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TWO MENONE LOVE Brutally Exposed To The Naked Facts Of Life, Katie Raspanti Fled The Dingy Hovels Of The Slums To Become A Kitchen Maid In New Orleans S Most Elegant Household She Was No Than A Child, But All Too Soon She Became The Tantalizing Beauty Who Commanded The Hearts Of Two Brothers, Both Willing To Abandon Family And Fortune To Be At Her Side Never, Ever, Did Katie Dream That She Would Be The One To Ignite The Passions That Would Divide The Legendary Eagan Family, That Would Drive The Eagan Boys To Greatness, That Would Propel Her To The Top Of New Orleans Society And Beyond NIGHT JASMINE

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    This book went from a 5 to a 4 a quarter of the way through the book 1 2 way through, to a 3 3 4, it went down to a 2 I couldn t wait to be done with this book SO disappointing to see such a beautiful, descriptive, old fashioned love story with beautiful writing turn to an early 1900 s Jerry Springer show that meets some teen Nickelodeon show Wow, I think this is my first really bad book review probably because it pisses me off that such great writing eventually trickles to crap And, because I love an old fashioned love story, though it started out as one, it didn t end as one It makes me mad LOL 2 stars only because the author can write, up until the end

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    One of my all time favorite books.

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    Interesting because it s set in NOLA in the early 1900s, but somewhat cheesy.

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    I was in the middle of the book Katie and Stephen were happily married with 2 boys They had a nice house They were caring for Katie s sisters Katie had a limited reconiliation with her father before his death Stephen got a promotion and held several pattents Life was good And I stopped because this was the middle of the book I asked Stacy to tell me the rest of the story for book club I need to bring the book back to the library so i think i am going to quit with my happy ending.

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    I loved this book it was amazing It was just soooooo good and I loved that it was in New Orleans Like all my friends read it and it s just awesome I think people who like romantic, historical fictions would love it It reminded me of the Titanic but it was much less dramatic but it was full of drama

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    EnchantingI am from New Orleans and I loved reading about all of the places I am familiar with The story was told wonderfully It held my attention throughout I would recommend it too my friend Diane.

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    Set in New Orleans this is a book of a girl who you can really cheer for She pulls through time after time when life hands her lemons and does so with a cheerful but realistic perspective It s refreshing and enjoyable the whole way through.

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    This is my all time favorite book I ve read many books before this, but this book I have fallen in love with Matter of fact, all of Mary Lou Widmer s books are amazing and I recommend this to everyone.

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    This book is so.AWESOME I m not done yet but it is the best summer reading book EVER

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    My most favorite book of all time