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For a complete review, check out my Young Adult book blog and Robin are perfect for each other except for the fact that she is a princess and he is a baker s son Despite their efforts to be together, their families will not allow it But is The Fairy s Return powerful enough to change that Can the fairy Ethelinda make a way for these two lovebirds Are you an avid reader of YA fiction If so, please consider becoming a follower of my blog, or participating by leaving comments I love hearing from my fellow book lovers. 3.5 very fun to revisit so many years later I have always enjoyed Ms Levine s stories and this one doesn t disappoint It is a retelling of The Golden Goose and it is filled with humor and large doses of just plain fun I thought his jokes were pretty funny I have included just a few What s a dwarf s favorite food Strawberry shortcake.Which rank of nobility is best a math A count.Why is a king like a yardstick They are both rulers.Okay I can hear you groaning now But Princess Lark loved them and that is all that counts LOL The annoying get their due, and good prevails through the travails This series is a soothing counterpoint to reading Roxane Gay s books once you ve been in the fire too long, a smooth cooling drink of plant based milk product is needed. Boy Meets Princess, And It S Love At First Sight Both Laugh Of The Same Jokes Both Are Named After Birds His Name Is Robin, Hers Is Lark Could There Ever Have Been A Perfect Match But Alas King Harrumphrey Won T Let Lark Marry A Baker S Son And Robin Is Betrothed To Someone ElseNow Toss In Robin S Nonsense Talking Brothers, Nat And Matt, Their Versifying Father, And Ethelinda, The Fairy Who Wrought Havoc In The Fairy S Mistake, And You Ve Got A Nutcrazical Situation A Hilarious Spoof On The Golden Goose By The Brothers Grimm, The Fairy S Return Is The Sixth Princess Tale From Beloved Newbery Honor Author And Master Fairy Tale Reteller Gail Carson Levine It feels like it s own story. Retelling of the Golden Goose Robin baker s son wins the heart of Lark princess Earlier in the year before Harriet started reading, she went through a princess phase She s still mad about princesses but now she prefers to draw them instead of reading about them She also went through a period where she wanted to be read to during her long baths So we read through Gail Carson Levine s short chapter books.The Fairy s Return by Gail Carson Levine is her unique take on the Golden Goose fairy tale There s Robin, the baker s son and the very bored Princess Lark, and a fairy trying to do good but not necessarily getting it right.Harriet s not familiar with the original story but she thought it was funny that the boy and the girl both had bird names Of all the books from this series we read, this one didn t hold her attention as well as others did. Gail Carson Levine has a very deft and light touch when it re telling classic fairytales At first, I was reminded of James Thurber s Thirteen Clocks and Edward Lear s The Ring and the Rose Even though The Golden Goose was one of my favorite stories as a child I loved the ridiculous imagery I didn t connect The Fairy s Return with The Golden Goose until, well, the golden goose What a delightful, quick read this book was I m sure the characters will stay with me long past the final word. , p