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One of the few picture books that I ve read recently that I actually wanted to own This is a longer book,a picture storybook, but it s about Grace O Malley, and the illustrations are brilliant So is the language. The story was awesome, but yet the telling of it felt flat And the illustrations were meh My kids a read it and liked it though. Although A Woman, Granny O Malley Becomes The Captain Of Her Own Pirate Ship And Plunders Every English Merchant Ship That She Can But The Queen Of England Aims To Put A Stop To It When She Imprisons Granny S Son, The Pirate And The Queen Come Face To Face Full Color Tale of Irish Pirate Queen Granny, or Granuaile grahn wale eh , O Malley aka Grace O Malley and her efforts to rescue her son, Toby, from the English She travels to London to meet the Red Queen, Elizabeth I, to negotiate for his freedom A timely find as one of our local high schools is currently performing a musical, The Pirate Queen, based on this story. Basic Plot The true story of pirate Granny O Malley and her meeting with Queen Elizabeth.What s not to like in this book We have a feisty Irish woman, unwilling to give up her freedom and her pirate ship for a poor husband She finds happiness on the sea and eventually finds a good husband Her son turns out to be just as feisty as she, then gets himself captured Granny heads to England to talk to the queen and get her to release her boy, then returns to piracy but not English ships, because she promised Even better It s all true.The art was good, and full of interesting details I loved it I m pretty sure my son was starting to tune out by the end, though, so it s a bit longish for the littler ones and lacks the rhyming silliness that extends attention spans. The story was awesome, but yet the telling of it felt flat And the illustrations were meh My kids a read it and liked it though. This is a fantastically illustrated work of historical fiction with a bit of Irish blarney mixed in Granny O Malley is not your typical girl and becomes an even less typical woman when she becomes captain of her own pirate ship, robbing the English merchant ships that are unfortunate enough to pass by In doing so O Malley has made an enemy with Queen Elizabeth, a person who later may hold all that is valuable to O Malley in her royal hands. Good for 5th grade Illustrations are awesome Really tells the story and correlates well Children can retell story using pictures only or create own story by telling it using pictures and technique used by illustrator Love that she s Irish This exciting tale tells the story of the real life Pirate Queen Grace O Malley who was a feared corsair all her life and respected by everyone she met even Queen Elizabeth Born in Ireland in the 1500 s, Grace quickly carved out a reputation for herself that was unmatched in that part of the world for centuries Young readers will delight in the captivating true story paired with stunning illustrations that bring to life the seas of 16th century Ireland in vivid detail.I ve loved this book ever since I first saw it on the shelves of my local library, and it s stuck with me all these years, when many other picture books have long since faded from memory.