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An Intriguing, Compelling And Moving New Novel From The Award Winning Author Of Finding Violet ParkWhen The Good Looking Boy With The Gentle Voice Presses The Dropped Negative Into Rowan S Hand, She S Sure It S All A Big Mistake But Next Moment He S Gone, Lost In The Crowd Of Bustling Shoppers And She Can T Afford To Lose Her Place In The Checkout Queue After All, If She Doesn T Take The Groceries Home, Nobody Else WillRowan Has Responsibilities Than Most Girls Her Age These Days, She Pretty Much Looks After Her Little Sister Single Handedly Which Doesn T Leave Much Time For Friends Or Fun So When She Finds Out That Bee From School Saw The Whole Thing, It Piques Her Curiosity Who Was The Mysterious Stranger Why Was He So Insistent That The Negative Belonged To Rowan Bee Invites Rowan To Her House Where They Make A Print Of The Negative And The Face That Appears In Front Of Rowan S Eyes Is That Of Her Dead Brother Jack I don t have time to fall apart.These are the words of 15 year old Rowan, main character of the book Broken Soup by Jenny Valentine A discovery, really, this story, so simple and yet so touching I barely have words to describe it.It would be easy to be mislead by the pink cover of the book, the big heart on the cover or the title, which suggest nothing else than another teenage love story This couldn t be further from the truth, though Broken soup tells the story about Rowan and her little sister Stroma, left to fend for themselves after their father left and their mother just lost it The cause of this The death of their brother Jack Not only do they miss Jack tremendously, they also have to miss their parents and grow up by themselves Teenager Rowan, who should be hanging out with friends, working for school and looking at boys, finds herself worrying about food, clothes, and how to raise her little sister instead.But then Rowan meets Harper, an American boy who hands her a picture she believes wasn t hers It wasn t It belonged to Bee, a girl who used to be in Jack s class While Rowan tries to figure out what is really going on and how the pieces of the puzzle fit together, she also finds herself suddenly with friends She But then Rowan meets Harper, an American boy who hands her a picture she believes wasn t hers It wasn t It belonged to Bee, a girl who used to be in Jack s class While Rowan tries to figure out what is really going on and how the pieces of the puzzle fit together, she also finds herself suddenly with friends She doesn t always have to do everything on her own and discovers what true friendship is worth If you insist on never trusting people you haven t met before just because you ve never met them, your world is going to be a lonely place.Together with Harper and Bee, Rowan finds a way to deal with the past and the present and suddenly sees a brighter future ahead.The beauty of the book, the REAL beauty of the book, lies not in the language used which is fairly simple but in the way the characters manage to suck you into the story completely What starts out like an OK book ends with the reader BEING and FEELING Rowan Wonderful If I ve done all right up to now, the next part is going to be easy. This is a 3.5 Even though the book was interesting and I liked the basis of it, there were a few things that bothered me Rowan is a likeable character and responsible A lot of the book was about how sad Rowan s mother is because of Jack s death, and how it s now up to Rowan to take care of her little sister, Stroma It s a sad subject but the book itself doesn t have a sad and desolate tone Stroma is funny and a believable 5 6 year old girl Like many kids her age, her strength and knowledge is underestimated I d probably go as far as saying that Stroma was the strongest and smartest character in the book The whole mystery was predictabley unpredictable If that makes any sense I didn t guess all the twists, but I still saw them coming The last one, not so much, but it wasn t much of a surprise That s not bad though because I don t really cared if books are predictable, so long as they are good Anyways Now is the time for the negative I finished this book in a matter of hours, it was that intersting I wanted to know when she d solve the mystery of the photo negative and how things were going to work out with her mom It was so short though It s probably my fault but it felt like I took a breath and then it was over Another thing that irked me was how easy Rowan was to forgivesomeone Not that I wanted her to hold a grudge but she went from angry, to forgiving, to feeling sorry for them in like, one paragraph It just seemed too easy One last thing that bother me was how the characters didn t think that smoking weed was a bad thing Like it wasn t bad or good just something that people do Just another part of your personality not the main character Rowan, which I very much appreciated Maybe I ve been brought up too old school but smoking weed is BAD WITH CAPITAL LETTERS AND EXCLAMATION MARKS And if an adult is doing it it s wrong, NOT cool I don t CARE if it s common because I already know, and that doesn t make it okay If you re an adult and still do that stuff you have some serious issues to work out Alright you can stop rolling your eyes now because I m done There was a little language, a few f bombs, but nothing excessive It was a good fast read A lot of stuff was fit into it despite it s size One thing I particularly liked was how Rowan mentions that when people die the memory you have of them and who they really were sometimes don t even resemble each other You edit out the bad stuff and just remember this great and perfect person that never really existed It always frustrated me that people did that, but I liked that it was mentioned in the book It was also nice to see how Rowan starts to see some of the good things that came out of Jack s death Not that it was a good thing that he died, but that even though her brother was gone, good things still happened because of him I know that some people think that the ending seemed to be tied up too neatly, but I liked it Not everything is solved, but you can see where it s heading Rowan and her family were just so sad, so as long as the ending had hope and happiness it was good to me. I ve had this book on my desk for about 2 weeks and kept passing it over and now I am mentally kicking myself I cannot put into words how great this book was I LOVED it This is only Jenny Valentine s second novel and have my fingers crossed that there are manyto come Broken Soup was heart wrenching and tear inducing It was funny and witty It was filled with twists and turns yet perfectly predictable It was real Rowan is an amazing character I thought she would seem young to me since she is only supposed to be 15, but she is very mature in part because of her home life, but also just personality wise Her little sister, Stroma, is hilarious and a ray of light in the darkness of Rowan s current life And Harper ah, Harper is absolutely marvelous I m pretty sure I have to add Harper to my list of favorite love interests now He was perfectly written and a perfect complement to Rowan.I love Jenny Valentine s writing style, her voice, her characterization I think that is a major reason as to why this book is so great Valentine is simply a wonderful writer That, paired with an amazing plot line, makes this one of my new favorite books I m definitely going to look for Valentine s first novel Me, The Missing, and The Dead and keep an eye out future novels I highly recommend Broken Soup HIGHLY Rowan s big brother, Jack, died two years ago Since then, her father moved out, her mother sank into depression, and her life has fallen apart Left with the responsibility to take care of her precocious six year old sister, Stroma, Rowan learns to be fiercely independent and incredibly functional She does the grocery shopping She cooks and looks after her sister She brings her mother to her doctor s appointments She goes to school And she grieves, in her own way Rowan is fifteen.Broken Soup is the kind of novel that sneaks up on you There are no unnecessary embellishments, no poetic descriptions, no flowery language, no pretentious quotes There are no long monologues or soliloquies about the meaning of life and the unfairness of death The writing is so deceptively simple and direct that I was surprised to feel how affected I was by everything I wanted Rowan to be young and reckless, not a young adult burdened by too much responsibilities, going through life in a constant state of resigned acceptance I wanted everything to be better for her and Stroma, because after the tragedy they ve been through, they deserve it I wanted asatisfying ending, one that would assure me that Rowan gets her happily ever after But that wouldn t be realistic, would it So I guess I have to settle for the silver lining With that said, I like this book enough to give it five stars It s short, bittersweet, and thankfully not depressing I liked how it began with Jack already dead and how it went on to explore that grief has no time limit.