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The Tale of the Body Thief is the 4th book in the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice And it is by far the best one Lestat is being followed Everywhere he goes he senses that someone is watching him He can t shake it Finally, his mysterious follower leaves him instructions to meet Is it a trap Is he being lured in under false pretenses Of course, every single person that Lestat talks to instructs him NOT to go.So, being Lestat he goes.The man who Lestat meets offers him a once in a lifetime opportunity to be mortal again After centuries of immortality, Lestat could walk in daylight, taste wine and foods, and once again experience life through mortal eyes Once again everyone tells Lestat not to even entertain the notion.Once again, Lestat does what he wants and goes full bore into the endeavor I ll give it to him, he had a contract, rules, agreements and an arrangement that made sense to both parties But a man who physically steals bodies Can he truly be tusted Of course not Lestat is forced to be mortal for much longer than he intended His body has been taken from him and he is now susceptible to the elements What ensues is nothing short of exciting The whole book I was on the edge of my seat I didn t know whether Lestat would be able to track down the man who had taken possession of his body Being mortal he no longer has his preternatural abilities He s an average human being Would the other vampires trust that he was in fact Lestat Would they even help him given the almost nonstop trouble he had caused as a vampire This book was so revolutionary to me The idea of an immortal being once again becoming mortal and the manner in which it was done was just so fucking cool I absolutely loved it If you want to read one book out of the entire series, this should be the one you check out. I thought that this is by far Anne Rice s best description of Lestat s true character Everything he did in this book was exactly what I would expect someone who is supposed to be so selfish and evil to do Throughout the rest of the books Rice tries so hard to tell you that Lestat is really not good, that he can do evil things, and she tries desperately to make him into this anti hero This is the first book where I think she does a really good job of it This makes me want to readabout Lestat In Queen of the Damned, it seemed like she tried to tell a story while telling us all about her vampires history I think that if she would have either done one or the other, the result would have been good, but as it turned out, both the story and the history faltered This was purely a story A list of interesting and suspenseful events that kept me interested. Bullet Review Wow What a serious waste of my time I felt bad when I was bored with The Queen of the Damned, which I attribute to being Vampire Chronicle d out, but I can t use that excuse with this book I had quite a few months between Queen of the Damned and whatever THIS is.This book has a thread of a good idea a being who can switch bodies and Lestat who wants to be a human again and RUINS it with endless talking and thinking about the same points ad nauseum Scenes that could have been powerful run FAR too long, thus running any good points into the ground.And let me allow a few images to say how I feel about the rest of this series Full Review After being mostly OK with his vampire life up to this point well, after the events of The Queen of the Damned, where he defeats Akasha s uprising, I can see why he d be a bit bummed , Lestat hears about a Body Thief a being who can move between bodies and thereby live forever Louis and David tell him repetitively and in long, clunky chapters that this isn t a good idea After, of course, long, clunky chapters talking about what God is, who the devil is, and all sorts of religious issues that the author must have been working through at the time.A quarter of a book later, Lestat meets up with the Body Thief They spend several long, clunky chapters going back and forth on a deal so that Lestat can use a human body for a week Lestat hems and haws and Louis and David chime in again too before he finally makes the switch, nearly halfway through the book.Lestat then quickly learns that being human isn t all it s cracked up to be It involves taking a p ss, eating, being sick, and not being rapey when you want sex He pretty quickly decides that being human is one of the worst things in the world.When he is sick, he meets up with a nun, who takes him home to care for her cue long, clunky chapters talking about religion and humanity and vampirity and all topics that could have been interesting if we hadn t spent several long, clunky chapters driving the point home.Once Lestat is better, he rings up David and begs for his help to get his body back Cue long, clunky chapters talking about everything we ve talked about before, squeeze in a brief scene where Lestat gets his body back and someone else gets a body transplant , and end with long, clunky chapters talking about stuff that really didn t belong in this book.It may be hard to believe, based on my snarky plot summary, but I actually liked Interview With The Vampire and The Vampire Lestat I thought they were fascinating books, the characters were great, the mythos wonderful Sure, they are not action Adventure Thrills Chills every other minute but THAT WAS OKAY.Even when I didn t like The Queen of the Damned, I blamed that on the terrible Mary Sue character, Jessie, and the fact I had read the first three books straight through, which almost always leads to series burnout So I gave myself a break, to renew my love of this series.And then I listened to this audiobook.Honestly, this could have and should have been a fabulous book I mean, I still adore Lestat, Louis, David Lestat and David TOTALLY needed to hook up , and Gretchen Even the Body Thief himself was fairly interesting.The problem is, there was too much author intrusion, too much time spent on talking about various topics until their insight and usefulness had died a dismal death and too little time for the story to unfold I can t tell you how many scenes there were that would start out awesome, with a great new idea, a new concept, a new thought, and then totally destroy it because the characters wouldn t f ing move on.To me, this was particularly apparent when Lestat was with Gretchen What started out as a beautiful, sensual scene, quickly devolved into monotony and pedantry Round and round, without end.If only the editor had the sense to cut the book in half That half would have been the most brilliant, poignant story probably in the entire series Speaking of series, here comes the biggest question do I continue I read series for one of two reasons I enjoy the series I enjoy the snarkIt s obvious I m no longer enjoying the series and reading what many others have said about later books, I m unlikely to refind my love of Lestat and company Unfortunately, unlike with Anita Blake and Ayla, there really isn t anything to snark It s just BORING.And so, with that said, I m out. This book is very good It is well written and packed of life reflections There is no doubt that Anne Rice knows what she is doing.Particularly, I just don t think that this installment is at the same level as the first three books of this series To me, this book seems to centerin introspections and rumination than in the actual plot The storyline feels like an excuse for all the pondering, deliberating and meditating that the characters do Don t get me wrong, it was very interesting, it just didn t capture me as much as the others did This book was definitelyphilosophical than emotional There is less action andtalking and thinking, thus lowering somewhat the entertaining factor To me the actual story ended with the third book, so it took me a while to get into this one, it took me three separate tries actually, but I finally did To be fair, there is very little story here to get into. 3.5 stars Another solid chapter in one of the most iconic vampire series of all time It is amazing that even after all this time and the endless series of vampire novels that this series still shines as one of the better ones Recommended Leer sobre vampiros no es una nueva moda Los vampiros no nacieron como una explosi n de hormonas adolescentes, ni mucho menos del cine aunque sea este el que nos haya dado las im genes m s vivas y majestuosas de ellos Seguramente no muchos estuvieron de acuerdo con el ahora clich del vampiro refinado y elegante que cre Polidori en su c lebre relato El Vampiro , que luego pareci afamarse con la obra de Bram Stoker Dr cula , inspirada en parte en la historia del conde Vlad Tepes Pero juzgar a un lector simplemente porque lee un libro de vampiros es otra cosa.Termin de leer la semana pasada El Ladr n de Cuerpos un libro que esper muchos a os para llegar a mis manos y que quise devorar desde que, casi de un tir n hace un par de a os, termin los primeros tres libros de la saga de Cr nicas Vamp ricas , me atrevo a decir, un cl sico de la literatura contempor nea escrito por la muy preparada Anne Rice.Me encontraba leyendo las ltimas p ginas en un Transmilenio en Bogot , cuando una se ora que se sent a mi lado no pudo evitar leer la contraportada de mi libro Entonces, luego de un bufido parecido al de los toros caballos si se quiere la se ora me suelta qu pasa que todos leen de vampiros Ahora todos quieren ser vampiros se quieren vestir como vampiros Usted tambi n quiere dar susto Salir medio desnudo a la calle La se ora se baja del transporte y sigue hablando sola est bien, me solt todo eso de medio loca, pero no han ido demasiado lejos los ltimos escritores sobre vampiros Si la se ora y yo estamos de acuerdo en algo es en esto los vampiros son hoy un fen meno juvenil exagerado, que raya los l mites de lo sensual para convertirlo en sexy que no es lo mismo y que, luego se convierten solamente en moda No se imagina ella la cantidad de di logos existenciales, descripciones fant sticas y trivialidades embellecidas que puede encontrar en los libros de Anne Rice, una experta en historia que adem s se toma el atrevimiento de crear vampiros elegantemente sensuales y no vulgarmente sexys.Volviendo al libro, una continuaci n de la saga que empez en Entrevista con el vampiro , contin a con Lestat el vampiro y La reina de los condenados hasta llegar al t tulo que nos compete, lo que inicia como una discusi n existencial sobre lo moral en la vida vamp rica, nos pasea luego por interesantes teor as sobre la existencia del bien y del mal, de Dios y el diablo, hasta convertirse en una cacer a llena de experiencias sin ning n tab sexual ni moral y detalles tan bien descritos que se hacen casi perceptibles Vampiros que brillan y salvan adolescentes No, nada de eso encontrar s en los libros de Rice, que explota la figura de Polidori y Stoker desde dentro, creando vampiros m s introspectivos, reflexivos y, si se quiere, humanos, conscientes del error, la belleza, el caos y la divinidad, como no es imaginada desde Rimbaud.Una obra muy recomendada para las tardes lluviosas de Bogot , y hasta para los domingos asoleados en el parque Una obra que se queda y no que pasa por moda Una que debe leerse en presencia de todas las viejitas locas del pa s. I enjoyed Tale of the Body Thiefthan any other installment of Anne Rice s Vampire Chronicles up to this point in the series Unlike all of her other vampire novels, Rice doesn t spend half the book in flashbacks relating someone s history, and for that we are rewarded More than ever before we are inside the mind of the vampire Lestat and can revel in his fiesty, pompous spirit and feel closer to him than ever before I remember when reading The Queen of the Damned I was getting sick of the flashbacks and origin stories I wanted to see Lestat in present day I wanted to see him covorting around, just being him And here we get that, we see him in every day existence, absorb the glory of it all, and experience his transitions as he gives up his vampire body to be a mortal once again and his supriring revelations he comes to discover I didn t want this book to end When I closed this book, I felt saddened at the silencing of Lestat s running narrative, his eccentricities and sensitivites But there s at least oneto read, so I still have that to look forward to But one thing s for certain out of all the vampire chronicles, this is one I will be returning to and rereading in the future This book made me realize how incredibly awful it really is to be human Rice personified it to the extent you feel she really does know what it s like to look from the outside at our species, and it s uncanny how she transforms Lestat s outlook in the process Yes, this book made me want to live in Lestat s shoes for a day If I could switch with his body, I think I d like to stay in there, too. This one was took the series back up a notch for me I was dissapointed in Queen of the Damned. She s way too in love with her own writing at this point Takes ten pages to describe the front of a mansion In the words of the great Casey Kasem Ponderous man, f ing ponderous. In A Gripping Feat Of Storytelling, Anne Rice Continues The Extraordinary Vampire Chronicles That Began With The Now Classic Interview With The Vampire For Centuries, Lestat Vampire Hero, Enchanter, Seducer Of Mortals Has Been A Courted Prince In The Dark And Flourishing Universe Of The Living Dead Now He Is Alone And In His Overwhelming Need To Destroy His Doubts And His Loneliness, Lestat Embarks On The Most Dangerous Enterprise He Has Undertaken In All The Years Of His Haunted Existence Praise For The Tale Of The Body Thief Tinged With Mystery, Full Of Drama The Story Is Involving, The Twists Surprising People Rice Is Our Modern Messenger Of The Occult, Whose Nicely Updated Dark Side Passion Plays Twist And Turn In True Gothic Form San Francisco Chronicle Fast Paced Mesmerizing Silkenly Sensuous No One Writing Today Matches Her Deftness With The Erotic The Atlanta Journal Constitution Hypnotic Masterful Cosmopolitan From The Paperback Edition