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Ellen Loves Link And James Her Older Brother And His Best Friend Are The Only Company She Ever Wants She Knows They Fight, But She Makes It A Policy Never To Take Sides She Loves Her Brother, The Math Genius And Track Star She Is Totally, Madly In Love With James, His Face Full Of Long Eyelashes And Hidden Smiles When You Grow Out Of It, James Teases Her, You Will Break My Heart Ellen Knows She Ll Never Outgrow It She Ll Always Love James Just The Way She Ll Always Love Link Then Someone At School Asks If Link And James Might Be In Love With Each Other A Simple QuestionLink Refuses To Discuss It James Refuses To Stay Friends With A Boy So Full Of Secrets Ellen S Parents Want Link To Keep His Secrets To Himself, But Ellen Wants To Know Who Her Brother Really Is When Is Curiosity A Betrayal And If James Says He Loves Her, Isn T That Just Another Way Of Saying He Still Loves Link My Heartbeat Is A Fast, Furious Story In Which A Quirky Triangle Learns To Change Its Shape And Ellen, At Least, Learns The Limits Of What You Can Ever Know About Whom You Love Although this book was an award winner when it was first published in 2002, I didn t find it to be everything it was cracked up to be The family in this novel are overeducated Manhattan snobs obsessed with their own intellectual pretensions, which makes them distinctly unlikable Although this is an interesting look at how adolescent sexuality can be defined in many different ways, I couldn t get past the annoying characters, who were a bit too precious for my taste. This is the story of an adolescent girl with a crush on a bisexual boy who might or might not be in a relationship with her brother, a near genius who refuses to admit that he s gay.Only that summary makes My Heartbeat sound farinteresting than it actually is. The only reason I see for awarding My Heartbeat Printz Honor in 2003 is its ultra liberal, non judgmental approach to teen sexuality The novel s premise is indeed edgy 14 year old Ellen has only two friends her older brother Link and his best friend Jason Ellen has a bit of a crush on Jason, but no one acts on it until it is brought up to Ellen that the closeness between Jason and Link can only be explained by these two boys being a couple When Ellen raises the question of her friends homosexuality, she finds out that the boys themselves are not sure yet what they are There is an attraction, but Link is not ready to label himself as gay, whereas Jason has slept with men, but might be attracted to girls as well The unresolved situation between the boys leads to the breakup of their friendship And here is where Ellen steps in and becomes Jason s girlfriend, even though she is not even sure that he is truly attracted to her.As edgy, convoluted and messy as it all sounds, My Heartbeat is not an edgy read Listening to the 14 year old narrator, you d think she is not a teen girl but a middle aged lecturer preaching free love, tolerance and acceptance The story goes through the motions of showing that in love all labels are unnecessary, but the characters remain to be only vessels for delivering the message, never becoming real There is no heart in My Heartbeat Pick up Pink instead. This book is really, truly wonderful The writing is unbelievably good, but it s difficult to put your finger on exactly why I love the understanding of teenage love that it conveys the feeling that you are saying so much, declaring your undying love with mere gestures and common phrases when really you are simply asking the boy of your dreams to pass the bread Freymann Weyr also captures silence as communication ever so perfectly its contrasting power of conveying anger and hurt and its ability to shut you down and ultimately ruin communication and growth She treats sexuality and sex in vague yet convincing and non judgemental terms, and her dialogue, philosophical and unlikely to come out of many people s mouths manages to move the narrative in an effortless way.