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Aleksia, Queen Of The Northern Lights, Is Mysterious, Beautiful And Widely Known To Have A Heart Of Ice No One Would Seek Her Wisdom Except As A Last Resort But When She S Falsely Accused Of Unleashing Evil On Nearby Villages, She Realizes There S An Impostor Out There Far Heartless Than She Could Ever BeAnd When A Young Warrior Following The Tradition Disappears, Leaving His Sweetheart And Mother To Fear The Worst, Aleksia S Powers Are Needed As Never Before Now, On A Journey Through A Realm Of Perpetual Winter, It Will Take All Her Skills, A Mother S Faith And A Little Magic To Face Down An Enemy Formidable Than Any She Has Ever Known

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    Kinda torn on this one.It was goodbut not I m starting to notice a pattern with the Five Hundred Kingdoms series, and I don t know if this is just Lackey s particular style, or if it just happens in these particular books Two words Abrupt Ending.There s all this build up to some supposedly spectacular showdown, and then its justover Ta da balloon deflates So far, the build up itself is good enough to keep me coming back for of her stories, though.The only other thing I want to mention about this one is the love interest for The Snow Queen view spoiler They aren t actually together at the end of the story, but you know it s gonna happen eventually hide spoiler

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    Mercedes Lackey is very much my guilty pleasures, as I think I ve mentioned before Because of that, I ll read pretty much everything she rolls out with, even though lately I ve been kind of disappointed.The Five Hundred Kingdom books have been uneven The first one, Fairy Godmother, was great The second, One Good Knight, was bloody terrible, but the series has been improving again, with Fortune s Fool genuinely different and unique This was another new twist on an old story, and the writing style itself was better, lacking some of the truly cringe worthy elements that Lackey has been using and lately My real problem with this was pacing The book was slow, even when there were supposed to be urgency and panic, the plot seemed to crawl along and occasionally wandered off and left all together Her characters remain strong, which is why I think I keep going back, and she seems to be weaning herself off some of the nausea inducing mannerisms she s fallen back on before, but please add the plot back Dear God

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    DNF at 67%I give up Although the novel started out promising enough, it didn t take long for it to become incredibly boring with long and tedious descriptions of food, clothes and everything else that we don t see the main character doing.I just don t care.There were some scenes in which a character is sexually harassed, and later on, we readers find out that the main character gave some magical directions to delay her and another character the gist of it being not too much bad things happening to them.Ugh Then there was a guy, fortyish or around that, vaguely propositioning to a young maiden if you don t have enough coin, I m sure we can work some things out, wink, wink _ Aleksia found that amusing, I didn t.

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    I m a HUGE fan of fantasy fluff and this completely fit the bill I love books I can easily read, end happily ever after and leave you with that glowing, feel good happiness afterwards Nothing deep, just lots of good fun.

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    I had seen lower ratings on this than on previous books in the series, so was a little worried that it wouldn t be as fun as the others were I think I know where those were coming from, though There s hardly any romance at all, and that was always a large part in the past I believe it s a positive difference here, though A romance honestly didn t fit anywhere, and Lackey didn t force the issue, so I respect her for leaving it out Beyond that, this was a fantastic retelling of the Snow Queen in the context of the Godmother kingdoms Aleksia is a Godmother who takes on the role of the Snow Queen as part of her Tradition magic management I loved that this story went back to the nuts and bolts of being a Godmother But rather than just reiterating the devices of the first two books the 3rd was a little different , Lackey takes this one in a new direction There is a second storyline outside of the tradition, and it s a really great parallel to the Traditional story going on Lackey manages to keep the story fresh this way Very enjoyable Highly recommended to pure escapist fluff happy ending fairytale fantasy fans.

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    I really enjoy Mercedes Lackey She s one of my favorite authors, and I usually make it top priority to read her newest releases Although I think this series is a bit too muchfluff, I really like how all the stories are built around fairy tales Since the story of The Snow Queen is one of my favorites, I was anxious to read this new book in the Five Hundred Kingdoms series, but I feel that it fell short of my expectations I m sure some people will argue with me, but I felt Lackey put too much work into setting up the story and introducing the characters Although I love description, I couldn t help but feel the book was unbalanced there was way too much buildup, and it took a LONG time to get into the plot Then by the time the real action of the story started, there were only 100 pages left I know this is her style but I felt it was even MORE obvious in this novel Honestly, I was a bit dissapointed, because, despite the long introduction, I had issues connecting with ANYBODY, and I felt that the romance between The Snow Queen and the wonder smith although a really good pairing was kind of sudden, and that suddenness makes it less enjoyable I really liked the last three One Good Knight less so than The Fairy Godmother and Fortune s Fool , but this one seemed a bit less enjoyable than the others.

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    For some reason, the Snow Queen has never been one of my favorite fairy tale traditions I m not sure if that s because it s just so, forgive me for saying, cold, or if it is that I could never, ahem, warm up to the character Mercedes Lackey has managed to paint a portrait of a Snow Queen I actually like allowing the usual representation to be portrayed by an imposter I truly enjoy the 500 Kingdoms series with its unusual take on the fairy tale traditions of many cultures in the form of an almost sentient Tradition, working to make the people fit into the roles comfortable to that fairy tale arc Those hoping to meet up with old friends from previous 500 Kingdom Tales will be happy to meet up with Godmother Elena Fans hoping for steamy romance may well be disappointed but the potential romance and that found and rekindled seem right for this tale I hope to hear of what happens next to this new cast of characters in later stories If I had a complaint, it would simply be that I wish the two names, Annuka and Aleksia,had not started and ended with the same letter sound For some reason, at least in the early chapters, I found myself distracted trying to place the correct name with the correct character Names that sound or look different might have helped prevent the issue.

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    An incredibly bad book The plot is total fantasy claptrap, which is to be expected However, the book consistently tells instead of shows, with clumsy prose, nonexistent characterization, and a ridiculously pat ending Probably the worst part, though, was the abysmal pacing You spend three pages on some stupid hunting description, and then take a sudden jump through crucial action in a few paragraphs No For the first half or 2 3 of the book, she just has too many little branches of plot, too many balls in the air to balance reasonably We don t need that much stuff happening anyway why not cut some out and spend your time actually developing the main characters And that s not touching the book design Normally it would barely register, but when you turn a page in the middle of a sentence to find that oh hey A new chapter has suddenly started, and the page numbers are correct and everything Where d the end of the sentence go That is just sad Let s not even get into the horrific photoshop butchery on the cover.I read a reasonable amount of bad fantasy, but barely any of it is as bad as this.

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    3.5 starsAleksia is the Snow Queen or Ice Fairy , one in a long line of snow queens she took over for someone else in the position This also makes her one of the Godmothers of the kingdoms As she goes about her usual business, she discovers that someone seems to be impersonating her to do terrible things She must find out who is doing this and put a stop to it This actually had a few different storylines, which made it a bit confusing for me at the start I enjoyed the second half much after one of the storylines wrapped up Aleksia s usual business and the other two storylines including searching for the imposter joined up.

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    I was so excited to find this latest book in the Five Hundred Kingdoms series by Mercedes Lackey She is one of my favorite authors and I like the series This one takes place in the far north, where Aleksia, the Snow Queen, is the Godmother of a very large territory The Godmothers deal with the Tradition, which tries to shape ordinary lives into stereotypical fairy tales, many of which have unhappy endings They try to steer the Tradition into paths which have happier endings In this book, Aleksia ends up participating in a Quest to try to work out a path which she has seen developing Adventure and perhaps romance ensue Good book, if you like this sort of thing, which I do.