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Backbeard May Have A New Suit, But He Is Still One Of The Orneriest, Smelliest, And Hairiest Pirates Ever To Sail The High Seas And His Crew Still Likes To Smash And Steal Things They Just Prefer To Do It In Style Unfortunately, Certain Members Of The Pirate Council Don T Think He Looks Piratey Enough In His New Garb, And Since They Are Just As Stubborn As Backbeard, It S Their Way Or The WaterwayUnwilling To Give Up His Birthday Suit, Backbeard Sets Out In Search Of New Employment He Can Pillage And Plunder With The Best Of Them, But Who Ll Dare To Hire A Dirty, Smelly Ex Pirate

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    Ewwwy gooie stinky has a place for some but not really my cup of tea.

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    Backbeard, the hairiest pirate who ever lived, gets in trouble with the pirate council They say he s not piratey enough Unwilling to change his ways to suit them, he goes off in search of other employment This one s silly and might be fun for International Talk Like a Pirate Day, but it s a bit longish for the younger crowds Pirate storytime is always chaotic anyway, so they might still go for it if I ham it up enough At any rate, it s funny, great pictures, and a nice just be yourself message.

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    When the Pirate Council discovers that Backbeard s new suit of clothes are too colorful, they kick him out, and he is forced to look for a new job His new job is quite interesting, and his new employer is patient with him An interesting twist at the end of the story finds Backbeard back in the pirate business.

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    Backbeard gets fired as a pirate because his clothes are too colorful, he doesn t wear a pirate hat, and he has a pig instead of a parrot Backbeard sets out to find a new job, but has trouble finding someone to hire him A silly pirate book Colorful artwork A message of letting people be themselves.

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    Strange but fun

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    When the Pirate Council tells Backbeard that he isn t dressing piratey enough, he goes ashore looking for a job He s finally hired by a kindly old lady to work in her tearoom, which isn t really a good fit for the scalawag.It s up to his crew to convince him to return to piracy.

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    Let the creativity flag fly I m glad when every so often a book comes out that makes me think well, this is unusual What do they call it when film companies show a movie to an audience and then make changes based on their reactions Test audience Focus Group Well I like it when books don t feel like they ve been test audienced to death This is not to say that this type of book is always an outstanding pick just like any book, it has to stand on its own Backbeard Pirate for Hire , certainly struck me as one of these pleasantly odd titles that kids appreciate.Backbeard and his crew are pirates all right they smell awful, steal, and like to break stuff There s just one thing that sets them apart from other pirates their clothes See, Backbeard and his crew like to keep it classy with the wardrobe They prefer colorful ensembles did you see the cover photo not seen on any other ship flying the skull and bones It is this departure from the norm that sets our story in motion.The Pirate Council, citing a rule which dictates a pirate must look fearsome , strip Backbeard of his pirate status This forces the captain to leave his crew in search of another line of work But, to put it in Apprentice ese , his skill set doesn t really make him a sought after candidate for employment Backbeard tries out a number of jobs, succeeding at none It isn t until he finds work in a tearoom and runs into some familiar faces that Backbeard begins to feel like his old self again.Mr McElligot s accompanying artwork is outstanding A combination of drawing, photography, and digital elements blend seamlessly A quirky title that young readers will enjoy.

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    Here is a book that will tickle your funny bone This is a story of a particular pirate named Backbeard who is a snazzy dresser, does not wear a pirates hat, and has a pig instead of a parrot This gets him kicked out of the Pirate Guild and he has to look for other work After many disastrous job interviews he find himself working in a tea shop for an elderly lady This work out about as well as you would expect Backbeard drops cups, spills tea, and makes a big mess but the owner is patient and kind However on her day off Backbeard s old crew comes in and practically burn the tea shop down Backbeard knows he is meant to be a pirate and actually finds a way I won t spoil the ending because it is pretty funny how he convinces the Pirate Guild to let him back in.I highly recommend this on to all the children who love pirates It is fun to see the rules for pirates change when Backbeard convinces the Pirate Guild to let him back in If you are looking for a funny book to amuse your pirate fans this is the one to buy.

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    Best for kids ages 4 and upEarly Literacy Skills Print Motivation, Narrative SkillsFrom cover Backbeard may have a new seuit, but he is still the orneriest, smelliest, and hairiest pirate ever to sail the high seas And his crew members still like to smask and steal things they just prefer to do it in style Unfortunately, certain members of the Pirate Council don t think he looks piratey enough in his new gard, and since they are just as stubborn as Backbeard, it s their way or the waterway.Unwilling to give up his birthday suit, Backbeardsets out in search of new employment He can pillage and plunder with the best of them, but who ll dare to hire a dirty, smelly ex pirate Whimsical, colorful illustration make the story even funnier.

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    Backbeard not Blackbeard is a pirate He and his crew wear bright colors, and he has a pig on his shoulder instead of a parrot Unfortunately, NONE of these things are okay with the Pirate Council Did you know there was a Pirate Council So it s off to look for a regular job, which is hard when you re the hairiest, smelliest, dirtiest pirate who ever lived Oh hey, the tea shop is hiring, that should work out, right I m not a big fan of dirty, hairy, smelly pirate stories, but this one was funny enough to win me over Plus, one member of Backbeard s crew is a woman, and one is a person of color, which for children s books about pirates is like an explosion of diversity Which is very sad What s with that