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As with Sisters Red though this is definitely nothing like it , this was not my favorite retelling, but still a charming and solid read 1 Smart and Sweet Heroine CHECKCendrillon was a great version of the classic Cinderella She gave life to a character that I always found somewhat too perfect in other classic versions She had emotion and heartbreak and doubts, but she always loved others and return was loved.2 Brave and Loveable Hero CHECKWhile Pascal was likeable enough but I was sad we only really got two scenes of him So in his stead I am going to talk about Raoul He was just rough enough to be intriguing and just sweet enough to be cute I loved when he finally figured out even though he lost his mind for a second there I think he deserved than Anastasia, but she s the one he loved and you have to respect that 3 Unique Plot and Original Story NOPEThis was so very close to the Disney version of Cinderella She added politics which was interesting, but the rest of it was mostly the same.4 Extraordinary Side Characters CHECKAll the side characters added dimension and politics to the story What with Raoul being who he was if you know what I mean I loved Old Mathilde and all her wisdom I also loved that her stepmother was nice and loving when she needed someone to love I loved Nicolo and Amelie and their blossoming love.5 Plot Twists CHECKI actually did not see Raoul s little reveal coming at all Of course, in hindsight it was obvious,but after all, isn t it always Recommended and enjoyable 3.5 starsApart from the magical stuff, which I don t care so much for, and one d , this book was very clean And it s not like spell kinds of magic, but wishes coming true, so pretty innocent there too I found it delightfully unpredictable despite knowing that it s a Cinderella talewhich should have made it predictable There were some really enjoyable twists on the original story, and I loved how it kept me thinking.What brought the rating down to three for me is that the ebook was badly editednot the words, but the punctuation, which was a bad wreck Very few apostrophes were in their places, and many commas and periods were missing, as well as random bits of italics in places that made no sense. Etienne De Brabant Is Brokenhearted His Wife Has Died In Childbirth, Leaving Him Alone With An Infant Daughter He Cannot Bear To Name But Before He Abandons Her For King And Court, He Brings A Second Child To Be Raised Alongside Her, A Boy Whose Identity He Does Not RevealThe Girl, La Cendrillon, And The Boy, Raoul, Pass Sixteen Years In The Servants Care Until One Day A Very Fine Lady Arrives With Her Two Daughters The Lady Has Married La Cendrillon S Father, And Her Arrival Changes Their Lives When An Invitation To A Great Ball Reaches The Family, La Cendrillon S New Stepmother Will Make A Decision With Far Reaching Effects Her Choice Will Lead La Cendrillon And Raoul Toward Their Destiny A Choice That Will Challenge Their Understanding Of Family, Test Their Loyalty And Courage, And, Ultimately, Teach Them Who They Are There a millions of Cinderella retellings out there, most of them following the traditional Evil step mother and step sister s story Usually with the dad having died or away somewhere This story was not like that.Cendrillion s as she s called in this retelling mother died giving birth to her, her father was away when she was born, and came back a few days later He was devistated by his wife s death and blamed Cendrillion for the death of her mother He went to where she d been buried and to be blunt, threw a fit He cried on her grave in the garden and this is where it gets odd everything in the garden died off or acted weird I ll expand on the weirdness later on He had with him another newborn, where he was from and who he was was a mystery The father dropped of the boy and left, not returning for many years.So Since the father who was some duke, a favorite of the evil queen didn t come back, the servants raised Cendrillion and the boy, Raoul as their equals They helped out around the house and picked the crops in the garden After the father s fit in the garden the crops grew weird, they would plant one type, and a diffrent kind all together would grow They planted apples, and oranges grew They planted watermelons and gigantic pumpkins grew You get the picture They didn t expect the father to come back, they didn t expect anyone to come So it came as a suprise when they got news that the father had remarried, and that the wife and her two daughters where coming out to the house to live.When they got there, they saw Cendrillion in her plain clothing, and since the father had never mentioned her, they thought she was a servant And she didn t tell them any diffrent Over time one of the step sisters broke into the father s office, which had been locked in the office was a giant portrait of Cendrillion s mother, who as luck has it happened to look exactly like her The step sister showed it to everyone and they all realized who she was She became accepted into the family and everyone was relatively nice to her No that s not where the story ends, but that s where it starts to get exciting And I was a bit tired of typing Who was Raoul Where did the father get him What happens to Cendrillion The father The step sister and step mother If you re wondering any of this, or if the story I discribed above appeals to you in any way, this is the book for you. I feel bad for this little book I read it while I was horribly sick and needed a distraction The writing wasn t half bad and I enjoyed reading it I do have to admit that the three star rating is a bit on the generous side however, for the faults of this book are many The plot, an unoriginal retelling of Cinderella, was poorly executed, as was most of the character development The first half of the book was pretty good in terms of pacing but towards the end of the book things felt rushed and forced The author added a couple elements of the fairy tale, namely the glass slippers and pumpkin carriage, merely as props to reinforce the fact that it s a retelling, but both items were completely purposeless in terms of the plot and were superfluous Again, I liked it mostly because of the writing style I thinkit reminded me of something else, although I can t pinpoint what it is But I wouldn t reread. retelling wasteoftime What a pleasant surprise for any lover of retellings of fairy tales I feared this small book, one of the Once Upon A Time series, would be a poorly written disappointment Instead, it was a well written twist on the Cindrella story It achieved two ends 1 The writing style captures the magic that fairy tale readers long for and 2 The intriguing analysis of the father, the first wife, and the step mother adds the new dimension to the old tale.I plan to read of the series now I enjoy all the various versions of Cinderella, and this version was just as enjoyable to me I first saw this book several years ago in a large bookstore I loved the cover It just had part of the dress on the cover, but it was beautiful For some reason, I did not end up buying it, but I wanted to read it, just because I liked the cover I might have guessed it was a Cinderella story, by the title, but by the time I actually started reading it, I forgot.It is significantly different than most Cinderella story retellings, but that is what I liked most There are new characters, characters that are different from the original writings, and characters that might be a bit of a surprise.I am really glad I finally read this book It was well done. Extremely wary was I of this one There have been tons of Cinderella retellings and begs you to ask the question what could this little book have to offer A substantial amount as it turns out.Cendrillion is blamed for the death of her mother Not by everyone mind you but by her father He wishes to never to see her again until he can receive peace When he comes to visit his dead wife s grave he brings another life with him A little baby boy to be exact His name would be Raoul and he and Cendrillion would grow up together This was totally refreshing because Cinderella never grows up with a brother or any other siblings really This book felt like a long novel which I was surprised by since it is fairly short A feat I m assuming is hard to achieve.The stepmother and sisters are way interesting in this story and aren t depicted as being dumb as most other retellings make them out to be There are a lot characters that make an appearance to add layers to the story as well Everything from why she is named Cendrillion, to how the lost slipper comes to play was original Wishes and love at first sight played big roles in the story How we what wish may not always be what we thought it would be A couple of complaints though How things worked out for her father It felt like the easy way out I wasn t expecting perfection but something than what we are left withWhy Why Whyyyyyyyyyyyyymust the love of their lives come at the end of the story They can make an appearance sooner I do love the background work Dokey puts into it but I don t think it s too much to ask to put the guys earlier into the story.Other than that though I m totally happy and not regretful of giving this retelling a chance. And so the child of cinders went to the ballA little pro tip for authors if you re going to write a fairy tale retelling and make it a good one at that , make sure it actually retells the tale you re trying to retell I know it seems like a duh statement, but as observed by the atrocity that is this book, it s a tip that needs to be gone over from time to time Because while I was expecting a Cinderella retelling, and I got Something that had the barest inklings of Cinderella but for the most part wasn t And it was absolutely abysmal.The story begins in France, where a nobleman by the name of Etienne de Brabant is devastated over the death of his wife after the birth of their daughter He wants nothing to do with her, so he leaves her in the care of his estate and the various servants But before he leaves, he brings a foundling boy to be raised alongside her, though he does not reveal the child s identity The girl and the boy, now named Cendrillon and Raoul, are raised mainly by the head housekeeper in the countryside, passing the days riding horses and taking care of the household Every year they wish for the same thing to have a mother and to know who they are, respectivelyYou make it sound so simple when you know it s not, I said, the words bitter in my mouth But since you request it, then this is what I wish I wish for a mother to love me, a mother for me to loveBut as the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for, because it just might come true.Again, if you re going to retell a story, make sure it actually resembles the original piece of work And from the outside, this book does a girl named Cendrillon, a stepmother, two stepsisters, and ball, a glass slipper and a prince Except make Cinderella have a stepbrother, have the stepmother not even be remotely dislikable and the sisters change heart halfway through the book, a ball that s not grand, the slipper doesn t even make an appearance, and a prince who s plot line resembles The Man in the Iron Mask than Cinderella.SEE WHAT I MEAN DOES THAT SOUND LIKE CINDERELLA TO YOU I WAS ABOUT TO BURST A BLOOD VESSEL AFTER I FINISHED READING IT.Another thing I expect from retellings is for it to add depth and character development to the original, and the book did the exact opposite Of course that doesn t really say a lot for me in that I wanted to see a stepmother and stepsister who were evil, but they were the driving source of Cinderella s conflict Here, I don t think the author knew what conflict she wanted Cinderella to have, other than Abandoned Father Syndrome And don t even get me started on the stupid instalove that happened between Raoul and AnastasiaThey had been there in the tight silences between Raoul and Anastasia whenever they met, the compressed lips, the quick glances from the corners of their eyes Love at first sight, I thought I wondered why I hadn t recognized the signs for what they were before nowI MEAN, REALLY Those two gave no hint whatsoever that they liked each other beforehand, so either I m just really dumb at reading emotional signs, or nothing was there to begin with and the author made it up on a whim to please future readers But when the book really fell apart was the ball where she meets the prince and the ensuing aftermath The story introduced a subplot that was so out there and absurd that it felt like it was supposed to be part of a different novel rather than this one And while I won t give it away because you should probably read it for yourself, I will say that for fans of the original, they won t be pleased At all.That sentiment applies to the rest of the book Instead of taking Cinderella and retelling it with the respect of the original, the author completely went YOLO on it and trampled the story so it becomes unrecognizable.