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More short stories by Christopher Anvil Old school pulp Not quite as good as War Games , but that may just be my tiring of the guy s stuff. Anvil Has A Rare Ability To Combine Fast Moving Adventure With Humor, Deftly Skewering The Bureaucratic Mind, Whether Human Or AlienScience And Technology Have Made Our Lives Easier, Cured Diseases, With Achievements That An Earlier Age Would Have Considered Impossible But Once In A While, The Law Of Unintended Consequences Breaks Loose Christopher Anvil Considers The Two Faces Of Technological Innovation Sometimes The Result Is A Literal Life Saver But At Other Times A Breakthrough May Not Break Quite The Way It Was Supposed ToA New Wonder Drug Has The Unexpected Side Effect Of Making People Happy Not A Problem Everybody Should Want To Be Happy, Right But Should People Be Happy All Of The Time Suppose Being Happy Required You Never To Disappoint Anyone, No Matter What They Re RequestingThen There Was The Energy Source For Every Home That Would Free The Country From Its Dependence On Foreign Oil Except That The Prototype Was Rushed Into Production A Bit Too FastBack On The Bright Side, Another Device Not Only Couldn T Possibly Work By Every Known Law Of Science, But Didn T Have Any Obvious Uses Then Alien Invaders Landed And Suddenly The Crackpot Device Was The World S Only HopeThe Upside And Downside Of Marvelous New Gadgets, As Told By A Master Of Science Fiction Adventure With A Prescription For Fun Short story collection, mostly older stories Mixed Some leave an impression that tech is viewed as a problem Some give an amusing view of the crazy things businesses do and how that affects the rest of us Etc. Great collection of shorter works, including a couple extremely good ones A couple are somewhat dated, but overall, it s an excellent set. Repeated stereotyped What ifs crap Couldn t finish it. Product Description Science and technology have made our lives easier, cured diseases, with achievements that an earlier age would have considered impossible But once in a while, the law of unintended consequences breaks loose Christopher Anvil considers the two faces of Hilarious stories about inventions and bureacracy, what can go wrong, and unintended consequences In the vein of Parkinson s Law, and Other Studies in Administration by C Northcote Parkinson He anticipated, in the 1950s and 1960s, many devices ad practices which today we take for granted.