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If It Is Possible To Conquer Space, Then Perhaps It Is Also Possible To Conquer Time At Least That Was The Theory American Scientists Were Exploring In An Effort To Explain The New Sources Of Knowledge The Russians Possessed Perhaps Russian Scientists Had Discovered How To Transport Themselves Back In Time In Order To Learn Long Forgotten Secrets Of The Past That Was Why Young Ross Murdock, Above Average In Intelligence But A Belligerently Independent Nonconformist, Found Himself On A Hush Hush Government Project At A Secret Base In The Arctic The Very Qualities That Made Him A Menace In Civilized Society Were Valuable Traits In A Man Who Must Successfully Act The Part Of A Merchant Trader Of The Beaker People During The Bronze AgeFor Once They Were Transferred By Time Machine To The Remote Baltic Region Where The Russian Post Was Located, Ross And His Partner Ashe Were Swept Into A Fantastic Action Filled Adventure Involving Russians, Superstitious Prehistoric Men, And The Aliens Of A Lost Galactic Civilization That Demanded Every Ounce Of Courage The Americans PossessedApproxHours

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    This book is fine for what it is a fast paced, time travel pulp fiction I m not familiar with Andre Norton or 1950s sci fi pulp, so I don t know if this is standard in the genre To me, plot, characters, and narration are pretty straightforward, though there isn t much depth to them, and the social climate and politics of the time, mainly the Cold War, feature heavily in the plot.The story overall didn t interest me I found it rather bland actually However, there was lots of action and something was always happening to keep the momentum going That made it easy to keep turning the page, but I was never drawn into the story and never felt fully engaged I could have set it down and never pick it back up I didn t though because it s a book club pick, but probably wouldn t have if I d read on my own.Andre Norton has been on my priority list for a long time now, but I never knew where to start with her backlist Although this book wasn t the right choice as an intro to her work, I m still interested and will most likely pick up one of her Witch World books next time when the mood for a genre classic strikes.

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    Executive Summary I m not a great gauge for Science Fiction, especially older works as I generally don t read and enjoy it as much as fantasy There were elements here I liked, but not enough ever really get into the story I considered giving this a 2.5 and rounding up, but opted to just stick to 2 Full Review Of all the science fiction tropes, time travel has always been one of my favorite Back to the Future, Doctor Who, Looper, Primer, Terminator among others You ll notice though that all of those are movies TV and not books I tend to enjoy Sci Fi far in video form than I do in the written word I especially don t have the best track record with older works.I was unfamiliar with Ms Norton, which probably shouldn t be a surprise She seems a decent enough writer, but I just never got sucked into this particular story I read the revised edition of this book I have no idea how much was revised, but the story itself didn t feel that dated I grew up during the tail end of the cold war, so I get the context well enough Instead of the space race it s now focused on time travel I m a little unclear as to why however There is a brief mention that space travel lost its appeal shortly after the moon landing But why time travel Both sides are afraid to change the past, so what do they hope to gain Maybe that is made clear in later books, as this is the start of a series.I didn t particularly like Ross Murdock either I m not sure how popular the anti hero was back when this was written, but I ve read plenty of anti hero stories and this one just never pulled off the likable scoundrel that the best ones seem to.Overall this was a quick read, with some interesting ideas that just seemed to fall flat for me I m glad to have given it a shot, and I m not ruling out trying another story by Ms Norton in the future, but I m not rushing out for it, and likely won t read the second story that came with the first one.

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    Rating 3.5 of fiveGeneric, underdeveloped character of The Rebellious Charmer gets One Last Chance to fix it all I understand why an adolescent would love this story I liked it, too, and adolescence was 40 plus years ago for me In today s bajillion pages of blather world, the spare prose and laconic dialogue are not fashionable They re stylish, though, and fun, and if one can get past the real weakness of that bygone era s storytelling flat characters there is simple pleasure to be had in this tale.

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    This was one of my favorite science fiction books when I was a kid My brothers and I read it over and over Of course, the cold war setting is now an anachronism, but for us it was everyday reality I loved the characters, I loved the story, I loved the imagery When we were really exhausted from a long day outdoors, my brother James would say The red jelly We need the red jelly And of course we d know exactly what he meant.I haven t read it for years I wonder how it would hold up P.S I didn t read the Kindle edition, but at least this shows the Ace cover from the sixties, which is one of the editions I read I don t remember who published the hardcover I first read World Gollancz Grosset and Dunlap Anyway, someone long gone.

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    This was not the Andre Norton book I wanted to read This book borrows from the past, not improving much on the Edgar Rice Burroughsliterary invent of a modern man in a pre modern society John Carter This time instead of a magical cave, Norton uses a time travel plate I hope this is not representative of Norton s style, rather writing for the literary market of the 1950s with its go it alone main protagonist against the Reds

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    This story lacks only interest and a good plot 0 of 10 stars

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    A slightly revised edition of a book originally published back in the good old pulp days The overall story had some good ideas and it s not bad, but unfortunately it follows a formula that gets old really quickly if you have read enough of them It goes something like this Protagonist is thrown into an unusual situation.Gets captured by tribe A, but then escapes.Gets captured by tribe B but escapes again repeat several times..Is facing certain death from tribe C but is then rescued by an ally he befriended at the beginning while escaping from tribe A Throw in a betrayal from someone who appeared to be an friend and you have most of the plot for a large number of books Burroughs was the master of this and even his books get weary after a time Norton is close, but for me fails in the excitement department.

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    This is a classic book by the classic Science Fiction and Fantasy writer, Andre Norton This ebook consisted of the title story and its sequel, Galactic Derelict, the first written in 1958, the second in 1959, and both updated in 2000 In both, Norton comes off as a capable writer, but not an especially great one I m sure many of her fans would disagree on that point, so she probably wrote some great stuff later on But here I encountered some awkward prose in places, and it was often hard to tell exactly what was going on In Time Traders, it seemed that she was writing with a sequel in mind, and it was mainly a coming of age story about Ross Murdock, with too little Science Fiction and too much jungle fighting In Galactic Derelict, the four main characters go though several adventures, but I never get a sense that any of them wouldn t make it through The adventures seemed to have no point until late in the story, and then it felt contrived, all the way up to the point where the story suddenly ended, giving no idea of how any of the characters might have changed or benefited from the experience Characterization was light, almost non existent, except to keep us aware of the ethnic backgrounds, and when in space seemed to lack the natural interest in the stars around them that you would expect from first time space travelers, or even those wondering about their eventual destination I would consider this story inadequate in current SF literature, but a good average adventure for young adults by 1950s standards.

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    Let s send criminals back in time to steal alien technology to end the Cold War Dang I almost made it sound interesting.

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    The Time Traders by Andre Norton is a time travel book I m usually a sucker for those sort of stories, but this one felt a bit too tied to the time it was written.It s the Cold War, and the US and Russia have discovered time travel The race is on to find out what the Russians are doing with it Ross Murdock is recruited to be part of a team that goes back After being trained, he is sent out with a small team posing as Beaker traders From that point on, things go sideways, including things that the team could have never anticipated.Murdock is the action hero who never fails He is like James Bond who never gets shot even though armies of people are firing at him He never gets lost even though he gets lost Even though he is beat up, he continues to prevail.The Russians are shadowy bad guys who we barely see The whole Cold War setting of this book just seemed to place it in a specific time, and the novel felt a bit too much like a men s adventure novel from the 1970s Perhaps the problem is that I ve read other better time travel stories lately.This was a book club pick, but I know there are better Andre Norton books out there and I d be willing to try a different one.