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In Bad Pirate, Unlikely Buccaneer Augusta Garrick That Integrity Pays Off, Even When It Means Running Against The Pack In Good Pirate, The Sea Pup Is Still Under Pressure To Fit In, This Time By Abandoning Her Love For Fancy Things After All, Says Her Father The Captain, A Good Pirate Must Be Rotten, Sneaky, And Brainy But Is There Really Any Reason A Pirate Can T Be Sneaky, Brainy, And Fancy When The Rest Of The Crew Is Captured By Captain Fishmonger S Mangy Pirate Cats, Augusta Gets The Chance To Show Just What A Well Dressed, Sweet Smelling, Clever Pup Can Do With Swashbuckling Energy And Satisfying Pirate Dialogue, Kari Lynn Winters Has Written A Sequel Worthy Of Bad Pirate S Popular And Critical Success Dean Griffiths Brings Personality To Every Crew Member, Telling Stories Within Stories Through His Richly Detailed Illustrations A Treasure For Any Landlubber Who Knows You Can T Judge A Mind By Its Cover

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    The story of a girl cat who is told that she can t be a pirate because she s fancy But she comes to save the day.I didn t really like this book In the beginning I was like, dog pirates but it was kind of poorly moraled and unhappy.

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    Cute, pirate dogs Captain wants rough and gruff but his daughter is a bit prissy She gets put in the brig She escapes and finds the captain and other team members have been captured by the cat pirates She distracts them while her friends escape Now she is a part of the team, even if she does like to look and smell nice.

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    Another be true to yourself picture book The illustrations are fantastic.

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    A little too advanced for preschool storytime, this one has better illustrations than plot.

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    Love the illustrations

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    Cat and dog pirates Avast Brilliant pictures and funny text Love the pirate talk on the end papers.

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    I fell in love with the end papers in this book They are a glossary of pirate and nautical talk Augusta Garrick is daughter to Barnacle Garrick, a ferocious pirate captain Augusta likes to be clean and fancy, two traits her father despises Everyone knows that pirates should be rotten, sneaky and brainy It looks like Augusta might be a failure as a pirate Yet when Captain fishmonger boards their ship, it s up to Augusta to use her brains and save the day Dean Griffiths illustrations are vibrant, fun and loaded with details that enhance the readers experience I m not sure younger readers will appreciate the humour in showing these sea dogs as literal dogs, but I enjoyed it.

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    Captain Barnacle Garrick believes successful pirates should be rotten, sneaky, and brainy Definitely not clean and fancy exactly what his daughter Augusta prefers She just can t help herself When she overhears her father sending Squid and Bones to the brig for shining their shoes, does she finally put aside her jewelry and brush to practice being a good pirate Her downfall comes when the smell of vanilla snares her in a trap and she s locked up with Squid and Bones.After Captain Garrick discovers their plunder has been stolen, the pirates set off in pursuit of the dastardly Captain Fishmonger and his Tuna Lubbers Squid and Bones aren t happy about missing out on the fun, so Augusta devises an escape plan But once they re out, they realize something is amiss and it s up to she thinks of a new plan to rescue her father and mates.The front and back flyleaves of the book contain pirate and nautical talk to help young pirates understand such unfamiliar words as plundering and brig Large, vibrant artwork provides plenty of swashbuckling action and perfectly mimics Caribbean pirates If young pirates look closely, they ll spot special details such as dogs chasing a ball really a cannonball or the piratical rat.The opening sentence of this picture book for young pirates seems misplaced It would make better sense if it appeared on the pages where Garrick tells the crew what makes a good pirate, rather than with his announcement that their treasure has been stolen Aside from this minor reservation, The Good Pirate is a delightful tale that demonstrates how unconventional items can be just as important as being sneaky and brainy when it comes to getting out of sticky situations.

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    Augusta Garrick considers herself a very good pirate despite the fact that the other pirates in her father s crew don t understand her tastes and ways and consider her too fancy for their tastes Despite her best efforts to fit in, she gets in trouble for adorning herself with pearls and perfume But when Captain Fishmonger s pirate crew raids the vessel, Augusta saves the day in her own way, earning the respect of her father, the ship captain This is a swashbuckling tale filled with adventure and an unexpected heroine, accompanied by colorful and detailed illustrations filled with plenty of action It took me a little bit of time to figure out what was going on so readers might need to take it slowly with this one, at least the first time around Lovers of sea voyages will lap this one up and smile at the pirates depicted as canines and felines Plenty of character is revealed in the book s lines and images.

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    Good Pirate is a fantastic read Bad Pirate is the first book in the series, so this continuation of the adventure will please children and adults who have already fallen in love with the sea dogs crew In Good Pirate, the captain s sea pup, Augusta, doesn t fit in with the rest of the mateys This little lass is too fancy and reeks o vanilla, but that doesn t hold her back from swashbuckling or crimping Augusta proves to herself and to the rest of the sea dogs that sometimes being different can save the day.Good Pirate is hard to not read aloud Winters pirate language is so much fun, and with all the different sea dogs and tuna lubbers there are many voices to bring to life.Griffiths illustrations are exquisite They are reminiscent of dogs and cats but their expressiveness and their pirate outfits add to the humour and the charm of the story.This book will definitely be picked up time and time again off your bookshelf I highly recommend it.