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27 Wagons Full of Cotton, The Purification, The Lady of Larkspur, Lotion, The Last of My Solid Gold Watches, Portrait of a Madonna, Auto Da Fe, Lord Byron s Love Letter, The Strangest Kind of Romance, The Long Good bye, Hello from Bertha, This Property Is Condemned, Talk to Me Like the Rain, Something Unspoken, The Unsatisfactory Supper, Steps Must be Gentle, The Demolition Downtown Think of all the oddly placed Shakespeare adaptations Richard III in a 1930s Fascist state Romeo and Juliet in a modern day South Beach, or on NY s upper west side The Tempest in space Forbidden Planet Macbeth in feudal Japan Throne of Blood And that doesn t even begin to scratch the surface of odd off Broadway productions where the director had an idea Many of these are truly awful, but for some reason it s tremendously easy to imagine Shakespeare in other places and at other times.Which gets me to Tennessee Williams I tend to like him But reading these one act plays, for some reason it struck me how bound they seem to be to the American South in the blues jazz era That s how particular his work seems to me When I think of his plays, I feel sweat I see beads of water rolling down the outside of a glass with some sickly sweet liquor in it Everything is both languid and intense His characters tend to cry out forshade The plays here are one acts They came across to me as sketches, usually character sketches And there s nothing wrong with that There were at least three, and maybe , takes on Blanche Dubois, refracted in different ways For the most part, these plays seemedlike character reveals than truly dramatic I may have been missing something, and might think differently about them if I saw them performed But I didn t see all that much in the way of motion or momentum in the majority of them And the characters, for the most part, seemed to me like revamps of characters I had already seen in his other plays Thus, reading them didn t do all that much for me But then again, reading really is a bad way to get introduced to plays The sad thing is that there is basically little, or no, opportunity to see any of these things performed That I would probably like. They Are Full Of The Perception Of Life As It Is, And The Passion For Life As It Ought To Be, Which Have Made The Glass Menagerie And A Streetcar Named Desire Classics Of The American TheaterOnly One Of These Plays The Purification Is Written In Verse, But In All Of Them The Approach To Character Is By Way Of Poetic Revelation Whether Williams Is Writing Of Derelict Roomers In A New Orleans Boarding House The Lady Of Larkspur Lotion Or The Memories Of A Venerable Traveling Salesman The Last Of My Solid Gold Watches Or Of Delinquent Children This Property Is Condemned , His Insight Into Human Nature Is That Of The Poet He Can Compress The Basic Meaning Of Life Its Pathos Or Its Tragedy, Its Bravery Or The Quality Of Its Love Into One Small Scene Or A Few Moments Of DialogueMr Williams S Views On The Role Of The Little Theater In American Culture Are Contained In A Stimulating Essay, Something Wild, Which Serves As An Introduction To This Collection You want some dreamers You ve got it The Lady of Larkspur Lotion How about a doomed romance You ve got that, too Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen You need sadism mendacity Southern gothic crassness There s the titular play for all of that andIn short, every one of Williams signature elements appears here in short form via a one act play In a way, it s like a collection of snackable versions of his masterpieces plus a couple of oddballs to boot. 27 . A collection of 13 one act plays, including some of Williams most famous, such as The Last of my Solid Gold Watches and the titular 27 Wagons Full of Cotton Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen is a favorite as well, but I especially like The Purification Tennessee Williams is fantastic and his plays are just as engaging to read as to see performed, which definitely cannot be said of all playwrights The collection has an introduction by Williams that is a short essay on his views about contemporary grass roots thater in America he seems to be espousing that a sort of careless creative freedom isnecessary in socially potent art than high production values. Obviously with a collection of short plays there s gonna be some hits and misses, but there s enough good stuff in this that I highly recommend it This Property is Condemned is heartbreaking, 27 Wagons is disturbing, and The Demolition Downtown was a big surprise, since it felt almost sci fi I wasn t wild about The Last of My Solid Gold Watches or Steps Must be Gentle, but the writing was interesting enough that I stayed engaged throughout. Short plays which are occasionally a bitsketches than I would prefer but there s still some quite strong writing involved The best of the bunch are the stories 27 Wagons Full of Cotton and The Last of My Solid Gold Watches Have to think about the rest These short plays have Tennessee Williams name written all around them Very recognizable, the athmosphere is there all right. Interesante obra de teatro corta del mismo autor de un tranv a llamado deseo Como no he le do mucho este gener he preferido empezar con algo corto y la verdad es que la experiencia me ha gustado No descarto embarcarme en algo de mayor envergadura 3 1 2 stars