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This Book Chronicles One Writer S Journey To New Orleans, LA, And His Quest To Find The Most Haunted Locations In The French Quarter Uncover The Arcane And Chilling Aspects Of Ghosts And Voodoo In The Necropolis Of The South Tag Along As He Interviews Eyewitnesses, Historians, Tour Guides, And Even A Particularly Spot On Fortune Teller In One Of The Most Haunted Cities In North America Discover How He Experienced The Wrath Of A Long Dead Voodoo Queen, Had An Amazing Revelation About One Of New Orleans Most Famous Haunted Spots, And Even Got To Experience His Very Own Haunting, Right In The Middle Of An Interview The Haunted History Of New Orleans Ghosts Of The French Quarter Is Not Simply A Collection Of Ghost Stories, But Instead Is An Experiential Search For Truth Into The Darker Side Of History This Book Examines The Amazing Amounts Of Tragedy In The Crescent City, From The Founding Right Up To Present DayChapters In This Book Include The Hotel Monteleone The Bourbon Orleans Hotel Pat O Brien S Bar Antoine S Restaurant Marie Laveau Lafitte S Blacksmith Shoppe Bar The Sultan S Palace The Dreaded Tale Of Madame LaLaurie AndOther Great New Orleans Stories Lavishly Illustrated With OverPen And Ink Drawings And Photos

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    After the writer s delightful book about Haunted Savannah his home base , I had very high hopes for this one However, this one was so different in tone Indeed, except for a few notable exceptions, this one was of a historical research book than one detailing the thrill of experiencing hauntings New Orleans is one of my favorite cities If there is a place that is of a melting pot, I couldn t name it People are free to be whoever they want to be There is a remarkable tolerance of live and let live and some of the most amazing food on the planet For my taste, only Japan comes ahead of it I had taken one of the ghost tours while there and it was a great deal of fun The guide was a delightful storyteller a little like a gossipy uncle and I was thoroughly entertained The writer has taken the same laudable position that he took in his Savannah book If a story is patently false and, therefore, maligning innocent or somewhat innocent people , he wants to set the record straight This was fine in his first book as he still had many goosebump raising tales to relate along with personal encounters and those of his colleagues For the New Orleans book, he doesn t have all of those connections Consequently, the vast majority of the book becomes a here is what we re told, but here is what is true narrative I don t believe that is what many Readers of a Haunted History are expecting In fact, I found only one experience that matched the best of what was found in the Savannah book, and that occurred during his visit to the Hotel Villa Convento That one raised the goosebumps So, if you are looking for an extended history lesson, you ve come to the right place If you want to feel that thrilling rush that came from Haunted Savannah, you should probably keep looking.

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    James Caskey does it again The Haunted History of New Orleans Ghosts of the French Quarter is one of the best books I ve ever had the privilege of reading The author takes his readers on a fascinating journey through through restaurants, bars, private residences, cemeteries, and so much Expertly researched, this book is incredibly informative and causes readers to look beyond the Mardi Gras atmosphere and peer deeply into the eyes of the old ghosts that reside in one of our Nation s most fascinating places.

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    I ve unexpectedly been able to visit NOLA twice in the last year The latter occasion allowed me the opportunity to take one of those haunted ghost tours that are in abundance there Upon my return home, I was asked to give a presentation on the hauntings Well, TBH, I was well into my cups and didn t wholly remember all of the tales, let alone the details I contacted the tour company requesting supplemental information and was advised to try this book It was a fun journey of recollection it contained some of the stories I d previously heard, plus some that were new I especially enjoyed ones about locations I d visited without knowing of their alleged hauntings I have fallen madly in love with The Big Easy, and this book evoked many of those memories of fun, history, and magic The one drawback was the often unnecessary wordiness of the author Caskey has done his research however, there were times where he rambled on and on Additionally, I did not always enjoy the minutiae of his own trip just get to the ghost story already Overall, I enjoyed the book and my presentation was a huge success Thanks 4 stars

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    Reality at it s finest I definitely recommend reading this book and even bought it in paper back to use as a guide while in New Orleans We live an hour away and was literally sick of going there because of the commercialization of the French Quarter I ve found a renewed interest because of the thoughtfulness, truthfulness and quality of the stories within Thank you We re giving this volume 5 gold stars

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    Loved the author of this book He loved his visits to New Orleans and it showed This is of a history about the legends and stories of New Orleans, so not a scary book He could only cover a few stories, so much haunted locations I am sure he will do a second book I bought a signed copy when the author pre sold It was worth the wait.

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    Very entertaining read I m so glad I picked this up on my trip to New Orleans

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    Although in some respects this book is closer to a memoir than pure guidebook, every tale in this ghostly guide to New Orleans made me wish and that I had plans to get back to the Crescent City You ve been warned.I ve collected up a number of local ghost story collections, but this one stands out because Caskey takes great pains to document the reality behind the stories In the process, he debunks some of the better known houses of horrors, especially the LaLaurie Mansion and the Sultan s Palace His commitment to historical truth makes the spooky things that happen to him personally that much scarier.I ve taken half a star off because the text occasionally becomes enthusiastic than coherent An editor could have smoothed those spots Another half a star comes off because Stephen Davis s cartoony illustrations undercut the serious tone of the text The photographs, when included, are good enough that I wish there had been of them.In the beginning, I didn t care for the author s narrative, but it grew on me as I read deeper into the book In the end, I m not sure one could separate the teller from the tales This book is such an enjoyable read that I m eager to hunt up the author s guides to Savannah and Charleston, two cities I haven t yet had the opportunity to explore.

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    A fantastic, quick read I honestly could not put this book down I love history, ghost stories, knew very little about NOLA and I always love a good book The stories are well written, historically accurate disproving several legends along the way and the illustrations and photos are fantastic When I visit the Big Easy I will definitely have this book in hand It is a must read for anyone who loves history, ghost or the Big Easy.

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    Tata for a fact finding gettin it about Enjoyedbeing from NOLa, born in the Marigny, raised in the Quarter in the 40 70 s..lineage going back to 1857.appreciated your style read from front to back in one sitting lying.Tata for the fact findings gettin it about NOLa..

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    Surprisingly great book A travelogue and well researched stories.