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New Orleans Mourning Skip Langdon,by Julie New Orleans Mourning Is One Of The Relatively Rare Edgar Best Novel Winners That I Had Already Read, Shortly After Its Publication I Ve Gone On To Read All Smith S New Orleans Books For Some Reason, I Didn T Get Into Her Earlier San Francisco Based Series New Orleans Mourning Skip Langdon Novels Julie New Orleans Mourning Skip Langdon Novels Julie Smith OnFREE Shipping On Qualifying Offers When The Smiling King Of Carnival Is Killed At Mardi Gras, Policewoman Skip Langdon Is On The Case She Knows The Upper Crust Family Of The Victim And That It Hidesthan Its Share Of Glittering Skeletons But Nothing Could Prepare New Orleans Mourning A Gripping Winner Of TheEdgar Allan Poe Award For Best Novel And The FIRST Mystery In The Highly Acclaimed Skip Langdon Series, New Orleans Mourning Falls Deliciously Between The Psychological Suspense Of Laura Lippman And The Delicate Drama Of Tennessee WilliamsNew Orleans Mourning Julie Smith Livres Not Retrouvez New Orleans Mourning Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion New Orleans Mourning A Gripping Police ProceduralAppareilsSlectionnez La Section Dans Laquelle Vous Souhaitez Faire Votre Recherche Bitter Tea And Mystery New Orleans Mourning Julie During Mardi Gras The King Of The Carnival, Chauncey St Amant, Is Shot On His Float During The Parade A Character Dressed As Dolly Parton Shoots Him From A Balcony As The Float Goes By New Orleans Mourning Book,WorldCat Get This From A Library New Orleans Mourning Julie Smith Skip Langdon, A Socially Connected New Orleans Policewoman, Is Assigned To Investigate The Murder Of New Orleans Mourning ManyBooks Julie Smith Is An American Mystery Writer, The Author Of Nineteen Novels And Several Short Stories She Received TheEdgar Award For Best Novel For Her Sixth Book, New Orleans Mourning New Orleans Mourning EBay Find Great Deals On EBay For New Orleans Mourning Shop With Confidence A New Orleans Mourning Of Anthony Bourdain Trip Just Seeing Bourdain Visit Such Places As Domilise S And Antoine S Made Me Realize There Was An Entire Culinary World In My Own Backyard That I Had Yet To Explore

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    This is the first in the Skip Langdon series This first book was published in 1990 So, there is no modern technology involved in solving the case, just good old fashioned leg work.Chauncey St Amants, the King of the Carnival, is killed during the Mardi Gras parade by someone dressed as Dolly Parton.Having grown up in the same circles as the upper crust family , the St Amants, Skip Langdon is assigned to homicide for a little while so she can get a little insider gossip Skip has gone against her family s wishes by becoming a cop and has her own bitter feelings about her family So, it is easy for her to relate to some members of the St Amant family.As with a lot of old money families there are old scandals and shocking secrets Since Skip has been shut out by the two homicide detectives working the case, she sets out on her own and works the investigation from an entirely different angle. and someone tries to scare her off.Skip is not the tough talking old school detective type, and she is not the typical cop She s tall and carries a little weight She follows her own rules, but tries to do the right thing, however unorthodox it may seem Skip s private thoughts were funny, as that s the way most of us feel when talking to people we know are full of it Her relationship with Steve was hard for me to figure out I wasn t sure if she would stick it out with him or not, although I know he wanted to stay with her I would like to think that someday we will get an update on some of the characters in this book I d like to see where they all ended up.This book was nothing like the other series by Julie Smith that I read This book is much grittier and darker I thought I had things figured out a few times, only to find I was wrong Then I thought I was right again, then no It was back and forth for long time The ending was a shocker I felt just like Skip did But, it was also really believable.I am looking forward to reading in this series Over all I give this one an A

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    This hardcover is signed by Julie Smith.

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    Re reading this Edgar Award winner made me nostalgic for the 1990 s As part of the cultural ascendency of my own grumpy, surly, suspicious Gen X along with grunge and Riot Grrls there was a boom in mysteries with strong, independent, not particularly feminine female protagonists Nowadays every new series written by a woman seems to feature a young, beautiful vampire but 20 years ago, it was all about the lone female protagonist who worried about whether having any kind of human relationship other than with an eccentric landlord signalled dependency and neediness.Julie Smith isn t much on airtight plot whenever she can t figure out how to drop a clue into the story, she arranges for someone to get hit on the head or burglarized but her characters, even the most minor ones, come brilliantly alive through dialog And although the story here is unlikely and sensationalistic, the author is also exploring a literary theme that every member of an family can have incredibly divergent assessments and memories of family dynamics One sibling may recall a summer spent in the country as a paradise, while another may remember an atmosphere of dread and abuse It may not even be enough to say that every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way Smith shows us here that an unhappy family might be unhappy in multiples of ways.

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    New Orleans Mourning is one of the relatively rare Edgar Best Novel winners that I had already read, shortly after its publication I ve gone on to read all Smith s New Orleans books for some reason, I didn t get into her earlier San Francisco based series.Rereading the first book in a long running series is a bit like reconnecting with an old friend, but it s also a bit like time travel In this first book, Skip Langdon, Smith s protagonist, is still feeling her way as a police officer and as an adult woman She has a lot of unresolved issues and so do most of the other major characters in the book and some very similar issues, at that Mention is made that Skip has been reading Tennessee Williams, and Williams s theme of dysfunctional Southern families is on nearly every page of New Orleans Mourning.Skip, who has only recently realized that a cop is what she wants to be when she grows up, is still a uniformed beat cop, detailed to crowd control at the big Mardi Gras Parade on Mardi Gras Shrove Tuesday itself As daughter to a social climbing doctor and his wife, she knows most of upper crust N.O., and as she watches the float of Chauncey St Amant, an acquaintance who s this year s Rex King of Carnival , she is stunned to see someone in a Dolly Parton costume shoot him dead from a balcony When her superiors realize she has entree into this world, she s assigned to help with the investigation.Smith uses changing points of view skillfully to portray the passions, personalities and problems of the St Amant family and the family friend, Tolliver Albert, from whose balcony the shot was fired Of course, the family were all at the exclusive Boston Club waiting for the parade or were they Skip s investigation takes her from the mansions of the rich to the most squalid of New Orleans slums In the end, she is not sure whether or not justice has been served.New Orleans Mourning made me think of the novels of Donna Leon, set in Venice, Italy a similar city in some ways, strongly influenced by and often menaced by water, with its own language and customs, its Carnival, and its civic corruption Like those in most of Leon s books, the ending of New Orleans Mourning is somewhat unsatisfying, but sadly believable.I recommend this highly to anyone who hasn t yet discovered Smith s series It s only the daunting state of my TBR shelves that s keeping me from going back to reread the whole series.

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    This book was full of miserable, unlikeable characters I don t think I ll be reading the next in the series too many good books to read

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    It may not be fair for me to rate this book, because I didn t get very far into it before I gave it up By a few chapters in, I didn t care about any of the characters and actively disliked most of them I didn t care at all who killed the guy The roving first person POV was not done well, so instead of being interested enough to sort out whose head I was in, I was just confused PERHAPS if one was from NOLA or really a cultural insider, one might enjoy being part of the in group and understanding the references, but to this Yankee who typically does enjoy insight into other cultures , the plot and characters weren t worth the research necessary to sort it all out I m also not into familial disfunction in my beach reading, and this book is full of tangled, sad family interaction.

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    Okay, I like the pun in the title, and I love the setting I have been lucky enough to have to go to NOLA on business twice in the last year, and I had wonderful times there as I always inevitably do so I was excited to revisit the French Quarter in particular in this novel, and was pleased to get an insider s insights into the class system there and the rules and traditions of Mardi Gras.However, I just couldn t come to care for the main character, Skip Langdon She is presented to us as the gangly upper class girl who never fit in, so she rejected the world of debutantes and ostensibly is now proving herself as a rookie cop, an policewoman with guts and determination, also confronted with reverse snobbery from her sexist working class cop colleagues The story itself is from some years ago, but that part didn t bother me I just found her behavior inconsistent you can t be both the gangling wallflower and Charlie s primo Angel at the same time I also didn t get why her love interest, the tall sexy moviemaking hunk from the West Coast, found her so captivating that whole love dynamic didn t make sense and the their possible romance was hemmed and hawed over, the less interested I became I almost stopped reading altogether when he seduced her into their naked purification ritual with candles and incense There were many less nauseating parts of the book, some I even enjoyed For instance, I did enjoy the chapters given over to narration by different characters from this rich but dysfunctional Southern family steeped in melancholia thank you for the idea, Mr Faulkner as we tried to figure out which one committed the murder of King Rex at the high point of Mardi Gras, disguised as a sharpshooting Dolly Parton.

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    Well written and an interesting story but not exactly the cozy mystery I thought I was getting I really didn t like Skip as a character Come to think of it, none of the characters in this, with the exception of Steve, had any redeeming value at all I wasn t sad or upset over the deaths of any of the people and the ones who were left didn t give me anything to grieve over either Just a bunch of sad, social climbers with nothing better to do than perpetuate old social s And the ending Don t get me started on the rich getting away with, in this case, murder.

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    I m not rating this one because it wouldn t be fair I made it less than 10% into the book.Perhaps I don t have enough interest about New Orleans, or care enough about the Mardi Gras history or events, but not even the characters introduced captured my attention enough to continue.Sorry..

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    I like the author I like the lead character Skip Langdon And, of course, I love NOLA So I m a happy camper This was 1 in the series, so I went back to the beginning I m now reading book 2.