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Dave Robicheaux Has Spent His Life Confronting The Age Old Adage That The Sins Of The Father Pass Onto The Son But What Has His Mother S Legacy Left Him Dead To Him Since Youth, Mae Guillory Has Been Shuttered Away In The Deep Recesses Of Dave S Mind He S Lived With The Fact That He Would Never Really Know What Happened To The Woman Who Left Him To The Devices Of His Whiskey Driven Father But Deep Down, He Still Feels The Loss Of His Mother And Knows The Infinite Series Of Disappointments In Her Life Could Not Have Come To A Good EndWhile Helping Out An Old Friend, Dave Is Stunned When A Pimp Looks At Him Sideways And Asks Him If He Is Mae Guillory S Boy, The Whore A Bunch Of Cops MurderedYears Ago The Pimp Goes On To Insinuate That The Cops Who Dumped Her Body In The Bayou Were On The Take And Continue To Thrive In The New Orleans AreaDave S Search For His Mother S Killers Leads Him To The Darker Places In His Past And Solving This Case Teaches Him What It Means To Be His Mother S Son Purple Cane Road Has The Dimensions Of A Classic Passion, Murder, And Nearly Heartbreaking Poignancy Wrapped In A Wonderfully Executed Plot That Surprises From Start To Finish

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    As I think about this book, the words too much come to mind Too much plot Too much description of people and places Too much disconnect between the story and the emotions And way too much gratuitous violence.Here s an example of an overdone description of minor characters In the shade his skin had the bloodless discoloration that an albino s might if he bathed in blue ink He wore steel picks on the fingers of his right hand and the sawed off, machine buffed neck of a glass bottle on the index finger of his left He slid the bottle neck up and down the strings of the guitar and sang, I m going where the water tastes like cherry wine, cause the Georgia water tastes like turpentine A mulatto or Indian woman who was shaped like a duck, with Hottentot buttocks and elephantine legs, was hanging wash in back She turned and looked at me with the flat stare of a frying pan, then spit in the weeds and walked heavily to the privy and went inside and closed the door behind her by fitting a hand through a hole in a board Yet there is some great writing as well Two examples Then Belmont discovered the carnival world of Louisiana politics, in the way a mental patient might wander into a theme park for the insane and realize that life held promise than he had ever dreamed Everybody s got at least one night in his life that he wants to carry on a shovel to a deep hole in a woods and bury under a ton of dirt Bottom line is that I don t like Robicheaux very much, and don t find him very compelling as a character Put that together with a plot with violence than good detecting, with surprises that lead to so what rather than wow, and the best I can give this is 2.

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    You know Dave Robicheaux is having a bad day when Clete Purcell asks Dave Tell me, Streak, if I quit the juice and start going to meetings, can I enjoy the kind of serenity you do.Fans of Dave Robicheaux know that he is a complex character and that he has had his share of problems in life His father died when he was young, his mother had abandoned him and his father, he is a Vietnam veteran who has bouts of PTSD, and he is a recovering alcoholic In past novels we knew little about his mother other than that she ran away with another man In this outing another layer of the onion is peeled away and we learn about his mother and what happened to her Dave and his friend former partner and now private investigator, Clete Purcel are looking for Zipper Clum, a pimp who may have information that could spare the life of death row inmate, Letty Labiche When they find him, Zipper makes some startling statements Robicheaux, your mama s name was Mae Wait, it was Guillory before she married That was the name she went by Mae Guillory But she was your mama She dealt cards and still hooked a little bit Behind a club in Lafourche Parish This was maybe 1966 or 67 They held her down in a mud puddle They drowned her. Zipper s claim hits Dave in the gut Haunted by her desertion and her death than thirty five years ago he will go to any length to bring her killers to justice But just how far will he go Will he cross the line As usual James Lee Burke brings a colorful cast of characters into the story There is the governor, Belmont Pugh, a piano playing hard drinking womanizer, and Johnny Remeta a hit man who starts getting close to Dave s daughter Alafair Alafair is growing up and is now a teenager and sometimes rebellious Old friends are back, including Clete Purcell who often than not is like a train wreck Dave s serenity and sobriety are put to the test in this story A rebellious teenager, a friend whose life often appears to be out of control, a New Orleans Police Department s liaison with city hall, Jim Gable, with apparent connections to both Letty Labiche and Mae Guillory and who also happens to be an ex lover of Dave s wife, Bootsie, and the claims that his mother was a prostitute and murdered Dave will have to remember to take it one day at a time and to turn it over to his Higher Power.

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    A young woman who murdered her sexual abuser is sitting on Louisiana s death row Dave Robicheaux tries to help her cause and at the same time track down his mother s killers Throw in a killer who fixates on Dave s daughter and you have a suspenseful read.

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    How can James Lee Burke get any better I have no idea to that question In this series, number 11, Dave Robicheaux wraps up some loose ends Those loose ends have been woven throughout the series which I ve been reading in order for a few years Funny to me is when I ve read other books in a series counted 15 different series I m reading I always feel like I ve come home when I begin reading Burke In my first review of the Dave Robicheaux series, I was totally ignorant of the fact that Burke is known for his lyrical writing of Louisiana, Cajun country, where Dave is home based As time went on, I found out that I wasn t the only one who admired that in his writing Knowledge of his lyrical writing was in fact well known I m a late bloomer, obviously, of Burke s writing Purple Cane Road was published in 2000 and there are 20 books thus far in the series, the last one, Light of the World published just this past July Now I m one book than half way through If I didn t have so many series on my plate, I could zip though the remaining nine books and be finished with the series However, I m one of those readers who enjoys savoring what is in the future, the books I haven t read So, no, I m not zipping through them but am looking forward to the next Dave Robicheaux and wondering how Burke is going to handle the growing up of Alf and his relationship with Bootsie which is now in a good place Thinking back on book one in the series, The Neon Rain, I recall the first argument fight Dave got into at a motel, kicking some serious ass And I also remember the reason I would have kicked some ass myself if I had been in the same place Dave had a good reason is what I m saying But then I thought to myself, OMG, this guy is awesome Since that time Dave has aged right along with us and now uses his head asking questions, rather than his fists When I can recall the first introduction to a character, now years ago, to me it means the character is one of be remembered That s Dave Robicheaux Finding this wonderful series has brought me so many hours of pleasure, and I look forward to seeing Dave age with the rest of us.

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    In James Lee Burke s Purple Cane Road, the 11th installment in the Dave Robicheaux serial mystery series, this dark mystery will leave you chilled from start to finish For Dave Robicheaux, all his life he wondered about what happened to his mother when she mysteriously died years ago When a pimp had came to him and asked him if he was Mae Guillory s boy, he revealed a bombshell to Dave on what he knew about her strange death And that had brought him back to the past when he revisited memories on Purple Cane Road where he lived there as a young boy Now, while he searched for the truth for his mother s killer, he had dealt with the upcoming execution of Letty Labouche, someone who had killed a lawyer in cold blood, and how he attempted to get her off the hook to no avail He also dealt with a former con stalking his daughter, crooked cops and politicians, and his partner s running into his fair share of trouble with the law It was now up to Dave to set things right and pick up those stray pieces in his life to get some closure and justice with a shocking ending.

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    I felt something off about this book The writing is sharp, but not quite as The characters are somewhat stock and hardly interesting The violence reigns, since Robicheaux and Purcell prowl at their angriest The biggest joke in the novel Robicheaux saying You just walk away It s easy, I thought You don t ptovokr, you don t engage You keep it simple and your adversaries never have power over you Yeah, right, Dave.

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    Burke, one of my favorite writers, has an extraordinary gift for the use of similes He can evoke the atmosphere and scenery that sets him way above other writers in the mystery genre Despite the brutality, violence and corruption, the story intrigues, and Burke continues to develop the character of Dave Robichaeux, ex New Orleans cop and now homicide detective for the New Iberia Sheriff s department The integration of the past and its influence on the present is a recurring theme in Burke s books Dave is trying to help Letty Labiche, a woman on death row for having murdered the man who had repeatedly molested her and her sister That he was a cop meant the girls had little sympathy from the department During his search for exculpatory evidence, Dave stumbles across Zipper Clum, a New Orleans lowlife who provides Dave with information that provideshim with leads related to the death of Dave s mother many years before Dave, whose memories of his mother, Mae, are bittersweet, becomes obsessed with finding her murderers, cops in the pay of a local crime family, as it turns out The investigation becomes messy, as the Labiche case becomes intertwined with his search for his mother s killers Jim Gable, the political liaison in the governor s office with the New Orleans police department whom Dave has reason to dislike than most, becomes implicated as does the attorney general, a woman Dave learns had connections with Labiche s parents In the meantime, a hit man, Johnny Remeta, has taken a liking to Alifair, Dave s daughter Johnny, too, is involved in the whole sordid mess that resolves into a climax revealing the truth of Mae s murder Similes can often be overdone, in fact, a recent book I finished by Stuart Woods, Choke, eschewed them completely Burke indulges in them quite successfully, and they bring a vividness to the ambiance that is quite startling the scent of musty leaves, a fetid swamp and dank bar cascade the reader s senses His latest book, White Dove in the Morning, which I purchased and am reading as an e book, takes place during the Civil War historical fiction is not his usual milieu, but this is excellent.

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    For me there is not a lot to be said for this story Lots of double dealing, crooked cops and politicians And a black woman on death row having killed a man who abused her and her sister and had been caught grooming another young girl Meanwhile Dave Robicheaux is looking for the cops that murdered his mother Far too much gratuitous violence and the characters have become a little army without regulation and both Dave and Cletus Purcell should be in prison.

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    When this book first came out in 2001, I bought a copy through a book club I never read it I remember trying to, and I remember dragging it around through several moves to different states, but I just couldn t get it to it A few months ago, I picked up Swan Peak at a library book sale for a buck and thought I would try Burke again I very much liked Swan Peak a four star review , so I bought my second copy of Purple Cane Road This time, I enjoyed it, and finished it within a few days To me, Purple Cane Road seems to be darker than Swan Peak which seemed a bit light as both regular lead characters were vacationing in the mountains, natch Now, I do like dark fiction thrillers, so after Purple Cane Road I bought a copy of Burke s Crusader s Cross five star review which I think is fantastic Now, oddly enough, I m a huge James Lee Burke fan I ve purchased Burning Angel and Jolie Blon s Bounce and they are sitting on my bookshelf now I know I m going to read everything Burke has written, and since I m a voracious reader, I m going to have to parcel these out Like I do with Agatha Christie, my very favorite writer, as I ve read 50 of her books, and have another 20 or so on my bookshelf, waiting to be read So now my favorite authors are Anne Rice, James Lee Burke, Agatha Christie, Patricia Highsmith, Wilbur Smith, and Bartle Bull But I ve discovered recently Micheal Gregorio and Louis Bayard, so lots of books to read

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    I think the last time I read a Dave Robichaux book I swore I would never read another one But this one must ve been on sale or my memory must ve failed me My issue with Dave is simple wall to wall violence.This whole book is about Dave s search for the identity of the killers of his mother And his intention to extract revenge Not to ruin the story for you but he is successful He has a wife who questions his often resorting to violence He has a teenage daughter Who is stocked by one of the many killers in the book He has a buddy a serious drinking buddy Who is even substantially violent than he is.Dave Robichaux does think about his violence and does think about his drinking But there is no indication that things will be any different in the next book in this series One surprising event is that the current sheriff Dave s boss comments that he hopes Dave will succeed him when he soon retires as the sheriff The sheriff is motivated to say this when Dave tells him he had the bad guy in his rifle site but couldn t kill him This Sterling quality seemed to win over the sheriff to think that Dave had the qualities to be a leading law enforcement officer.Plenty of action Questionable morality Never move to Louisiana