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ONCE UPON A TIME IS TIMELESSWhen A Storm Brings The Dashing Prince Richard To Her Family S Farm, Violet Falls In Love At First Sight Richard Also Gives Violet His Heart, But He Knows His Marriage Is Destined To Be An Affair Of State, Not Of Passion For The King And Queen Have Devised A Contest To Determine Who Will Win Their Son S Hand In MarriageTo Be Reunited With Her Prince, Violet Must Compete Against Princesses From Across The Land It Will Take All Of Her Wits And A Little Help From An Unexpected Source If Violet Is To Demonstrate The Depth Of Her Character And Become Richard S Bride

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    OMG The silliest book I have read this year And not in a good way folks I am never a fan of books that basically tell their readers that both cheating and self mutilation are okay.Review also on my blog Books and Circuses.Well, I have been disappointed with a lot of the books in this series There are actually authors I avoid And I love fairy tales So of course I am frustrated when I don t like what they ve done with the old versions Sadly this book did nothing to bolster my opinion of the series I like the early books but not the new ones I get a rushed vibe from the new ones, as if the authors are just whipping them out Need a book Okay, give me a week or two Not good.The story was okay The little twist was nicebut they do give it away in the excerpt on the first page The characters wereokay No one really outstanding or containing much depth If this were a movie there would be crew moving the cardboard cutouts around badly Men would be making little girl voices And yes they would have headsets There would probably be a guy multitasking and holding a boom Back on track I hated the descriptions used for the characters and their actions The Prince had a chiseled jaw Gak Haven t I heard that a million and one times And of course said Prince s eyes were constantly smoldering Is that the only way to describe passion in a YA book Baby, I just have this internal fire thing going on So my eyes will smolder on occasion No, no, it isn t catching I had two big problems with some events in the book One was the the whole true love thing Of which I believe is NOT very impossible for two babies to experience Maybe, it is because I am so so, so, so old and realistic that I can t enjoy that element The whole time I am imaging the stuff happening after the happily ever after My thoughts Violet and Richard have been married for three years, and Richard isn t so happy with his rash decision to marry his love of first sight He thinks that the maid with the red hair is hot No one will know or care, or dare to know or care, if he decides to have a little affair with her Oh, and Violet has been having an affair with a stableman for eighteen months by the time Richard thinks to have one also Richard is clueless, of course So Violet becomes an heir machine and they all live happily never after Great thoughts, yeah Okay my second issue is the BAD BAD BAD things that are promoted in this book I am a big hater of when authors of YA books have some weird messages they are touting I had a big problem with Caine s Morgonville series and how she had her main character think about corpses so she could stop feeling a tad bit of normal lust Oooh, look it is a hot guy No Bad me Must think about lifeless bodies Festering wounds full of maggots Bloated corpses Nooo Wow This book was weird about another topic besides s3x This one was promoting cheating Yes I do not lie The message was that CHEATING IS OKAY as long as it is done to get something you REALLY want I was shocked In the first place I was uncomfortable with the fact that the heroine was cheating and in the end she is actually praised for doing it I know that perfect heroines are boring, but really Next I ll probably stumble across a book saying forced intercourse is okayas long as one party is willing Put a smiley face at the end of that statement For irony.Cheating was not the only weird thing promoted as okay to do Self mutilation was also there For one of the stupid tests they were ALL stupid the princesses had to mar their beauty, a test of sacrifice Since Violet was already tan her skin would not burn from the sun all the princesses are SUPER delicate btw , so Violet actually sticks her hand in FLAMES Is this girl crazy And again she is praised Self mutilation, or GIVING YOURSELF A BURN, is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT the same as sacrificing something frivolous Can you tell I am very pissed about all this Well I AM And all this for true love My Rating 1.5 5If you like fairy tales, or this series or author by all means give this a try.

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    Out of all the fairy tales the story of the Princess and the Pea doesn t get too much limelight and I was curious to see what the retellings could make of it.Violet is a farmgirl through and through She is happy but lately she s been feeling unsettled Especially this time since another storm is coming The coming of a storm has always brought a dramatic change in her life and this last one will be no different Violet and Prince Richard will have their fateful meeting in one of these storms Richard is injured during the storm and Violet and her family will nurse him back to health The chemistry between them is instant, but she might have to lose him forever But what can she do She is just a farmgirl, but like always people are far than what meets the eye This farmgirl will have to outwit everybody to win her prince back.I m really pleased with how they handled it because I always thought the original story was bit stupid to tell you the truth A whole plot about a little pea under a bunch of mattresses Really Not enticing to say the least The retelling worked because Violet had to fight to be with Richard and all the competitions that were set forth actually have some meaning behind them I actually thought the length of this book was right, unlike others books in the series when you feel a bit robbed I did feel though it was missing I don t know something But I won t harp on that because really I can t complain too much I could sense the magic of how people make their way back to each other someway, somehow This is the book to pick up if you want to get lost in a fairy tale.

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    Violet is a farm girl With callused hands and a knack for pie baking Not exactly your prime candidate for the Most Sensitive Princess Award Unfortunately, that s exactly what it s going to take to marry Prince Richard, with whom she happens to have fallen in love And Violet can t allow him to become entrapped by the beautifully evil princess of the neighboring kingdom.Even if that means sigh Violet will have to pretend to be in absolute agony over losing a single hair torn from her hard head.Really quite fun One of my favorite Once Upon a Time books.

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    I never really thought much of the Princess and the Pea but I thought this was a great take on the tale I finished it in one night which is partly because it s short but partly because I liked reading it so much The romance in the story starts almost right way, I would say it starts too fast but it is a short read so it fits in just fine I thought some of the lines Violet and Prince Richard said were a bit cheesy like, You have bewitched me, and I would move heaven and earth for you, can you tell it s the guy talking But really it didn t bother me so much I liked that the prince was present often than in some of the others in this series What I liked were the tests, and how there were tests within tests They really weren t as dumb as first thought It was interesting and the final test of course was the one I was most looking forward to.A great retelling of an otherwise overlooked tale.

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    Without a doubt this is one of my favorite Once Upon a Time books in a long time This isn t to say I haven t enjoyed the recent books The Diamond Secret or The Rose Bride , but they didn t grab me quite as much as some of the earlier books The Storyteller s Daughter or The Midnight Dance Often I think the problem rested on the fact that the novel didn t stay as true to the original tale as I perhaps wanted it to.Violet Eyes than makes up for those that strayed Viguie managed to weave the original tale of the bedraggled, thoroughly un Princess like Princess arriving at the castle and being forced through numerous tests to prove herself into a well rounded and enchanting read My problem with the original tale had always been that it seemed so ridiculous and cock eyed that the King and Queen would act in such a way, but also that the so called Princess would put up with it I think they had the right idea, but just want about things the wrong way I won t argue that the King and Queen, Richard s parents, weren t screwy to put some of the Princesses gathered through their paces, and that their methods weren t a little tooextreme at times, but there was something very endearing about them Or maybe amusing is a better term Poor Richard would try to get them to answer his questions and instead be given these half answers that were obviously cryptic and frustrating Richard, for his part, was a truly decent fellow and I believed in his feelings for Violet, as well as hers for him Considering she lived for portents and he was sick of being fawned over and treated like a prized stallion, its really no wonder they both had an instant attraction I think however the fact it deepened, and they both saw each other in their respective environments, it what sold it for me The other Princesses were by and large glossed over with simplistic and superficial identifiers The few who stood out in any great significance Goldie, Arianna, Genevieve, and Celeste were important to the story to prove this or that point I appreciated that instead of making fast friends with the Princesses and forcing a fake almost martyrdom on each to withdraw, Viguie had each continue or not as befit who they were and their personalities No one quit the competition because of their friendship with Violet In fact Violet makes as much a statement late in the book to another Princess stating We were competitors first, friends second pg 147.Some of the book took a little bit of a stretch to pass muster, but its a fairy tale first, novel second so these things are forgivable.

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    This is a story from the Once Upon a Time collection of revisionist fairy tales which is significantly simpler and juvenile than some of the others I m thinking in particular of the sophisticated works by Cameron Dokey It s very loosely based on The Princess and the Pea, and features a number of princesses competing in a series of sensitivity tests to win the hand of Prince Richard who is already in love with one particular girl, Violet, who has entered the contest, determined to win even if she has to fake all the test results.I don t fault the book for being light and fluffy, though I will say it s a little bit annoying as a reader new to the series to have one volume such as The Storyteller s Daughter establish a set of expectations about tone and quality, and then have a book like Violet Eyes have nothing in common with it other than the fact that it s a revisionist fairy tale I do, however, fault the book for some of its content.As a writer, my complaint is that this book is filled with deus ex machina type events and solutions to problems Not just one, but many You have to go beyond a willing suspension of disbelief to a place of really, really determined indifference to plotting in order to feel satisfied by how events unfold in this story aside, of course, from the fact that they end Happily Ever After, which you presumably knew they would and wanted when you picked up this book.And as a person, I feel that I should also acknowledge one other concern that I ve noticed another reviewer had, as well she referred to the book promoting bad behaviors especially cheating as in cheating on a test, not infidelity and self harm I can see her point, and I will say I was bothered by the pertinent events when they took place in the story and upon further reflection, they are bothering me and The cheating i.e finding out about the tests in advance and faking the results initially seems justifiable because the reader shares Violet s and Richard s belief that the tests are stupid and shouldn t determine their fate But eventually another character comes right out and says that she won t participate in much less cheat on the tests because they re stupid which makes Violet s reasoning about cheating look especially bad in comparison And then comes the most potentially objectionable act Violet has realized that there are tests within the tests, meant to discover whether the girls have the strength of character that is required to be a good queen I m sure we all agree that a Queen has to put others before herself, sacrifice for her country, and so forth Okay But Violet decides that in order to prove to herself that she is willing to sacrifice and suffer, she needs to hold her hand in a candle flame To put it mildly, I don t think that was a logical conclusion to draw I suppose in medieval type times when someone might be burned at the stake for heresy or witchcraft, a willingness to burn for your ideals can actually be tested but I suspect the kind of sacrifice or suffering Violet would actually have experienced as Richard s queen has nothing to do with the physical pain of burning, and this was a pretty dumb thing for her to do So clearly I think it was a pretty weak choice for the writer to make for Violet in the plot yet I would really like to stop short of believing it s dangerous for younger readers to encounter this story I can guarantee that 12 year old me would never have read this book and thought, Oh Clearly what I must to to test my eternal love for my secret crush is hold my hand in a candle flame and I really, really hope most other young readers have a comparable level of discernment But I do understand that there might be some readers who are dealing with their own problematic instincts for self harming behaviors, and this book could become entangled with that in a negative way All in all, this seems to add up to a case for giving Violet Eyes a pass Honestly, I can t think of anyone who would love it, and if you re just looking for a light and fluffy fairy tale, you can find better, easily But don t write off the whole Once Upon a Time Series I already reviewed The Storyteller s Daughter, and I m about to review Belle, both of which are definitely worth a look if you like fairy tale stories.

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    Such a bummer, really I was really looking forward to reading a re telling of my favorite fairy tale, but it wasn tgood The characters were inch deep, their drama predictable, and the story itself not fleshed out well at all I mean, what kind of daughter leaves a dying mother because the woman tells her she MIGHT be a princess to go moon after a guy she s known for like a day And what s with said guy being able and strong to do all that after a fever that nearly killed him And the wild, random kissing all the time And the other contestants being so freaking nice And the cheating on testsquite badly as it turns out Geesh Why.why.why Major disappointment

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    I loved this book, based on The Princess and the Pea, though I m partial to fairy tale retellings I liked how the tests weren t really about physical sensitivity, but important good qualities to possess.

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    It was enjoyable to read but nothing stellar The characters were under developed Side characters were far interesting than the main ones The romance felt rushed Love at first sight and then on to the palace and the tests and then the end where love conquers all I liked that she wasn t actually a princess but it did annoy me that they were willing to cheat on the tests That never fit into the version of the story in my head Overall, it was a okay retelling of a classic fairytale.

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    Really enjoyed reading this short book When I discovered this series called Once Upon a Time Fairytales , I immediately felt like being in wonderland I mean, a complete series of retellings YES, please So I bought this book along with Wild Orchid which I have yet to read but look very forward to.I recommend Violet Eyes to everyone looking for a simple yet beautiful story with charming and endearing characters Happy reading