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    WrensReads Review Do you like retelling of fairy tales Gail Carson Levine is the author for you She is witty, and pokes fun at fairy tales all the while making you love the story even What a hideous baby, the fairy Arabella thought She said, my gift to Sonora is beauty She touched the baby s yellow squooshed up face with her wand. Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep by Gail Carson LevineJust by the first page, you can grasp the humor Levine puts in her words Her use of run on sentences leaves you out of breath and laughing from the repetitiveness In Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep, a retelling of a French fairy tale called Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault or The Beauty Sleeping in the Wood or German fairy tale called Little Briar Rose by the Brothers Grimm, a little girl named Sonora is given gifts by multiple fairies Some of those gifts include beauty, gracefulness, good health, intelligence, brilliance same thing Hmm and last but not least pricking herself with a spindle and dying The one month old baby Sonora talks a fairy yes, talks into making the whole town fall asleep with her when the time comes when will that time be Aurora decided then and there that she would pick the perfect time for it to happen.She was so smart that it bothered everyone she came in contact with I mean, wouldn t you hate a small little girl telling you how to do your job efficiently I know I would The King and Queen have arranged a marriage to a Prince Sonora didn t think she liked him though he was very boring She will wait till he leaves to prick herself so she didn t have to marry him.Wait What s that Her mother is running around the corner with a spindle yelling treason What will happen Will Sonora prick her finger just in time or time too soon or time too late Will she marry the Prince Will he sleep too Will Sonora get the ending she wants Levine has a splash of humor you will not find anyone else Using plays on words and awkward humor, this is perfect for a story for a young girl or for a grown woman who can t get enough of fairy tales cough me I will always be a fan of Levine s writing.WrensReads Goodreads Twitter Instagram

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    A lovely, short, and delightful Sleeping Beauty retelling.

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    Gail Carson Levine is the best at taking a fairy tale and twisting it into something a little different, a little smart, and definitely funny Her main characters are always strong, likeable characters even if they are a bit quirky.This is the third book in The Princess Tales series, based on the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty The plot is basically the same An angry fairy curses princess Sonora, saying she will prick her finger on a spindle and die Thankfully there is another fairy who modifies the spell, saying she will only sleep for 100 years and the curse can be broken by a prince s kiss Sound familiar Well, one of the fairies also gave her the gift of being ten times smarter than anybody else in the world So as an infant, Sonora can speak and is wiser than all the adults around her She also annoys these adults, because she is always trying to explain to them why things are the way they are she just knows everything Because she is so intelligent and values curiosity and knowledge, she is devastated when she is betrothed to a handsome yet dull prince Because she was such a smart infant, she knew about the curse and decides to prick herself with the spindle to make herself sleep for 100 yearsat least then she won t have to marry this prince.But seldom do things go as plannedA great series for girls who love fairy tales but are moving on to chapter books.

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    The life lesson I learned from this is don t be a know it all.

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    Short and adorable Recommended.

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    Super fun not fractured fairytales, but improved

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    I first read The Princess Tales Collection when I was about nine one of the first books in English I ever read I absolutely loved them Gail Carson Levine became one of my favorite authors I recently reread them, ten years later, and they are still as poignant and sweet and funny as ever This one, Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep, is my personal favorite I loved when the fairy Adrianna made Sonora so smart and I laughed so much at the stupid Prince Melvin I liked how Levine never makes her princesses ordinary, and this one is a misfit, a supersmart girl many of us wouldn t like to have around.Yet even she finds a perfect match Spoiler My favorite part is when Prince Christopher is totally grossed out and doesn t want to kiss Sonora, until she begins to talk in her sleep.It s memorable.

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    It was cool reading about a baby who was gifted will Brilliance ten times smarter than everyone else because as a baby she could talk and she never had to sleep I wonder what it would be like to never have to sleep and to be able to talk and do everything a average adult could at 1 month old Kind of cool I of course liked how since it was a fairy tale the prince and the princess were perfect for eachother He wanted to know everything and had so many question, she could answer all those questions and wanted to find someone who actually cared Sadly of course it s a fairy tale In reality those hardly happen Shame, that would be awesome.

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    Oh DEAR I hated this with a passion The plot was a perfectly good idea and I do like subverted fairytales But if you are going to have a princess given the gift of superior intelligence it is a good idea to have that intelligence on show not cod folk remedies and aphorisms that MAKE NO SENSE It made Princess Sonora completely unlikeable, a terrible thing in a fairy tale heroine and the Prince who rescued her an idiot.

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    Mbok ya kalo mo plintir fairy tale tuh dibikin yang keren kayak gini sih Yang sekaligus realistis dan logis.Jangan kayak si Claiming of Sleeping Beauty yg bikin eneg itu masiheneg ngelanjutinsiSleepingBeautyyangitu