniaturised plucky hero as he battles the fierce denizens English country garden.For those who are interested in the evolution of science fiction from the Golden Age to the present, this work sits squarely in the middle It is a good example of British writing of the era, and reads like Day of the Triffids meets James Bond, in stark contrast to the psychedelic works of Aldiss, Delaney, Philp K Dick etc.It is quite a fun short read, and better than its sequels.

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    A return to form in the series after the less good Killer Pine The usual uncomfortable and moderately offensive language that is very much of its time rather than intentionally racist.I liked the fact that there were no other miniature people in this one unlike the first two books, which always seemed like a bit of a cop out to me, especially in Killer Pine.