books 10:15:00 (Ten-Fifteen) By Trent Kinsey –

What do we really know about time Students Mark, George and Jamie, and one of their teachers, Kathryn, find out when they inexplicably fall between the cracks of time What they find there couldn t possibly have been created in any normal person s worst nightmare, but find it they did Lodged securely between one second and the next, in a place where all things have frozen, four diverse people must learn to work together even though working together might not be enough In a world where not even sound waves move, one of them sacrifices everything for a newfound friend Which one and how Well, you ll have to buy the book and find out And when the rest of them fall back into time how do you explain what happened After all, only a second in time has passed hasn t it TitleTen Fifteen Author Trent KinseyGenre Science Fiction, Mild HorrorLength ,Heat RatingFlamePrice BlurbOne Second Always Makes The DifferenceThe Suspenseful Tale Of Three Students And One Teacher Trapped In One Second Of Time, Only To Find Out That Something Is There With Them Something No One Has Ever Seen Before, With An Appetite None Of Them Want To Bear Witness To This started out good but then towards the end it was just kind of like Oh well, we re done The End without any sort of big climax. This book kept me enthralled from start to finish