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{Prime} The Gingerbread PiratesAuthor Kristin Kladstrup –

It takes a lot to come up with an original idea for a Christmas book, but Kladstrup has done it Pirates A gingerbread theme that isn t Holly Hobbie cute Santa as a potential villain though of course he turns out to be a nice guy after all And a happy ending Only one thing missing There should have been a recipe for those gingerbread pirates but would the kids have EATEN them If the Hallmark Channel tried to do a mashup between Treasure Island and the Nutcracker for their 12 Days of Family Christmas lineup, it would be this book. I have to admit, I had never thought of Santa Claus as a cannibal, but now that I see the world through the eyes of a gingerbread man, I can see his point quite clearly.This year as little Jim is making Christmas cookies with his mother he has a brilliant idea, since pirates are his favorite thing, why not make gingerbread men that look like pirates.That evening, as Jim is going to sleep, he wishes that Captain Cookie had a pirate ship.They must have been magical words since suddenly Captain Cookie burst to life wondering where his crew is and who is this Santa Claus that wants to eat them.What ensues is a very funny magical story involving cliffs, hungry mice, rescuing his crew and a terrifying encounter with a cannibal A very funny Christmas yarn that will become a family favorite. While looking for a Christmas book other than a Nickelodeon esque retelling of The Night Before Christmas at BN last night, I found this and knew my littles would love it, and they did Luckily I enjoyed it too, since they want me to read it every night before bed until Christmas and probably after as well 3.75 stars A cute book with a fun twist Great illustrations, interesting storya l of Christmas Magic Another nicely illustrations book by Matt Tavares Want a Christmas book you can use your pirate voice for This is a new favorite at our house It s a sweet story get what I did there filled with Santa s magic. Christmas Book Pirate Book Is it possible to have confusion of where a story fits with those two categories It is here This one is hysterical An original pirates story as told through characters that are gingerbread men all connected to Christmas The premise, title, and illustrations are entertaining enough for kids The content and style will keep them entertained while also making adults smile it did me This is the recipe for a good, original picturebook for me If you re looking for a children s Santa themed story about pirates, this ll scratch that itch I enjoyed the details in the illustrations that suggested the little boy is obsessed with pirates his clock, the pirate nutcracker, the skull and crossbones on his stocking However, I read it a second time with the theory that it s really the mother who is obsessed by pirates. What If A Brave Captain Cookie Stood Up To Santa A Fresh, Funny Story That Sparkles With All The Excitement Of A Pirate Adventure And All The Magic Of Christmas MorningIt S Christmas Eve, And Jim And His Mother Are Making Pirate Gingerbread Men To Leave For Santa Jim S Favorite Is Captain Cookie, Who Carries A Gingerbread Cutlass And Has A Toothpick Peg Leg The Captain Is Much Too Good To Be Eaten, So Jim Keeps Him Close By His Bed But Late That Night, When Jim Is Fast Asleep, Captain Cookie Steptaps Away On A Daring Adventure To Find His Pirate Crew And Rescue Them From That Mysterious Character He S Heard About A Cannibal Named Santa Claus At Once Contemporary And Timeless, Suspenseful And Joyous, This Masterfully Illustrated Tale Is Destined To Be A New Holiday Classic This is a wonderful book that the students in my class cannot get enough of We read it multiple times this year and the story kept popping up in journals all week and in conversations Every part of this book is a great adventure for children.