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As New York Newsday Describes Its Two Central Characters Are The Princess, An Aging Motion Picture Actress, And Chance Wayne, A Young Hustler Whom She Has Picked Up Taking Advantage Of Her Drunkenness And His Youth And Good Looks, He Manages To Lure Her To The Southern Town Of His Birth In Order To See Again A Young Girl With Whom He Has Had An Affair And Whom He Still Loves Word Of His Arrival Spreads Like Contagion Through The Small Town A Lot Of Plot Trouble Ensues

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    itaju i predgovor pomislila sam da nema anse da mi se i ova drama dopadne koliko i prethodne Tenesijeve koje sam pro itala Naravno, pogre ila sam Ni ta manje fascinantna nije od Ma ke. ili Tramvaja. , prodire u sr , postavlja nas na obalu ljudskih te nji da sa ekamo buru emocija koja e neminovno do i kada se likovi suo e sa onim to je najte e, istinom o sebi Jug koji Vilijams slika je poput stene koju zapljuskuju pomenuti talasi te e i da nakon katarze koju likovi do ive tlo dobije sve inu, ali ipak nakon bure sve to ostaje je muk Ti ina samospoznaje.

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    Claptrap trashy mellerdramer from hysterical Ten Williamsthat involves venereal disease and finally castration Back in the 1950s, this was all taken seriously Today it reads like a parody of a tv soap If you read it as a comedy, you won t stop laughing Actually, it s pretty funny too as a meller.Faded Hollyla star, The Princess, with her current trick, goes south where he once infected the daughter of a political boss and her Daddy is pissed off Ten Williams is deep in someone s cups Twaddle in a demi tasse.

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    Is it because I m not a man Is it because I m not living during the early 20th century Is it because I m only in my early 20s Is it because I m dumb Some of the previous statements must be true, because I couldn t relate to any character in this book Sure, I can understand most of them, Williams has done a great job Their motives and emotions are crystal clear to the viewerbut I couldn t care less.The washed out, formerly stunningly handsome man tries to make it big, but is bitch slapped by life and realizes he has not only lost the ones he loves, but his youth as well We ve seen this scenario many times, mostly in films, and maybe this is one of the reasons that I couldn t engage emotionally enough in this story It s mostly a character development drama, with a plot I ve seen before, and don t care about, and characters that I have nothing in common with.It s beautifully written and it s apparent that Williams is very talented and did the best possible job in writing this Still, for me, it was something that I ll probably have forgotten in a year or two.

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    It s been a while since I ve read any of Tennessee Williams s plays As I finished the last act, I realized that his was not a gossamer reputation There is something real about that sad, strange outsider who recognizes the same qualities in his readers It has been quoted many times before, but Chance Wayne s closing lines as he faces the punishment for his many offenses encapsulates perfectly what Williams is all about I don t ask for your pity, but just for your understanding not even that no Just for your recognition of me in you, and the enemy, time, in us all.It was a brilliant touch to have the transgressive young stud Chance traveling with a washed up actress named Alexandra del Lago In the play, both characters arrive at differently forking life paths, one positive, the other not.Williams is a treasure.

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    Chance Wayne Dwelling in the Past Chance Wayne in Tennessee Williams play Sweet Bird of Youth is clearly no longer the praised figure that he once was in the town of Saint Cloud Citizens of Saint Cloud used to adore and respect Chance, but now they repute him because of his past life decisions and his past sexual relations with Heavenly Now, this former Oklahoma star desperately longs for his prestige back, but most of all he wants to rekindle his loving relationship with Heavenly and escape Saint Cloud with her Chance discovers that he cannot return to his past, and the major conflict of the play, content with the present versus the passage of time, develops Even though both Chance Wayne and Alexandra Del Lago originally journey to awaken past joys, they do both realize that these joys have passed them 3.122 The Princess will no longer have the same popularity she once had as an actress Chance will not be able to escape with Heavenly because Boss Finley and his power restrict him from doing so Chance Wayne and Alexandra Del Lago live in their past, and they wish to live in their past lives instead of living new ones Close to the end of the play Chance exasperates on his present state, It goes tick tick, it s quieter than your heart beat, but it s slow dynamite, a gradual explosion, blasting the world we lived in to burnt out pieces Time who could beat it, who could defeat it ever 3.123 He cannot find pleasure in the present, so Chance dwells in the past His joyful memories build up inside him, and he must accept the fact that he no longer can be close to Heavenly because of her operation By accepting this fact, he will no longer be depressed his world will not be burnt to pieces with memories He cannot let time pass him by He must move ahead with the clock Works CitedWilliams, Tennessee Sweet Bird of Youth Tennessee Williams Three by Tennessee New York First Signet Classic Publishing, 1976.

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    I related so deeply tears sprung to my eyes Such a tragic, tragic piece but, as typical of Williams, it has such great beauty I want to read this again when I am past my youth.

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    Tennessee Williams Sweet Bird Of YouthTennessee Williams play Sweet Bird of Youth shows deeply flawed individuals self destructing as they try to recover their innocence and youth As are the characters, the play is beautiful, if flawed The same might be said of the playwright The play was a success when it opened on Broadway in 1959 Elia Kazan directed, Paul Newman played the leading male character, Chance Wayne, while Geraldine Page won recognition and a Tony Award for her portrayal of the leading woman, The Princess Kosmonopolis, aka Alexandria Del Lago.This three act play is set in a town called St Cloud on the Florida Gulf on an Easter Sunday in the late 1950 s It centers on the parasitic, yet partly affectionate relationship between Chance Wayne, 29, and the aging Princess Violence, particularly in the form of castration, looms heavily over the play Chance grew up in St Cloud, aspired to an acting career, and loved a young girl, Heavenly, the daughter of the town political strongman, Boss Finley Chance s life degenerated rapidly to wandering, substance abuse, and serving as a gigolo to middle aged or elderly wealthy women Chance has been run out of town by Boss Finley because of his relationship with Heavenly On his last visit to town, Heavenly had contracted a venereal disease requiring an operation making it impossible for her to bear children Chance meets a wealthy, ill, aging actress, The Princess, who had been successful in her youth but had faded from public notice 15 years earlier She has made a new movie to try to revitalize her career but she thinks it has been hooted and rejected The Princess and Chance get together and with Chance trying to blackmail the Princess and the Princess trying to compel Chance to satisfy her sexually As part of his efforts to use The Princess, Chance brings her to St Cloud in an attempt to retrieve Heavenly and her love Chance s old enemies, headed by the Boss, learn of Chance s presence and pressure him to leave under threat of castration or death.As with so much of Williams, the play manages to be beautiful and deeply moving as well as violent and tawdry The two lost characters, both caught in their past, in self pity, and in substance abuse, develop feelings even while they use and exploit one another They, as well as several of the secondary characters of the play, show a fixity in their responses and an inability to respond to change that lead to self destruction The characters try to recapture their innocence or their successes and doom each other and themselves.The first and third acts of the play are well paced and convincing They set out the relationship between Chance and The Princess and its violent denouement The lengthy second act which introduces Boss Finley and several other characters and sub plots resulted in a great deal of trouble and rewriting for Williams In reading this play, it slows down and confuses the action.In a Foreword he wrote to the play, Williams explored the themes of violence in his work He discussed the goal of his plays in helping himself and his audience recognize and rise above their guilt Williams wrote Guilt is universal I mean a strong sense of guilt If there exists any area in which a man can rise above his moral condition, imposed upon him at birth and long before birth, by the nature of his breed, then I think it is only a willingness to know it, to face its existence in him, and I think that at least below the conscious level, we all face it Hence guilty feelings, and hence defiant aggressions, and hence the deep dark of despair that haunts our dreams, our creative work, and makes us distrust each other John Lahr s new biography, Tennessee Williams Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh 2014 considers Sweet Bird of Youth at length Lahr discusses the themes of the play, the difficulties in its writing and production, Williams relationship to Elia Kazan and to Geraldine Page, and the ways in which the play reflects Williams own life Kazan called Sweet Bird of Youth , the most truly autobiographical play Williams ever wrote with the playwright dealing with his own corruption and his wish to return to the purity he once had The play moves uneasily between its highly personal, romantic character and the feeling of universality in its tragedy.Lahr s book and analysis encouraged me to read Sweet Bird of Youth as well as other works of Tennessee Williams It remains a troublingly difficult yet moving work by this great American writer.Robin Friedman