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Amazing Books, Shadow Spinner By Susan Fletcher This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Shadow Spinner, Essay By Susan Fletcher Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

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    Originally reviewed on my blog, Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing Shadow Spinner by Susan Fletcher is set in Ancient Persia and it is a retelling of 1001 Arabian Nights The original tale is the story of Shaharazad, the young woman who tells stories each night to the Sultan, ending before the climax is complete in order to remain alive one day Over and over she does this, for 1001 nights The original tale is where we get such beloved stories as Aladdin, Sinbad, and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves I have not yet read the original tale, partly because there are so many translations available and I am unsure which is best, but as far as I know, there are a lot of questions that the original tale doesn t answer.What happened after 1001 nights that the Sultan decided Shaharazad could live without telling stories Why was 1001 somehow the magical number Where did Shaharazad get enough stories to fill 1001 nights What would have happened if she started to run out Shadow Spinner answers these questions and I was surprised and intrigued but this book when I learned about it, because Shaharazad is not the main character as one would expect from a retelling of 1001 Arabian Nights Instead, our story is narrated by Marjan, a crippled young serving girl who gets drawn into the lives of those in the palace She goes with her mistress to sell baubles in the Sultan s harem and stops to tell a group of young children a story Her voice and her ability to tell a story are one of her most valued and prized possessions and her hero is Shaharazad No one believed that an ability to tell stories could change your life until she stepped up and offered to marry the Sultan Shaharazad s sister overhears Marjan telling her story to the young children and she takes Marjan to meet Shaharazad, because she is beginning to run out of stories and she doesn t know what to do next.And so, Marjan comes to live in the Sultan s palace as a serving maid to Shaharazad But there is much to live in the palace than plush fixings and plenty of food Even after almost 3 years of storytelling, every morning there is an air of tension when Shaharazad leaves the Sultan s rooms The Sultan s mother also hates Shaharazad and wants to see her fail, which means a hatred for anyone close to her, or trying to help her.I love this book I mean, really, honestly and truly, I love this book Marjan wants to be a great storyteller Every where she goes, she collects stories and collects information that could be used to create and weave her own tales Each chapter begins with section titled Lessons for Life and Storytelling and the lesson within would often foreshadow the events to come withing the chapter.Watching Marjan grow and develop as a person and as a storyteller felt like a gift In the beginning, Marjan is holding onto some deeply rooted anger and bitterness, although it takes a while for the reader to realize this I think it takes Marjan herself a while to realize the extent of the anger she is harboring She also learns about a solid core of goodness within herself She is fiercely loyal, willing to do whatever she can to protect and shield those she cares about.Shadow Spinner is a completely unique tale that takes us into a world of palace intrigue, danger, love and hope It is everything a fairy tale should be There is no magic in their world but there is magic in their story And their story teaches us that there is magic within ourselves.

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    THIS IS A REREAD OF A CHILDHOOD FAVOURITE Omg, I have such love for this book SUCH LOVE I haven t read it in, like 8 or so yearsso I was a bit nervous You know how sometimes you read childhood favourites and they aren t as good I SHOULD NOT HAVE FEARED I still loved Shadow Spinner at astronomical amount It didn t have quite the amount of magic that lured Little Cait in so effectively I m just older and grumpier now But I still loved it AHHHH I LOVE PERSIAN CULTURE AND STORIES And, no shame, but I basically reread this in honour of The Wrath and the Dawn which is my new favourite version of the tale of Shahrazad.I love books that are stories inside stories It s a pretty fast moving story and probably takes place over, maybe, 2 weeks at the most The protagonist is 12 year old Marjan who s also a storyteller like her hero and idol, Shahrazad I love that Marjan s fangirling in a really, um, you know..historical way over Shahrazad was so fabulous and I loved how she was addicted to stories and remembering them too GO MARJAN As an older reader, with a bit of a brain for analysationI notice a few discrepancies Like a few modern ish words and how easy the plot was all up and how the story did get a bit preachy And seriously The sultan did NOT deserve to be forgiven like that bah Someone who is a mass murderer shouldn t be king ANYWAY I DIGRESS.I still absolutely loved this book But I have a huge soft spot for Persian fantasies though this is strictly historical fiction and GAHHHH STORIES INSIDE STORIES BE STILL MY BEATING HEART I loved the names and the description and the fast moving plot I love Shadow Spinner I m so so glad and relieved that I didn t grow out of it I AM STILL A CHILD AT HEART APPARENTLY.

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    I must admit I was skeptical when I picked up this book How interesting could a story be about someone who tells stories I tell stories, and trust me, a book about my life would be very boring And then Janette sat huddled in front of her laptop for the next five hours See what I mean I m glad to report that I was really wrong in this assumption It was an awesome book and I liked it all that much because the characters talked about stories and their importance They teach things They mean things I was nodding my head when Marjan talked about how sometimes we make up a story and then our own life shadows the story I ve had the same thing happen enough times that I ve commented on it myself.And when Marjan was first paid for her story telling and realized that her imagination had worth I got tears in my eyes Seriously I bet that only happens to writers So if you like writing, this book is a must read And it s beautifully written too.

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    I grew up reading the story about Shahrazad many times and in various versions , but this take brought a breath of fresh air to it.Susan Fletcher is a great story spinner who gave than life to the characters The ones from the original story such as Shahrazad and the Sultan, were than 2 dimensional, they felt real, and so were the additional characters she brought in to weave in the behind the scenes parts You will get to know and care for those secondary characters, even though you will see them all through Marjan s eyes.I knew it couldn t have been easy to keep someone entertain for hundreds and hundreds of night, but reading this book just gave it a new dimension.Marjan is just a teen but yet she was so wise and courageous She knew how to endure pain and still not give up Her personality was so strong it over powered her hard not to notice disability.You could see the Harem, and take a step alongside the characters through the city and the hidden passage ways in the Sultan palace.I loved reading this book and will make room for it on my bookshelf It was a behind the scenes like no other.

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    People take what they need from the stories they hear The tale is often wiser than the teller. This is one of my all time favorite YA novels and a really excellent spin on the story of Shahrazad It s tightly plotted, with an interesting and diverse cast of characters, and ancient Persia is gorgeously described and atmospheric Susan Fletcher writes books about teenagers who feel real and who you can root for, and Marjan is no exception ALL THE STARS.

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    Shadow Spinner is a fun middle grader book set in Ancient Persia as a new twist on the story of 1001 Arabian Nights In the original story of 1001 Arabian Nights, Shaharazad is the Sultan s wife who is keeping herself alive by telling the Sultan a story every night and ending each night without finishing the story so that the Sultan s curiosity will be aroused and he will keep her alive another day to finish the story.In this retelling, we visit the world of Sultans, harems, palaces and slaves as seen through the eyes of Marjan, a crippled young girl pre early teens Marjan is visiting the palace one day to sell wares and while there she starts to tell a story to some of the children Sharazad has been running out of new stories to tell the Sultan so upon hearing Marjan s storytelling, she pulls Marjan into the harem to help come up with stories.The plot takes a few twists and turns as the Sultan recognizes Marjan s story and wants to hear the rest of it but Marjan doesn t know the second part of the story There s a lot of fun intrigue and revelation as Marjan works with Shaharazad to find the ending to the story and to unravel a few mysteries along the way.The format and tone of this book were a lot of fun Each chapter begins with a short blurb labeled Lessons for Life and Storytelling Many of these introductory segments are profoundly thought provoking They act as a kind of philosophical meditation on life and the impact and importance that stories can have on life.For a fairly short and simple book, I was pleasantly surprised at the fun developments of interesting characters and intriguing plot There were some points that were predictable but others that were uniquely unexpected I haven t read the original 1001 Arabian Nights so I can t speak directly as to how it compares It does evoke at least a sense of Ancient Persia and I had fun getting into the layers of myth and storytelling that Shaharazad and others used to present their messages 4 out of 5

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    This book is how a retelling of any folk tale should be a diverse and complex story, a world full of questions and truths still relevant to our own time Shadow Spinner is a retelling of 1001 Nights, a story of a young, crippled, Muslim girl in Persia as she weaves shadows and stories and learns what it means to be brave and to forgive.I would say the best part of the book is the Lessons for Life and Storytelling that appear at the beginning of each chapter But no, the best part is the vivid, sensual detail that brings this world to life But there s also Marjan, beautiful Marjan, so far from every typical protagonist in media today but so, so, so important Because of her age Because of her disability Because of her skin color Because of her religion Because of her gender her gender And that is truly the best part of this wonderful book the vast and varied cast of women that make up the very best parts of the tale.And Shahrazad herself says I have told him tales of good women and bad women, strong women and weak women, shy women and bold women, clever women and stupid women, honest women and women who betray I m hoping that, by living inside their skins while he hears their stories, he ll understand over time that women are not all this way or that way that you must judge each of us on her own merits, and not condemn us or exalt us only because we belong to a particular sex 111 112.Good or bad, forgivable or unforgivable, Shadow Spinner is full of all sorts of women who fly and stroll and are carried and stately proceed and run and limp off the page, full of personality and motivation and humanity This is the kind of book I would want to put in my sons hands, if I ever have children A marvelous story about women, yes, but also simply a marvelous story.Five full stars A tangible, permanent place, freshly dusted, on my favorites shelf.

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    The story of Shahrazad has always puzzled me This King kills his wives day after day and his people just let it happen They didn t revolt Monarchies have been tumbled for much less Yet this slip of a girl manages to stand up to this King and save her people.She has never gotten her proper due in my opinion.Fletcher s book however is a decent step in that direction Though about Marjan, we see what it must be like for Shahrazad Night after night for years, constantly frightened and stressed that at any moment the wrong word, the word turn of phrase will get her family killed.Marjan is just as brave and clever as Shahrazad, which is both a blessing and curse for women in those days A muslim hired out to a Jewish man and his wife, her life isn t easy, but they care for her like a daughter and she is happy at least Its not that Marjan does reckless things impetuous perhaps, but not reckless She emphasizes with Shahrazad and reveres her like a hero, willing to do anything including putting her life at risk to save hers.The outside force in the story, that of the Sultan s greedy, waspish, over indulgent mother Khatun, is necessary Her actions are just this side of evil, but they are covered with I need to protect my sons.Just as in life, in Shadow Spinner things do not end perfectly A measure of happiness for most, but no real justice is given to Khatun s actions and Marjan is forced to flee the city, never seeing her Aunt and Uncle, or friends at the palace again I could almost wish for a sequel, to make sure that Marjan s life hereafter isn t a let down after this adventure, but sometimes a story needs an ending.

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    Marjan accompanies her aunt to the Sultan s palace where she meets the famed Shahrazad, the woman whose stories have prevented the Sultan from slaying countless women in his efforts to find a faithful wife While she s there, she tells stories to the children who gather around, as their mothers the women in the harem haggle with her aunt One of the women, Shahrazad s sister, overhears her story, and brings her to meet Shahrazad in person There, Marjan learns that Shahrazad is very much still imperiled She continues to spin tales for the Sultan, but she s running low on new material Marjan s story is one that she s never heard before, and she s delighted with it.The following day, Marjan is summoned to the palace She learns that Shahrazad has requested her specifically to assist her in finding new stories for the Sultan Specifically, Shahrazad needs to learn the ending to the story that Marjan told her the previous day But, Marjan doesn t know it She only knows that she heard the beginning from an old blind man in the bazaar Since she is now part of the harem, Marjan cannot come and go as she pleases, so the women sneak her out in a large chest Marjan is able to locate the storyteller, and she learns of the story, but not its entirety She brings this information back to Shahrazad and again they plan how she might escape the harem to learn the rest The Sultan s mother is suspicious and she has Marjan followed and questioned, but learns nothing Both Marjan and Shahrazad s sister meet the storyteller on the next occasion, but upon their return to the palace, Marjan is captured by the Sultan s mother, imprisoned, and beaten.The two sisters manage to arrange Marjan s escape, but Marjan eventually returns to the palace to confront the Sultan and let him know what is really going on not another betrayal as his mother believes , but really a woman s desire to love and care for him has perpetrated this entire series of events Marriages are arranged and much happiness ensues.This could be a much longer story if it were given time to develop As it is, it reads quickly, but the result is like story bones missing the meat that one wants to savor.

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