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2.5 StarsYou would think that by now I d be sick and tired of retellings, but surprisingly enough this story was quite readable, until the Beast s transformation oy and despite an avalanche of grammatical mistakes.I especially liked the attention given to the secondary characters and how the author was able to give a fresh face to both Beauty and The Beast.Here, Beauty, a girl named Elle, literally comes crashing into the Beast s palace There s a secret surrounding herokay, not much of a secret once we start reading it, but it s different from all the retellings that I ve read so far.As for the Beast, Severine, he actually has a family I mean a living family with whom he can and does interact.This is mostly a character driven story because not much happens in here Despite that, I did kept reading because I do like snark despite it at time being delivered right in the middle of an atrocious phrase And English is not even my first languageSo yes, this story needs urgent proofreading skills and less cheeseWhich brings me to the last part of the story right after Severine gets turned into a man once , because that part was bad Up until then, we had somewhat intelligent characters, and after the transformation, the thing was like, oops, there s goes ninety percent of my cerebral activity alongside with my no longer needed fur Or, hey, I have my facial expressions back, but I had to trade them for my marbles Basically the author spend so much time in the first part of the book, going over the same things, over and over, and all of a sudden, there s kids actually one crossing two continents in order to find some Enchantress and he finds her In a few pages Also the whole Enchantress plot was kind of weirdAs for the whole romance, well, there s growing friendship and then we re bludgeoned with the motto, BEAUTY AND ATTRACTION ARE TEMPORARY so you should just stick with a friend Despite that, I confess myself curious to check if the author s writing skills improved.Edit After reading some reviews for the second book, you know what, I think I m done with this series Rating 4 1 2 starsWitty, inventive and colorful, this fascinating rewind ofLa Belle et Beast was a delight The servants echoed hints of Disney and Cocteau but with refreshing originality There s court intrigue, beautiful architecture, elaborate rooms and rich food, all set inside a French chateau with a gorgeous backdrop of lush countryside Severin and Elle are wonderful together and apart I would recommend this author whose fairytales are amazing reworkings and this book to anyone who enjoys a great retelling of a classic. Once Upon A Time Elle Made A Mistake A Small Miscalculation Sends Her Through The Roof Of An Enchanted Chateau Stranded Until Her Broken Leg Mends, Elle Is Unwillingly Forced To Rely On The Good Will Of The Sour Chateau Owner The Cursed Prince SeverinPrince Severin The Commanding General And Staunch Supporter Of His Brother The Crown Prince Is Cursed To Look Like A Beast Until A Maiden Falls In Love With Him He Has Given Up All Hope Of Shattering The Curse, And Has Only Disdain For ElleUnfortunately, The Pair Can T Seem To Avoid Each Other Thanks To The Meddling Of The Chateau S Cursed Servants Eventually Elle S Playful Manners And Severin S Hidden Gentleness Draw The Pair TogetherBut Not All Love Stories Can End That Easily After All, Elle Is Not What She Seems, And Severin S Life Is Placed In Danger When Hostilities Flare Between His Brother And The Monarchs Of A Neighboring Country When Elle Risks Everything To Save Severin, Will He Be Able To Forgive Her For Her Lies Okay fantasy read I think the author needs polish or maybe this is an earlier work Her plot twists, dialogue, pov inner dialogue need work First half was just okay, the supporting cast was better drawn out than the MCs The second half was written better with the h turning out kickass which I loved but the H pulled d k move The h should have kicked him his servants where it hurt and moved to the next country Plus she didn t even let him grovel, that made me mad Safe romance but jerk H, the h was too good for him.3 stars. File this under Beauty and the Beast retellings that Kendra didn t hate The romance was cute and the characters were fun, but the middle dragged painfully and the ending was rushed to the point of conclusion Also, the way that the plot twist was handled is a peeve of mine, and I especially didn t like the way that this one was handled But, at least it did bring some interesting ideas to the table, and it wasn t retelling the Disney movie Points for that. DNF at 6% because oh, nooo you don t, you thinly veiled fan fiction. Elle, due to a small miscalculation, fell through the roof of a chateau The accident broke her leg and so she has no choice but to stay in the chateau even if its owner isn t very happy about it Prince Severin, the chateau owner, illegitimate prince, commanding general of the Crown Prince s army, is cursed to look like a beast until a maiden falls in love with him But he d already given up after several painful attempts in the matter But his servants don t And their hope ignited because of Elle But Elle isn t what she seems to be and Severin has no tine for romance, especially if it s a romance with little hope.After reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy, I needed something lighter read, and this one seemed what I needed I don t know how many retellings of Beauty and the Beast have I already read but this one is the simplest of them all Yeah that sounds negative but like I said, I needed something lighter Ahm have I said before that I m a moody reader Well, I am.Some other time, the simplest of the plot might ve discouraged me to read this but thankfully last night was not that time Hehe For me, this one s an okay retelling There are little twists that I liked and though they were slightly predictable, I still enjoyed them I also enjoyed Elle and Severin s moments They re so sweet and fun to read The servants are all interesting characters too.Only, I think the plot resembles the original a little too much and so I can t give it higher than my rating I know this is a retelling but still But like I said I liked the little twists that seemed original and the characters made up for it Overall, I still recommend this one to anyone who s looking for a light, fun read This is a short book too.Happy reading guys, Beauty and the Beast is a classic tale that has been re written with enchantment and elegance Kitty has done a fabulous job with keeping the faerie tale feel in her retelling, along with adding her own entertaining twists Her take on this classic tale is rich and satisfying I loved the slower pace of this one It allowed the story, and the love connection, to really flourish and grow, along with the whimsical characters It wasn t just Belle and the Beast that were developed here I fell in love with Emele, Bernadine, Duval and Oliver Each character had a part to play, and each character just fit with their own quirky personalities.The story twists were enjoyable and had a bit of unpredictability to them Severin s character had quite a different background than we are used to with the tale Elle was not your average damsel in distress, book nerd There was no Mrs Potts, Lumiere, or Gaston But there was an evil witch, and an enchantress I loved how the story somewhat followed what is known from the tale, but also had whimsical changes that fit quite nicely The story had humor, friendship, danger, intrigue, and a satisfyingly happy ending Kitty has an exceptional way of writing with beauty and poise She also finds elegant ways to incorporate touching morals in to her stories This one shimmered with hope and the importance of inner beauty It was magical and beautiful It spoke of friendship and true love.4 4.5 Stars Another Beauty and the Beast retelling, of which there are myriad This one has a few interesting twists, but reality check time here several major weaknesses as well, most of which are probably because this is an indie author who didn t get some editing help that she really could have used It s a nice try, though, and the author has potential It was okay for a Kindle freebie, but I came thisclose to skipping the longwinded, rather boring middle section of the book and jumping to the end 2.5 stars, which I would round down to two if this weren t an indie author, but I m going to cut Shea a little slack.Elle for reasons that the author coyly hides for most of the story falls through a stained glass panel in the roof of a country chateau, wherein lives Prince Severin, who has been cursed to live as a beast, along with his servants, who are under a curse as well their faces are um, well, I m not sure what, since their faces are hidden by masks, but in any case they re all mute and communicate with slates and chalk Severin is understandably a very grumpy character, and wants Elle sent on her way yesterday, if not sooner But Elle broke her leg badly in the fall, and Severin s on staff doctor insists that she stay there for weeks, if not months, to heal The servants all know that love will break the curse, so they ll do whatever it takes to keep throwing Elle and Severin together Too bad Elle and Severin despise each other so deeply So we all know where this is going, eventually, but is the ride worth it Well, Severin who is considered a prince even though he was illegitimate has an interesting relationship with his brother, the ruler of their country There are some nice allusions to roses and to some elements of the original fairy tale, without being heavy handed The servants have some character, though the enchantress character didn t really fit in well for me Elle has a very different backstory that comes out in the end I thought the story was a little deliberately misleading on why she was there at the chateau in the first place, but I enjoyed the twist I did have issues with the rather boring, interminable middle part where Severin grouches, servants connive, Elle frets about her duties that she can t fulfill because of her injury, and tries to get back on her feet as soon as possible Not a whole lot else happens for about half the book, other than them gradually getting to know and like each other, and it wasn t compelling enough for me It was kind of strange, since there were a few other exciting events in the story that were given short shrift view spoiler Elle s adventures with the assassins at the end hide spoiler Reading this book gives me the coziest feeling ever.I was a bit bored in the first two chapters, but I have quickly realized that this book s slow, gradual developments are something beautiful to behold.I find myself curious what will happen nextbecause the events in this book are new and different from what happened in the Disney s version of Beauty and the Beast No library gift, no snowball fight, no tale as old as time dancing moment with THE yellow dress, etc.There isn t even a Gaston or talking cups and other household items.I would think that I would hate that those highlighted characteristics are not in this book, but it s actually very much refreshing It s still Beauty and the Beast but a vastly different story from the original and from all retellings I have read.We still have the grumpy beast, the servants who cheer on the heroine, and the curse about falling in love with the beauty within These are the only resemblances we have between this version and the others The difference is that we also find a true steady growth of a friendship and understanding between Elle and Severin They spend a lot of time together, sometimes not talking and just enjoying one another s company and other times, they discuss topics from horses to moral belief to responsibilities to one s family, friends, and country The author has done a great job establishing that these flawed individuals stand on equal footing They are both impeccably smart, capable, and compassionate I love not only seeing their relationship develop, but also seeing them as individual people They are lovable, sweet characters who are also stubborn I relish in seeing how their views on each other gradually change from distaste to respect to genuine affection to love Even though it would be awesome to see signature moments from the original in this book it s completely unnecessary because this is a new story filled with all new wonderful things I am truly intrigued by these characters.In addition, the servants are now masked, voiceless people I love how they interact with Elle and are continuously trying to matchmake her with Severin They are so, so, so adorable and funny I am left feeling all warm and cozy from this fun loving household It s great to see Elle create friendships with these people, and to understand the reason why they genuinely love their master.Then, there s Lucien, Severin s brother I thought I d hate his guts, but he s a pretty all right character I love the emphasis on brotherly love and loyalty This guy is a bit of an asshole, but it s great to see that he can be reasonable and good to Severin This is different from other books and I suppose, history where there s always jealousy and violence between the legitimate brother and illegitimate brother.I also love the plot twist at the end view spoiler I knew she was a spy, but apparently, she s a spy for the person who I wouldn t even guess Love this development too because Elle is pretty badass hide spoiler