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I was attracted to this book by its opera theme and being set in Milan, where I used to live My expectations were very high and frankly I am devastated The system of reviewing only allows me to give this book five stars when it definitely deserveslike ten This is an inspirational story about following your dreams and one man s love for opera While ostensibly that man is the hero of the story, it is also undoubtedly the author, whose love for the world of opera rings out from every page.This is a love story The love of a young man for opera but also his love for a young girl he meets, who has a very disapproving and overbearing father There is also the love of a family and friends, which makes this a really heartwarming read and I shed a couple of tearsthan once.I really connected with this beautiful book and the characters on many levels If like me you enjoy opera and have lived in Milan it is a no brainer you will love this book Perhaps some people will complain the story is a little predictable but personally I like nothing better than a well written story with a happy ending This is the author s first novel and I can t wait to read his next This is a heartwarming, uplifting novel about a young man whose dream it is to sing onstage at La Scala Opera House in Milan, Italy The author s love of opera shines through on every page I really liked this moving story of hope and optimism Through the vehicle of a simple narrative, this is a wonderful introduction to opera and conveys some of the beauty of this art form Giovanni Tempesta s father had instilled in his son a great love and passion for opera from early age We are introduced to Giovanni, who sings opera arias and Neapolitan love songs at Angelo s Restaurant part time He cannot read music nor has he studied voice But his desire to sing at La Scala is fierce By a fortunate occurence he meets Alfredo, a retired, blind singer living at the Casa di Riposo House of Rest , founded by the composer Verdi for retired musicians Alfredo is overjoyed to teach him and becomes mentor and friend Then Giovanni s life begins to change Through all his experiences Giovanni findsthan he had sought The characters were admirable all decent human beings I especially liked the opera anecdotes and history Alfredo and others told him I liked how the words to different arias were worked into the story and fit so well into the text Sometimes I would hum along This was a quick read of a matter of hours, but worth rereading in future.Won as a Goodreads giveaway.Very highly recommended for lovers of musical fiction. BRAVO, bravo, bravo An absolutely delightful novel. Tempesta s DreamI discovered this wonderful book by happenstance As I read into it, I was delighted to find that it not only full of engaging, well drawn characters but all about opera, Italian opera and the Italian language Mr LoCoco is clearly very knowledgeable about opera and the story has many interesting anecdotes about famous singers and vocal technique More than that, it is about love of music and art and life.The novel has a fairy tale feel, I suppose this is true about many opera plots as well Giovanni Tempesta, a young man living in Milan in 1979, has both a marvelous voice and great love for music, a legacy from his deceased father, who raised him to appreciate all the geniuses of Italian opera.However, Giovanni has had bad luck Despite passion and talent, he s not been able to get a teacher to take him on as a student, partly as a result of his poverty He works in a pharmacy and spends his nights singing in a restaurant He has not dated and dreams of meeting the one special woman to love.It s fairly easy to imagine what comes next, and Mr LoCoco delivers in great style Giovanni meets a wonderful teacher, Alfredo, whose own career was cut tragically short And he meets Isabella, the beautiful daughter of a judge, who in characteristic operatic fashion forbids his daughter to have anything to do with a loser who sings in a cafe She, of course, defies him, and their love affair provides the extra fuel Giovanni needs to pursue his dream of being a singer The question remains whether Giovanni can find success by singing in La Scala, and as the story builds gracefully toward the answer, he must grapple with a number of obstacles Filled with delightful characters like the Maenza boys, brothers who play the piano and violin at at the restaurant Giovanni works at, Tempesta s Dream does what all great books do, it pulls you on to the end and leaves you a little disappointed that it s over.Bravo Many Splendored Love Dramatized in the Romance of Opera This is a story that makes one happy, passionate and sad because the emotions and drama of the various characters in it are so vividly described Because there is so much Italian language included translations of various opera verses it makes the reader feel like they are actually in Milan, where this story first opens Tempesta Giovanni is a twenty five year old tenor, who was always encouraged by his deceased father to become famous as an opera singer His father played many records of various operas and also arias by famous singers so that although Tempesta could not read music, he could memorize an entire opera, tell you who the famous singers were who sang them and what the opera was portraying The family was too poor to send him to a reputable voice trainer, which is what it took to climb the ladder in the operatic world, so he attempted to train himself He was born with a natural strong, melodic tenor voice.The story encompasses his struggles to find a voice teacher and improve enough that he can compete, the goal being singing on the stage at LaScala and also marry the love of his life, but she outclasses him and there is much family discord and resistance against their love There is much history relative to New Orleans being the capital of opera in the states If you have an ounce of romance in you, you will love this story. Vincent Chip LoCoco s first novel, Tempesta s Dream, was an absolute joy to read It s the story of Giovanni, a young man whose dream is to sing opera on the stage of La Scala in Milan Because he was born poor, the doors of opera schools and conductors are slammed in his face even with his beautiful tenor voice His story is a roller coaster ride of almost getting his big break, only to have it snatched away by fate His love for a beautiful young woman whose influential and disapproving father is involved in the opera world further adds to his roadblocks.Behind the stories of love, friendship, family and redemption is the beautiful story of the history of opera We are privy to the interesting stories behind many of the biggest names in opera Caruso, Puccini, Verdi, Callas, Ponselle, DiStefano, Gigli, Toscanini and treated to the lyrics in both Italian French and English of some of the most famous arias For those who only know the basics about opera, this story will leave you wanting to learnFor those who live and love opera, this story will feel like an old friend.LoCoco skillfully brings to life the streets of Milan, so much that I could almost taste the espresso and see the cobblestone streets Overall, just a very interesting, intelligent and believable book 5 stars I received a complimentary copy of Tempesta s Dream in exchange for writing an honest review. Twenty five year old Tempesta lives in Milan with his widowed mother from Sicily and his younger sister He works in a pharmacy by day, but loves his second job singing at Angelo s by night His dream is to become an opera tenor and to one day sing at La Scala Opera House It was also the dream of his father, but was never attained, although he instilled in his son the love of opera One night while singing at Angelo s he sees Isabella and falls in love However, her father is a very rich and influential judge in Milan who loathes Tempesta, forbidding his daughter from ever seeing him again Tempesta s run in with the judge finally makes him see that he must change the course of his life and pursue his operatic career to become accepted He meets Alfredo del Monte at the Casa di Ripaso, a home founded by Verdi for retired musicians Alfredo takes Tempesta under his wing and guides him in this pursuit.The ending is beautiful and suspenseful, tying together all the story lines I enjoyed the descriptions of the countryside and anecdotes of the tenors The story gives a history of opera, making it insightful to someone unfamiliar with this musical genre Some of the musical descriptions were too detailed in parts, but all in all a wonderful story of persistence and determination. I received this book in a giveaway from Goodreads First Reads I thank the author and publisher for this opportunity However, in no way did this affect my review As usual, all opinions are 100% mine I grew up with the opera on the radio every Saturday afternoon My father had no idea what might be being sung but he loved the Texaco Opera Quiz My favorite part was the summary of the opera, and as I grew, I began to love the singing just as much In rhe oast, I too, have sung However, illness has ended that amateur pastime I relate this because the tenner of this book is much the same as those memories.Giovanni Tempesta wants to sing opera at LaScala He s got no chance in the eyes of society he s poor, has no connections, and most importantly, has no teacher He does sing at a local restaurant and dreams of finding the wedge that will get him into the world of opera that he and his father dreamed of.It is by his own hard work that his dream becomes reality This story reads like a lyrical libretto of a passionate opera It is great escape that will bring you into the history of opera, with backstories that will make you smile and teach you about this wonderful music Mr LoCoco is writing his next book I certainly hope it is as entertaining as this was Bravo I won this book through a Giveaway here on Goodreads.When I read the plot in the giveaway description I had become immediately curious to read this book, so I was really happy to know that I had won it Months later, I have finally read it Tempesta s Dreamis a very nice story, that, as its subtitle says, deals with love, friendship and opera And it is true, indeed Opera has a great part in the whole novel, but friendship and love are equally important Giovanni Tempesta is one of those character that are easy to love the way they act and think, in a such genuine way, makes them the perfect person to cheer for Moreover, the way he interacts with Isabella, with such pure feelings, and his completely devotion to her, makes him the romantic lover that every girl has dreamed for at least once in her life.For what concerns opera, it is clear that the author has a deep knowledge of it I have learned so many things in less that 300 pages What I liked most are two things the original lyrics in Italian it was very beautiful to read it in the original language too and not only in English and all the short stories about composers, singers and directors.There just one aspect with which I had a controversial relationship the Italian settings First of all, I have to said that I am Italian I do not live in Milan, but I know the places he was talking about as well I appreciated his ability to describe the atmosphere of La Scala with the social background of Italy in the 1970 s But, even if I was impressed by the fact that he made references to fact that only an Italian would know, sometimes I felt like he was a bit generalizing and using some of the cliches of the Italian culture In addition, the parts of the dialogues written in Italian were not always grammatically correct, which made everything quite funny in some points, but I guess that a non Italian reader would never understand this, so it is not really important.Anyway, I recommend this book It is the perfect companion to spend some hours with if you want to read something light but also involving. AN BESTSELLING NOVEL AN TOP RATED NOVEL WINNER OF THEPINNACLE ACHIEVEMENT AWARD IN HISTORICAL FICTIONTempesta S Dream Is The Story Of An Aspiring Opera Singer Coming Of Age In Milan A Tender And Moving Love Story A Testament To The Bonds Of Friendship And, At Its Core, A Tribute To The Beauty, Majesty And Miracle Of Opera Giovanni Tempesta Always Dreamed Of Becoming An Opera Tenor And One Day Singing From The Stage Of The La Scala Opera House In His Hometown Of Milan, Italy But With No Real Training, His Dream Has Little Chance For Fulfillment One Day, He Meets And Immediately Falls In Love With Isabella Monterone, A Dark Haired Beauty, Whose Father, A Very Rich And Powerful Milanese Judge, Refuses To Allow His Daughter To Date A Penniless Musician At The Lowest Part Of His Life, Giovanni Comes Upon The Casa Di Riposo, A Rest Home For Musicians Established By The Great Opera Composer, Giuseppe Verdi It Is At The Casa Verdi That Giovanni Meets Alfredo Del Monte, A Blind, Retired Opera Singer With A Secretive Past Who Gradually Becomes His Mentor Could Alfredo Be The One Person To Assist Giovanni In Finding The Break He Needs Or Is Giovanni Destined To Be On The Cusp Of Reaching His Life Long Dream, Only To Find Failure Tempesta S Dream Is An Italian Opera Love Story The Author Tells The Story Simply And Swiftly With An Ending That Is Both An Emotional And Poignant Moment Of Both Amicizia E A Friendship And Love