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Read epub Captain Abdul's Little TreasureAuthor Colin McNaughton –

Great book Especially when Jim reads it with his pirate voice This is a book I think every child should have on the shelf Literarily, it s not stellar, I ll admit But it s awfully fun What really makes it special is the CD included with the book, which features the incredible talents of Andrew Sachs remember Manuel from Fawlty Towers My children, ages 2 to 13, beg to listen on a regular basis. The Incorrigible Colin McNaughton Sneaks A Baby Aboard A Pirate Ship With Hilarious Results In This Kid Pleasing Saga Of Pseudo Sword Fighting, Smelly Diapers, And Hide And Seek On The High Seas Oooh Argh, Ha Har KABOOM Who Could Be A Disturbin Captain Abdul S Beauty Sleep Firin Cannons No, It S Not An Attack On His Raucous Pirate Ship, The Golden Behind It S A Special Delivery A Little Treasure, To Be Exact, Sent Courtesy Of Mrs Abdul, Who S Off On A Pirating Jaunt Of Her Own Now Captain Abdul And His Hairy, Scary Mates Are Expected To Babysit Will This Be The Ruin Of Their Repootashun And Make Them The Laughingstock Of The Pirate World A cute story about a menacing pirate who is tasked with taking care of his baby while his wife goes off piratin for a bit Captain Abdul and his crew learn to care for the little boy and sing stories to him every night Very good with the pirate y dialog, but a bit long of a story to keep it up for as long as it takes to read it.Nice illustrations aaarrrgggg What a great treasure of a book this is The audio CD is a MUST for this story The person doing the reading for this book is so talented to do so many voices My kids love listening to this during car rides. My kids love this book and have listened to the CD over and over Thank heavens it comes with the CD because my pirate talk isn t so good I read it the first time The guy who narrated it did a great job with all the voices, and it was fun to listen to and funny. Probably good as a one on one book, but far too long and too wordy for a storytime group. Fun to read, cute story. Captain Abdul s Little Treasure by Colin Mcnaughton is a delightful book about a bunch of pirates being lumbered with their Captains baby while his wife goes off with her friends pirating for the week It s a humorous and well illustrated book with excellent potential for literacy, music, drama, history and project work.The book will work great in Key stage 1 however it does contain a lot of pirate slang and misspellings therefore it may be something that is best read to the class with discussions on when it s appropriate to use these styles It also contains examples of traditional songs which have been given a pirate twist Work based around these can easily be brought into literacy, drama and music lessons, while their content including references to certain bodily functions are sure to delight young children.The story comes with an accompanying CD which is wonderfully read by Andrew Sachs While this can be used as an excellent device for children to follow along to it is perhaps even better used as a training tool in how to tell a story in a thoroughly engaging way I look forward to putting my pirate accents to the test should I get to tell read this book in class and I m sure succeed or fail the children will have a whale of a time watching their teacher being silly. We got this book about a group of pirates in charge of a baby, from the library and it came with a wonderful audio CD The kids have had me read it aloud to them myself several times as well The type in the book is also set up in different fonts so that it is easy to do the voices of the different cahracters, which I really found helpful My kids love that Little Treasure loves Swossages Definately a keeper.