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Ralph Said, Rain Tomorrow Burt Said, Barley Needs It You Re Covered With Cinders, Ellis Ralph Thought That Was Funny That S Funny He Laughed That S What We Should Call Him Cinderellis Burt Guffawed In This Unusual Spin On An Old Favorite, Cinderella Is A Boy He S Cinderellis, And He Has Two Unfriendly Brothers And No Fairy Godmother To Help Him Out Luckily, He Does Have Magical Powders, And He Intends To Use Them To Win The Hand Of His Princess Charming That Is, Marigold The Only Problem Is Marigold Thinks Cinderellis Is A Monster Gail Carson Levine Is The Author Of Ella Enchanted, A Spirited Retelling Of The Real Cinderella Fairy Tale And A Newberry Honor Book In This Fourth Of Her Princess Tales, Levine Brings New Life And New Fun Into A Little Known Tale And Proves That Determination, Imagination, And Kindness Can Carry The Day

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    WrensReads Review Do you like retelling of fairy tales Gail Carson Levine is the author for you She is witty, and pokes fun at fairy tales all the while making you love the story even When he was six years old, Ellis invented flying powder He sprinkled the powder on his tin cup, and the cup began to rise up the chimney He stuck his head into the fireplace to see how far up it would go The fire was out, of course Cinderellis and the Glass Hill by Gail Carson LevineJust by the first page, you can grasp the humor Levine puts in her words Her use of run on sentences leaves you out of breath and laughing from the repetitiveness Her objective to point out the obvious will keep you entertained.In Cinderellis and the Glass Hill, a retelling of a Norwegian fairy tale collected by Peter Christen Asbj rnsen and J rgen Moe in Norske Folkeeventyr, the youngest of three brothers obtains a series of magical horses He has a special gift for making special powders to help the farm, but the brother s don t bother giving him any attention It s supposed to rain tomorrow, after all This story also weaves in the classic Italian fairy tale called Cinderella, or The Little Glass Slipper I say this because of the name she gives the main guy character, two siblings that are rude and mean to the other, and a contest that takes three days that ends in marriage Now we have two stories in one book It s our lucky day folks Cinderellis and Marigold have two things in common their family doesn t pay much attention to them, and their best friends are animals horses and a cat They are terribly lonely and only want their family to love them and spend time with them But, alas, that isn t how things happen for them.Marigold s father goes on crazy quest to find crazy things and ends up with even crazier findings He comes up with an idea to find the perfect husband for his lovely daughter In order to marry her, a suitor must have armor, a horse, be courageous, brave and be able to ride a horse very well Climbing up a very slippery, shiny glass hill is the logical solution Will Marigold end up marrying a scary man Will Cinderellis win the affections of his brothers Will Cinderellis crops stop disappearing Will Marigold s father find something actually useful on his quest Levine has a splash of humor you will not find anyone else Using plays on words and awkward humor, this is perfect for a story for a young girl or for a grown woman who can t get enough of fairy tales cough me I will always be a fan of Levine s writing and I am so happy I picked them up first on my own quest to reread all my favorite books.WrensReads Goodreads Twitter Instagram

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    This was a super cute gender swap loosely based on Cinderella plus any fairytale where a guy has to do some impossible task to gain the hand of the princess Both Ellis and princess Marigold were lonely and seeking companionship from their family, which was sad, but gave them good motivation for a short story.

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    Another enchanting fairy tale retelling by Gail Carson Levine This time the hero is a resourceful but lonely farmer boy given the nickname Cinderellis by his unkind brothers And the herione is a gentle but lonely princess living in the castle of her father who often leaves her to go on quests.

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    Cinderella recast as a farm boy Sold Another clever retelling of a classic fairy tale by the mistress of the form, Gail Carson Levine.

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    I read this with my kindergartner for a bed time chapter book We both enjoyed this twist on the Cinderella story It is a short, fun read and great for young readers.

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    It was a cute re telling of the Cinderella story told from a male perspective It was s quick, fun read I read it for my YA Bookclub Any fan of Cinderella would enjoy this book

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    Mom and I found this to be a quick, adorable listen It was an interesting retelling of Cinderella, with Cinderella being a boy in this version, mom and I have read some version were Cinder is male Over all we recommended this as a quick read or listen.

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    I finished the remaining four Princess Tales books by Gail Carson Levine last night Sadly, someone seems to have stolen The Princess Test from my library, so that one will have to wait I know my last post was pretty harsh on the first book, The Fairy s Mistake Perhaps I was in a combative state of mind, or it was just a one off Whatever the case, the rest of the books in the series than made up for my unpleasant experience with the first one In Cinderellis and the Glass Hill, not only do we have a gender flipped version of Cinderella, we also have a princess who s willing to take matters into her own hands when it comes to her fate Hooray Ellis and his two brothers are farmers His older brothers Ralph and Burt are best friends, hardcore farmers, and probably the least imaginative people in the kingdom of Biddle Ellis is a scientist he invents all sorts of powders to solve problems For example, he creates a flying powder, but things kept going all helter skelter, so he added a ruler to the mix to help them fly straight This sly, ridiculous sense of humor of Levine s really shines in this book One night, Ellis feels the earth tremble and rock, and the next morning, all of the hay in the kingdom is gone Burt and Ralph take turns trying to catch the goblins they are convinced are stealing the hay Ellis, being a scientist, knows by his powers of deduction that it s not goblins, but probably some sort of horse or donkey He crafts special horse treats and manages to catch three magical horses one copper, one silver, and one gold Ralph and Burt, of course, don t believe him, so Ellis keeps the horses for himself and they become his friends Meanwhile, King Humphrey III it s a running joke in the series that all the kings of Biddle are named Humphrey takes a magically mandated break from questing he never brings back anything useful, anyway and decides it s time for his daughter, the Princess Marigold, to marry He wants the very best for her, so he devises a test anyone who can walk his horse up the top of a glass pyramid and receive three golden apples from Marigold, who would be sitting at the top, can marry her Aside from her father s single minded obsession with quests, Marigold is also distressed by the nature of the test Being an animal lover, she knows that most knights would be cruel and force their horses to do something dangerous When the glass pyramid is unveiled, Marigold disguises herself as a Royal Dairymaid to sneak around the festivities Cinderellis also arrives at the castle to see what the hubbub s about, and runs into Marigold All of their lives, both of them have desperately needed friends Cinderellis never had anyone willing to listen, and Marigold always wanted to know the why of things Cinderellis uses his scientific learning to explain things, and Marigold can ask him why as much as she wants to As you might have guessed, they fall in love In the end, Cinderellis attempts the challenge, not knowing that Marigold is actually the princess He devises a special sticking powder to allow his horses hooves to adhere to glass Unfortunately, he has to wear old, rusty armor that makes it difficult to see or speak When Marigold speaks to him, the echoing inside the helmet transforms his voice into a booming, yet unintelligible gibberish She s convinced he s actually a monster Therefore, she devises a Last Resort to stop the monster from achieving the goal of going to the top of the pyramid.Of course, everything is straightened out in the end This is a hilarious romp through fairy land and mythology alike I loved trying to spot all of the literary references Obviously, this is a take on Cinderella, but there are a lot of other stories that make guest appearances The concept of the impossible task is a motif that appears in many, many stories, from The Twelve Labors of Herakles to Psyche and Eros to Rumpelstiltskin The three golden apples recall both the disastrous Goddess Test with Paris, Prince of Troy and the story of Atalanta I knew that the concept of the three horses who can only be freed by human touch must reference something too, and I found a really interesting Russian folktale called The Enchanted Peafowl In this story, the king s golden apples are stolen by enchanted peafowl peacocks who are really princesses Highly recommended Now, if only I could get my hands on some of that flying powderThis review also appears on my blog.

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    I think that the theme is that you should try and try again.

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    I really liked this book because it had so much surplices and it really did the unsuspected I liked how the author made the characters switch on and off for talking So that we could have both opp ions and so that we could here both sides of them at different times I liked how that they both felt lonely and that they had nobody I think that Marigold changed the most because at first she was so lonely She wanted her dad to stay home so much from his adventures so that she could be with her dad and not be so lonely Than her dad got cursed and he couldn t go on any adventures and so he had to stay home She also was mad because she had to stay in a tower so that men could come and get three golden apples from her That man would become king and so she went around dissected as a dairy maid She asked all the men in line what they would do if they won She was happy when she met Cinderellas It was like love at first sight It was so beautiful and Cinderellas wanted to marry her, if he won and he wanted to pay for the marriage with the three golden apples I didn t like how that the brothers treated Cinderellas so bad and like he was invisible I did like how the things that kept on eating the hay was a huge horse Cinderellas caught the horses and brothers didn t believe him and so he just kept the horses to himself I didn t like how Marigold dad was always away, so then she would be all alone in the castle I would have been so mad if my dad was gone for that long I loved how it was like they were apart at first than they came together, how they slow made it to each other How Marigold thought that he was a monster because he couldn t talk in the helmet that was so funny.