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At Last The Ultimate Book Of Pirates Is Here Inside Is The Stuff Of Legend, Where Tales Of Adventure And Intrigue Are Written In Blood Read About Blackbeard And Captain Kidd Learn About Walking The Plank And Buried Treasure Discover What Was Like Aboard A Pirate Ship From A Pirate S Strict Code Of Conduct To The Punishments That Awaited Those That Broke ThemAll The Intrigue, Adventure, And Grizzly Details Are Brought To Life In This Lavish Hardcover Package Jam Packed With Fact And Fiction, Pirate Lore, And Amazing Memorabilia, Including A Booklet Of Pirate Slanga Genuine Advertisement To Recruit Piratesa Booklet Of Pirate Biographiesa Letter From William The III To Captain Kidda Pullout Featuring Pirate Weaponsa Treasure Mapa Wanted Poster For Blackbeardsample Playing Cardsas Well As Flaps And Fold Outs Galore

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    short fun little read about pirates.

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    A friend heard I was doing a pirate theme at work and lend me this book to read It was an easy read with nice illustrations The book also has small extra features that help better the over all reading experience Interesting to read Who doesn t love a bit of fictional piracy every now and then

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    What a fun book to read illustrations, envelopes with wanted posters, treasure maps and The pages are sturdy cardboard giving the book a different feel.

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    It was a lot of fun

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    Has a lot of pictures and totally awesome antique mails and treasure maps that will totally blow you away as soon as you turn to the first page A definite go go for all private lovers The content is rich with informative and very helpful narrative about the history of pirates, their lives, their slangs and tales which could be one really knows The paper is of the best quality and seriously, you just can t help but become super wary every single time you take out the mail, and fold it back in I winced when I folded it the wrong way and almost got it crumpled in the corner and whatnot Anyway, all private lovers should definitely check out the book

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    If the cover of this book doesn t draw you in, maybe the interactive stuff on the inside would Jerry Bruckheimer said A wonderful book for all who love pirates.This interactive book teaches you about pirates While some of it is a little gory what Pirates weren t nice it is really interesting It includes pirate history through the ages How they ve been portrayed in film, etc I really love all of the little things it includes like a little book within the book of weaponry, one on pirate slang, a page on ships and flags, a pirate gallery of famous pirates, a treasure map, punishment for caught pirates, etc.I love this book.

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    No glossary, No Table of contents but there is an index This book is for advanced readersteacher lead read aloud in k 2 This book gives a detailed account of pirate life and pirate ships It gives different types of ships and different kinds of flags Interactive text with lots of pull outs Covers most subtopics including different pirates and fictional pirates Also has a time line.

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    my kids really liked this book it has lots of interesting info as well as fun things to pull out or unfold like treasure maps I actually read it myself liked the stuff about the girl pirates

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    A fun book for young readers, this profusely illustrated book in Authentium s Book for Young Readers line is historically accurate I even found a little treasure in the book myself, a bit of arcane history from the 1700s

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    I saw the cover and immediately snapped this up from the bargain books section Filled with fun tidbits about ships and weapons, small biographies of historical pirates, and copies of articles of piracy privateering, this was quite fun to read A pop up book for adults