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Pirates Have Green Teeth When They Have Any Teeth At All I Know About Pirates, Because One Day, When I Was At The Beach Building A Sand Castle And Minding My Own Business, A Pirate Ship Sailed Into ViewSo Proclaims Jeremy Jacob, A Boy Who Joins Captain Braid Beard And His Crew In This Witty Look At The Finer Points Of Pirate Life By The Caldecott Honor Winning Illustrator David Shannon And The Storyteller Melinda Long Jeremy Learns How To Say Scurvy Dog, Sing Sea Chanteys, And Throw Food But He Also Learns That There Are No Books Or Good Night Kisses On Board Pirates Don T Tuck A Swashbuckling Adventure With Fantastically Silly, Richly Textured Illustrations That Suit The Story To A T This book is so captivating Just like the boy in the story, the illustrator has a great imagination The boy seems bored and left out of his family so he wishes for something else, which I think is something students will relate too But as the story goes be careful what you wish for This is a great book to have around when students are beginning to complain about what they have. so cute This is a bedtime favorite around our house. Funny and an instant classic The illustrations are brilliant and border on the grotesque Great for K 2. This is a really good children s book for, like, toddlers It was good how he explained the pirates, and in some parts it was really funny.