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Captain Pugwash Fully Believes He S The Bravest, Most Handsome Pirate On The Seven Seas Nothing Thrills Him Than The Prospect Of Treasure, So When The Valiant Cabin Boy Tom Spies Some Shiny Yellow Stuff Aboard A Nearby Ship, The Captain Sets Off In Hot Pursuit Unfortunately, His Archenemy, The Villainous Cut Throat Jake, Is Close At Hand Will The Captain Be Trapped By Jake S Dastardly Plan Or Will Tom, The Wisest Little Cabin Boy On The Seven Seas, Have A Plan Of His Own This Th Anniversary Edition Introduces The Portly Captain And His Cohorts To A New Generation Of Readers

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    Captain Pugwash was humorous, well told, and fun, and I was actually pretty impressed with how well the author captured the spirit of classic high seas adventure books like Treasure Island sans murder and anything truly terrifying, of course The story moved and built into a great crescendo, and the ending was funny and grounded the tale The kids and I also enjoyed the pictures, which were entertaining and full of action, movement, and color Although this is an old book, I think that Captain Pugwash is still a lot of fun for today s kids, and adults could really have a lot of fun reading this one aloud to kids Really, I m rather inclined to call Captain Pugwash a must read for children who are into pirate stories.

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    For the nostalgia of my youth I took a turn down memory lane Quite Quirky as an adult the humour a little thin at ties

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    This 1950 s picture book series is a step up from early chapter books like Frog and Toad, but only just It definitely appeals to the era who would have been watching the pirates on Disney s Peter Pan as something new Comical pirates and Captain Pugwash are incredibly lazy, while the small cabin boy is running the entire ship It is, of course, the cabin boy who saves the day and the captain who takes credit, but it seems to end with a sigh instead of a wink.

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    Timeless and great to read aloud The illustrations are superb Favourite story is Pugwash the Smuggler A Classic.

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    The usual pirate jokes and cliches mixed in with the usual goofball who is always messing everything up If your kid like this type of this, this series is for you.As an adult I wasn t too awed by the series It would make a good read aloud book, because the pictures are numerous and detailed It would also be a good step in between picture and chapter books for the same reason.

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    Not as good as I recall, but Lauren liked it.