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[Audible] Pirateology: The Pirate Hunter's Companion (Ologies)Author Dugald A. Steer – Betadvice.es

I felt no shame picking this up for myself It is an incredible compendium of Pirate lore, backstory and world building The illustrations are beautiful and the stories are in depth and magical I loved all of the little pockets and gems It is easily one of my favorite coffee table books, when I first bought it I would flip through every morning while I drank my coffee, it is lovely Easily enjoyed by all ages, I can t wait to pick up the others Dragonology is next on my list This book is excellent for topic work and information it also builds a story into the children s imagination of what life is like for a pirate It has a real compass on the front.It is one persons tale and part diary of life as a pirate, it includes the rules of the pirates such as if the pirates fly a black flag it means they show mercy to the pirates they in battle with It has many pictures to show and describe the clothes worm, the treasure chests etc There are also flaps to lift with special treasure or jewels with a description along side it The book also describes how there are different types of pirates and the life they lead, how they caught their food, what animals they came across on the journey as a pirate sailing round the world This has been used for a topic for year 2 and year 3 Boys usually find this book most appealing it is an image of going back in time Very good book to make the topic come to life. I m using this book for research for my new wip Ahoy, mateys The journal of Captain William Lubber, a notorious pirate hunter tracking the legendary pirate Arabella Drummond, was discovered in a treasure chest Read the ship s log, see the map of his journeys, and learnabout pirate lore, weaponry, tying knots, weaponry, ocean navigation, and the Jolly Roger This pop up book, which was designed to look like worn parchment, is chock full of sidebars, maps to unfold, and drawings of infamous real life pirates As Captain Lubber logs his journey around the globe, learnabout pirates from Tortuga and Port Royal in the Caribbean to China, Madagascar, and Nova Scotia.This interactive, oversized volume offers a wealth of information and facts about pirates that reluctant readers will enjoy While this book offers some interesting information, it is a good first source for information about pirates Tweens who wantmay be interested in books such as Hannah Pritchard, Pirate of the Revolution, Pirate s Log A Handbook for Aspiring Swashbucklers, or Under the Eagle s Beak The Search for the Treasure of the Pirate s Pit. While I find this an accurate analysis of pirates, I m surprised not to find a single mention of lemonade Other than that it s very helpful. ,, ,12,3,3 118 2018 Aar Hoist The Sails For A Lavish New Discovery Filled With Treasures A Magnificent Resource For Pirate Lovers Everywhere The Eagerly Awaited New Title In The Best Selling Ology Series ThanMillion Sold Worldwide Step Lively, Pirate Foes And Fanciers Mysterious Booty Found Inside A Long Lost Sea Chest, Hidden For Hundreds Of Years Off The Coast Of Newfoundland, Has Just Been Uncovered For Your Enjoyment Within These Covers Is The Fascinating Eighteenth Century Journal Of Captain William Lubber, An Earnest Soul Who Sailed The Seas In Search Of The Vicious Female Pirate Arabella Drummond Prepare For A Mesmerizing Tale Of The Golden Age Of Piracy From Storm Tossed Sailing Ships To Tantalizing Treasure Islands, From Pirates Flags And Fashions To Their Wily Weapons And Wicked Ways An Extraordinary Find For Pirateologists, Here Is A True And Complete Companion For The Dedicated Pirate HunterPirateology S Special Treasures Include A Stunning Cover Bearing A Working Compass And Glittering Gems Treasure Map With A Missing Piece For The Canny Reader To Find Multiple Flaps, Maps, Charts, And Booklets Harboring Codes And Clues Intricate Drawings Of Ships Interiors A Packet Of Gold Dust A Pocket Sundial A Cache Of Pirate Letters, Pieces Of Eight And A Jewel As A Final Reward My Review I wasn t really sure what to expect from this book, but I had thought it was going to beof a book for children Kids could certainly enjoy it but they would need to be able to read cursive so probably 8 For me this fallsunder the category of Graphic novel, though it is a fun interactive format The book is beautifully put together with so much to look at on each page and a lot of information, and as I said interactive elements It does a great job of introducing both ship and seafaring terms as well as how pirates came to be and a few of their stories All of these tidbits are woven into a story of chasing down pirate Arabella Drummond and bringing her to justice, the chase circles the globe and is a fun adventure. You can definitely see the appeal of a big black book with Pirate on the side of it The binding is sturdy and dark, and on the cover is a compass Inside is strings and flaps, a lot like the Dragonology book, but with pirates instead duh There s letters and article clippings held on by tape, and what s this Little letters and tiny books within books Talk of treasure and gold and strange animals name one book with a tenrec in it, seriously , enough to really get your imagination going.Kids will love this book,than the dragon one though No way Dragons beat pirates, just ask a kid