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If You Ve Ever Lived With Animals, Have Spent Time In The Country Wondering What Those Howls And Hoots Were All About, Thought Living Next To A Pet Cemetery Might Be A Good Idea, Or If You Just Like To Speculate About Things That Go Bump In The Night And Spend Endless Hours Playing Some Of The Amusing Fantasy Games Available Today, Zombie Raccoons Killer Bunnies Is The Perfect Book For YouThe Fifteen Tales Included Here Range From Chilling To Humorous, From Fairy Tale Settings To High Tech Situations What They Share Is Originality And Critters From An Ongoing Conflict Between Chickens And Killer Bunnies, To A Raccoon Ready To Defend Its Own At Any Costfrom A Siamese Cat In League With A Super Squirrel To A Story About The White Bull Of Tara You Ll Find Tales About Both The Creatures You See Around You Every Day, And Those You Should Hope Never To Meet

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    I wasn t expecting much from this book, so I can t say I m disappointed in it Yet each day when I opened it up, my closet optimist was secretly hoping that today would be the day I d read a story that didn t pretty well suck I definitely approached each tale with a prove me wrong people attitude.Yeah, there s a reason that optimist STAYS in the closet.The wacky title and silly cover promise some sort of comedic horror within, but alas, the stories weren t funny OR scary The one exception and the reason the book gets two stars instead of one was BunRabs by Donald J Bingle a clever and fairly humorous look at why chicken dread the coming of Easter view spoiler Hey, you thought all those eggs for dyeing were made in a factory somewhere hide spoiler

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    This anthology has an over the top crazy cover and title, but the contents aren t, for the most part, memorable enough to really pull it off successfully There are good stories from Carrie Vaughn, Tim Waggoner, Richard Lee Byers, and Nina Kiriki Hoffman, and I enjoyed others from Anton Strout, Steven H Silver, and Brenda Cooper, but none of them were really overwhelmingly memorable or truly excellent It s a good collection for the most part, but doesn t, in my opinion, pay off the build up.

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    I ve finished Zombie Raccoons and Killer Bunnies, edited by Martin H Greenberg Kerrie Hughes and overall it was an OK anthology A few stories stood out, and those I ve denoted with bold titles A few of the stories were disappointing, either with an ending that wasn t as satisfactory as I would have liked, or with an ending that just didn t make sense to me at all There were some good chilling stories in here, along with some fun humorous takes on the theme, so a wide variety overall If you like creature of the night stories, then you ll find a couple of good reads in here, but in the end I was a little disappointed overall.Table of Contents Death Mask by Jody Lynn Nye This was a zombie raccoon story, where the raccoons come up against a farmer who doesn t agree with the idea that you need to commune with nature It was an OK story, but I had a hard time getting used to the voice of the farmer character, which threw me off BunRabs by Donald J Bingle And this was a killer bunny story told from the POV of a chicken grin The chicken s POV of the world in general is hilarious, especially their take on modern day conveniences and how they use them and the mythology they ve developed about rabbits and how they incorporate some of our own traditions into their worldview A fun story for lizzie by Anton Strout A cute little story set in Anton s Simon Canderous universe, although it doesn t feature Simon as a character The main character is an archivist, dealing with a certain lack of social skills when dealing with the opposite sex along with a rather ferocious little book wyrm.Faith in Our Fathers by Alexander B Potters The idea here is that young child who can heal with his hands in upset because his pet cats keep disappearing His father tells him it s the fisher cats who aren t fishers or cats that keep taking them, so the boy decides he wants to find these fisher cats and goes in search of them He finds something instead It was an interesting story, written well, but at the end I wanted I wanted the story to do , especially since there was so much potential for in what was presented in the story With that said, though, this is the best story in the anthology so far Bone Whispers by Tim Waggoner The creature in this story is a rather large and supernatural groundhog, haunting a cemetery The story revolves around a man returning to the cemetery to confront the groundhog, who had a run in with when he was twelve years old I felt like this story needed a little development, with the connection between the groundhog, the man, the boy, and the groundhog s hole and the cemetery fleshed out It had a creepy ending though Watching by Carrie Vaughn And here we deal with pigeons A man proposes to his girlfriend after taking her to Venice only to have her say no This sets the man s life onto a whole new track as he sets out to backpack across Europe, discovering pigeons the entire step of the way Only the pigeons aren t exactly what they seem The first half of the story was interesting, and the character drew me in, but then the story takes a hard sharp turn perhaps even a hair pin turn in the middle and becomes a completely different kind of story altogether This wasn t a bad thing and the ending itself makes you smile, in a sort of funny gruesome kind of way.The Things That Crawl by Richard Lee Byers This story doesn t single out one particular type of creature, it sort of deals with snakes, lizards, alligators, etc, in general And this is the most well developed story in the anthology I connected to the main character, a detective who has an alcohol problem, so has been demoted and has relocated to the coast of Florida where, after a hurricane passes through, discovers that the local wildlife isn t behaving as usual He picks up on this and puts the pieces together he is a detective after all , but the conclusion is, of course, too supernatural for the average person to believe He ends up being forced to deal with the situation himself Again, a very well written, cohesive story with a rounded plot, rounded character arc, and a beginning, middle, and end The White Bull of Tara by Fiona Patton This is a story centered around the White Bull of Tara It begins interestingly enough fairy cows are breaking through from the fairy realm to munch on the Druids garden and a pack of siblings guards are tasked to stop the incursion They figure out who s causing the problem, and why and then the story just kind of dies They don t really do much to stop the incursion from the fairy side, but the cows stop coming Instead, the White Bull s rival comes through and has his way with the local herd It just felt like the story fell apart to me, or skewed off in a different direction from the first two thirds of the story, and so the ending didn t feel right Dead Poets by John A Pitts I don t think I understand this story at all I REALLY, REALLY liked the idea introduced at the beginning the main animal here is the shrike, a bird, which I didn t know this before reading the story apparently captures its prey and impales it on thorns on hedges and such around its nest A cool factoid in and of itself When, in the course of the story, the main characters finds that the shrike pestering her garden has started impaling pixies as well as rodents and such, the story jumped into a whole new level of interest for me I seriously thought this would be the coolest story in the anthology but then it completely fell apart near the end Great setup, great idea, great animal but nothing is done with it in my opinion It kind of just trails off Super Squirrel to the Rescue by P.R Frost This story was cute, as the title suggests, with only a little touch of evil creature from the night to it In this case, the evil creatures were crows, a whole murder of them, tormenting a neighborhood Every attempt by the people to eliminate them was ignored and ridiculed with cawing It required a rather supernatural squirrel to come to the rescue Her Black Mood by Brenda Cooper This time, the creature of the night was much darker, a black toad created by the main character who can paint wooden carved creatures to life However, she s in such a black mood due to her life that this toad, when she paints it alive, comes out rather evil, with teeth and a lust for blood Brenda Cooper captures the black mood of the character perfectly we ve all felt like this at some point, I m sure and the toad comes across as evil indeed, but I felt the resolution of the story could have used a little umph It made sense unlike some of the other stories in this anthology , but I felt that so much time was spent on creating the situation and background that there should have been a little time spent on resolving it all It took 10 pages for the setup and making the toad as evil as possible, but only 2 pages to resolve the entire situation A little unbalanced, but definitely a good read Ninja Rats on Harleys by Elizabeth A Vaughan The title pretty much says it all grin A fun little story with evil rats and possums, a heroic mouse, and two flatulent dogs Oh, plus a few humans An interesting and enjoyable read, with just the right amount of humor thrown into the danger But again this story felt unfinished Unlike some previous stories in the anthology though, this one felt complete in and of itself, but also felt like the start of something much bigger At least, I felt like I could have flipped the page and started another chapter when I reached the end A good story overall though Definitely entertaining Bats in Thebayou by Steven H Silver Alien bats, anyone That s the main creature in this story plus mosquitoes Earth has been invaded by alien bats we just don t know it yet The story flips back and forth between an alien bat perspective and the human perspective of two campers in Thebayou I m not sure this was effective overall, since I was much interested in the alien bat perspective and not interested at all in the human perspective But again, the ending was unsatisfactory to me And aside from the main creature being a bat, there wasn t much in the way of creature of the night feeling to this story Twilight Animals by Nina Kiriki Hoffman This story was well written, with a main character who could at this point in his life be labeled a loser He s hired to watch over his brother s house while his brother and family tour Europe for a month Since this guy s in college, he decides to do some research on the neighborhood, ostensibly for a paper for school Of course, he begins seeing things during his studies that just aren t natural, in this case, a peculiarly large possum population The ending is also peculiarly reminiscent of another story in this anthology, which is kind of bizarre But overall a good story The Ridges by Larry D Sweazy The last story is about foxes sort of I can t say much about the storyline without ruining it, so I ll just say that the storyline here was good and it didn t end the way I thought it would as I read it I had the right idea, in general, but the author twisted it around into something different than what I d expected by the end Not really a creature of the night story in true form, although it certainly fit the theme of the anthology

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    Fair warning While I gave this collection an overall rating of ok 2 stars , I would rate 5 of the 15 stories as didn t like 1 star , another 5 as ok 2 stars , 4 as liked 3 stars and only 1 as really liked 4 stars The 5 rated 1 star were Death Mask by Jody Lynn Nye too green , BunRabs by Donald J.Bingle too silly and annoying pidgeon language , Bone Whispers by Tim Waggoner What ,Dead Poets by John A Pitts too stilted , and Super Squirrel to the Rescue by P.R.Frost really bad science and lacking in internal logic The 5 that got 2 stars were Faith in Our Fathers by Alexander B.Potter felt like story excerpt than whole story ,The White Bull of Tara by Fiona Patton again felt like something was missing, no real resolution to story , Her Black Mood by Brenda Cooper too much after school special, Ninja Rats on Harleys by Elizabeth A.Vaughan this was a story concept, where is the real story because I would like to read that ,The Ridges by Larry D.Sweazy too much descriptions and not enough story The 3 stars are for lizzie by Anton Strout just a nice light romantic fantasy, Watching by Carrie Vaughn good concept, unexpected , Bats in Thebayou by Steven H.Silver good concept that could be expanded but is still a full story ,and Twilight Animals by Nina Kiriki Hoffman another good concept that could lead to stories but tells a full story but shouldn t they have been designed to be waterproof The best story in the bunch got 4 stars It was The Things that Crawl by Richard Lee Byers.It was a great origin story that could easily be the start of a series of short stories or novels The sad thing about this collection is that the ok stories could have easily been better but felt like the author just knocked something off to meet the deadline.This time I should have judged the book by its cover bad photoshop job just to get it done in time.Do not pay for this book If you can borrow it, read the 3 and 4 stars and ignore the rest.

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    3.5 stars A pretty dang solid grouping of stories I really enjoyed most of them, and enjoyed all of them Clever and a little creepy, great collection.

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    This book was a fun read, for the most part a collection of short stories that all were at least kind of in the horror genre and at least kind of featured animals of one sort or another All were at least reasonably well written, some were very well written I was somewhat annoyed by the one or two that were not really short stories but rather teaser excerpts of short story length from longer stories that the author clearly hoped to get the reader hooked on that s really not a fair way to plug your writing, and if I was the editor, I would never have allowed those into the book no matter how potentially interesting they might be.

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    Fifteen stories with stories that contain varying degrees of ridiculousness and silliness To me, most of the stories start off well but then fizzle out My favorite story in the whole book was For Lizzie which is about a bookworm who turns into book dragon.

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    Zombie Raccoons Killer Bunnies edited by Kerrie Hughes and Martin H GreenbergThis is a crazy book and the purposefully amateurish cover drew the ire of a many when it came out Those who hated the cover may have missed the point all together of this mostly comedic exploration on two hilarious ideas zombie raccoons and killer bunnies If you re looking for some spooky fun during Halloween you ll find a lot of entertainment here, from hilarious to scary There s fifteen stories and the authors cover a lot of different ground.Death Mask by Jody Lynn Nye has written a tale about some nefarious raccoons and a tough old lady with a shotgun that you won t soon forget BunRabs by Donald J Bingle is the funniest story in the book and I laughed out loud several times For Lizzie by Anton Strout explores a couple of secondary characters from his well received Simon Canderous novels Dead to Me, Dead Matter, Deader Still, Dead Waters Faith in Our Fathers by Alexander B Potter is one of the best stories in the book and it really tugs at your heart It has a resonance that any of us who have ever lost a pet can identify with, and is written with the grace of a master.Bone Whispers by Tim Waggoner is a Stephen King esque horror story that comes to life and will totally creep you out Bone Whispers is one of those bizarre and well written stories that makes you cringe Watching by Carrie Vaughn is a tale about pigeons and mind control that will have you watching those damn flying rats out of the corner of your eye for some time The Things That Crawl by Richard Lee Byers is in my top three of the anthology It s one of those awesome stories that has it all, creepiness, a hurricane, great characterization, murder, and it s an awesome story about the kind of serial killer you ve never heard of before Dead Poets by John A Pitts is the most literary of the anthology and is written in an interesting point of view with a liberal dose of poetry Her Black Mood by Brenda Cooper is an exploration of a unique fairy world by a neglected young girl Ninja Rats on Harleys by Elizabeth A Vaughan is such an incredibly amusing story about a writer and her new friend, Wan, a very unique mouse who would be utterly bad ass if he weren t three inches tall This is the continuation of Vaughan s story about Wan from the anthology, Furry Fantastic and even if you haven t read the first one, you ll love this one I mean, who doesn t like ninja rats on Harleys Bats in thebayou not a typo by Steven H Silver is one of the most interesting science fiction stories I ve read a long time and one of the best stories in the book It s about a breed of aliens that look like bats They ve secretly invaded Earth and have come up with a scheme to harvest the most valuable thing on the planet, mosquitoes, without anyone knowing about it Twilight Animals by the award winning Nini Kiriki Hoffman is about a slacker who discovers a terrible secret about the possums infesting a suburban neighborhood where he s house sitting The final tale in the book titled, The Ridges by Larry D Sweazy is a great story that will keep you guessing until the end.Overall, Zombie Raccoons and Killer Bunnies was rollicking good time about creepy animals that infest the dark and often funny corners of our twisted imaginations It s a perfect collection of stories for Halloween time.Paul GenesseAuthor of The Dragon Hunters

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    Zombie Raccoons and Killer Bunnies is certainly true to its name Both highly interesting animals have their own stories attached to them, though I found I enjoyed the Killer Bunnies one BunRabs by Donald J Bingle the entertaining and darkly humorous of the two As in most anthologies you have your amusing stories BunRabs or Ninja Rats on Harleys , to your sad wistful tale for lizzie to your downright creepifying tale Bone Whispers To some degree I enjoyed all the stories, but some left me feeling disappointed.The White Bull of Tara, by Fiona Patton, left me feeling rather indifferent It employs a lot of Celtic and Druidic mythology and legend into it, but the story didn t hold my interest as keenly as Patton s storytelling usually does As I mentioned before Bone Whispers, by Time Waggoner, creeped me out There s a giantmole badger type thing that munches on bones of dead people Which isn t the creepy part The creepy part is how the main character reacts to it all I kind of just hurriedly moved on to the next story.for lizzie, by Anton Strout, pays homage to Strout s own recently lost pet and is both sweet and sad It ties in with his Simon Canderous books Dead to Me and Deader Still , but doesn t require any backstory and is self contained I liked the literal usage of the word book wyrm as the animal of the story.Mostly I enjoyed the stories by the authors I did know or had read before with the exception of Fiona Patton and found a couple of authors who s work I now want to check out As far as multi author anthologies go, this one was a win The cover is unfortunate, but there must always be casualties to good taste right

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    I m not sure what should be expected from a book with a cover like this, even if it is supposed to be full of camp Zombie Raccoons Killer Bunnies is a collection of 15 tales of supernatural animals, from, um, zombie raccoons to killer bunnies and alien bats Unfortunately most of the stories end up in the disappointing category A handful suffer from a combination of humorous premise, but a lack of humor within the story that makes them come off as kitschy Another handful start really great but end very abruptly, sometimes 6 7 pages of great story suddenly wrapped up in half a page And aren t really full, fleshy stories, but instead are characters arguing about something or simply witnessing something The only solid story in the bunch is Things That Crawl by Richard Lee Byers Hats off to Tim Waggoner s Bone Whispers , Faith in Our Fathers by Alexander B Potter and Her Black Mood by Brenda Cooper which were good reads, but seemed like they d have been in a better fit in a darker, serious collection of tales Unless you just have to have this for fun s sake, there are better anthologies out there Contains language, violence