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Meet Kate Malone Straight A Science And Math Geek, Minister S Daughter, Ace Long Distance Runner, New Girlfriend To Mitchell Early Decision Harvard Pangborn III , Unwilling Family Caretaker, And Emotional Avoidance Champion Kate Manages Her Life By Organizing It As Logically As The Periodic Table She Can Handle It All Or So She Thinks Then, Things Change As Suddenly As A String Of Chemical Reactions First, The Malones Neighbors Get Burned Out Of Their Own Home And Move In Kate Has To Share Her Room With Her Nemesis, Teri Litch, And Teri S Little Brother The Days Are Ticking Down And She S Still Waiting To Hear From The Only College She Applied To MIT Kate Feels That Her Life Is Spinning Out Of Her Control And Then, Something Happens That Truly Blows It All Apart Set In The Same Community As The Remarkable Speak, Catalyst Is A Novel That Will Change The Way You Look At The World

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  1. says: s fine is laurie halse anderson the jodi picoult of the YA set is this a fair assessment jodi picoult s schtick is to just take whatever makes the headlines and structure a book around it anderson s seems to be to take a teen problem and structure a book around it this is excluding her historical stuff, which i liked a lot than any of the three contemporary problem novels i have read and it s probably a great thing that she does this there are so many different problems, and i m sure it is comforting to read stuff like this if you are going through stuff like this don t look at me, i m not a spoiler bomb and yet, i still want to read from her is that madness what am i finding so compelling about her books that i keep reading them because i have only ever been gently moved by them i read them and it s eh and i grab another book and i never think of them again what kind of a hold does she have over me does she have my kitteh hostage nah, but it s like a potato chip book i in fact just ate about half a bag of potato chips when my intention was to eat just one little salty handful and then i was like, well, there s not that many left in here, i wouldn t want them to get stale or anything and then i just kept eating and idly reading reviews on here you guys write good reviews and then before i knew it, they were all gone that is how her books feel to me i know i am not getting anything out of them, but that saltit defeats me.i think it s great that the main female character in this is a total science nerd that s great for young girls, right but everything else in her life is so crappy, what if it is because of her affection for science food for thought maybe science makes your oh nope, not a spoiler bomb nice try.this is kind of like a pre black swan book, where there is a highly driven female character who should really have everything go right for her, based on how much time and effort she puts into being the best but life has its own ideas.that s just science, after all

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    If I could run all the time, life would be fine As long as I keep moving, I m in control Kate Malone runs at night She does the housework and makes sure her younger brother and Reverend father are looked after She is on the honour roll and can t wait to attend her dream school, MIT She barely sleeps Her life is perfectly planned Until it isn t.Teri Litch is an outcast She wears her attitude like armour She and her brother stay with their neighbours, the Malone s, after a fire damages their home Family secrets are revealed and carefully constructed masks the characters wear for the world disintegrate as their lives collide.I loved that Catalyst takes place in the same town as Speak and that Melinda has a short scene in this book It s the year after Melinda s story so I gained some insight into what s happened in her life since I saw her last I specifically chose this as my next Laurie Halse Anderson read because I knew I d get to see Melinda again.Much like Melinda s story in Speak, Kate and Teri s stories are not complete at the end of this book There is no happily ever after nor is there an epilogue filling the reader in on what happened in these girls lives after their final conversation Sometimes a lack of resolution can annoy me but it didn t here life keeps going and what we have here are a few chapters in these characters lives Life is messy and we don t get to have everything neatly packaged up and prettified with a ribbon just because we want it to.Okay, I know this contradicts what I just said but I would love to read a book written from Teri s perspective I d like to find out what happens in her next chapter hopefully something overwhelmingly positive and, scary as it may be, I want to spend some time in her head I didn t feel much of a connection with Kate but Teri intrigued me as soon as I met her.I liked the idea of using scientific terms as the chapter headings but, because my scientific nerd status is currently wannabe , their relevance to the content of each chapter went over my head I didn t want to get bogged down researching each term to figure out the connections but I imagine I ll do this during a reread.I read a review prior to starting this book that absolutely ruined the main reveals for me Thanks, reviewer that shall not be named who didn t hide their spoilers Because I knew these going in, I was easily able to pick up on clues of what was to come and the reveals lost some of their emotional impact I would have loved to have had the chance to figure these out for myself so will be selective with the reviews I read before I ve finished a book in the future.Bonus Points for the Author Anyone who includes Tori Amos in their book s acknowledgement section gets a lifetime Kindred Spirit award from me Content warnings include grief, family violence, sexual assault, bullying and view spoiler death of a child hide spoiler

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    This is very typical Young Adult fare, with every emotion and act being handled with high drama Everything could lead to the end of the world in this girl s mind.I don t enjoy this kind of book, but I understand its place in juvenile literature It feeds a certain kind of reader.That aside, I didn t care for much of this book The premise was slippery at best A girl smart enough to think she can get in to MIT but doesn t apply to any other schools A girl that smart, but who lies about applying to other schools A girl that smart, athletic, and strong enough of nerve to mouth off to a bully who takes on the entire football team, but doesn t apply to than one college and lies about it Hmm Doesn t fit for me.The aspect of the girl being a runner and one who often runs as a way to spend time thinking, was never explored properly or used efficiently.I liked being surprised that the little boy was actually the son not the brother that we expected of the female bully And the son by the bully s father A great twist and character defining opportunity.Having the boy die seemed totally unnecessary, even to create high drama for a YA book.I wouldn t recommned this, even to those who like YA books.

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    _ You see that face right there That was what my face looked like when I finished reading this book eight minutes ago Yeah That s right I used a carrot This book doesn t even deserve a real arrow What was Anderson thinking when she decided to write this book Maybe this Hmm, let s see Maybe I ll write a book about a nerdy preacher daughter who really loves science and math She s only going to apply to MIT since she s all smart and everything And then she ll get rejected and be devastated Oh And then meanwhile, she can have these neighbors whose house burned down And since her father s a preacher, they ll have to live with her Oh And guess what else The daughter in that family will be Kate s that s what her name will be arch nemesis And they ll have to get along Ah Too simple Someone has to die But who Thinking Oh I know We ll just kill off the little brother He ll get electrocuted to death That s pretty good But wait, there has to be another twist This brother could be the actual son of the nemesis Teri her name will be Yeah, and to top it off, it ll be by her father WHOA Not I m sorry if I m giving away spoilers But really, come on It clearly says on the first page summary and i quote 4 Death Fiction.Someone has to die And you might as well know now that it was the little brother.I didn t mind the writing style at all I enjoy how Anderson writes The thing was, nothing was even resolved I know that in real life, often times things don t have a happy ending But this book didn t even have a sad ending It didn t have anything There was a lot of moping around going on in this book Kate would mope Teri would mope And the worst part to me, about everything, was when Teri stole Kate s watch I didn t even like Kate she s stupid for only applying to one darn school but i was ticked off for her AND she stole the necklace Things like that get on my nerves Sigh This is just like that darn Twisted book Same author Same none plot Sigh Sigh Sigh Okay let me stop I m beginning to sound like the characters in this book Too late.

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    It isn t often that I give books I manage to finish reading one star, mainly I DNF at an earlier stage but with Catalyst, that was a different story Because of the short length, I decided to plough through and see if the storyline and characters were going to be appealing and compelling Sadly, it was neither of those things I enjoyed Forge and Chains both by the same author when I read them aged fourteen as a high school student but since then, the writing style doesn t quite sit well with me.Kate Malone lives with her Dad who is a reverend and after applying for College, a fire occurs nearby meaning one of her nemesis having to move in as the house is being rebuilt Will say trigger warning for death as a young character does die towards the end of the story which was upsetting to read I couldn t connect with Kate or any of her fellow classmates, the plotline was disjointed and some of the actions undertaken by the main character Kate to be childish and questionable The ending was also abrupt leaving me with questions than answers Very disappointed, will not be reading any books by this author.

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    I struggled reading this book It was good at times But for me it never seemed to reel me in I was waiting and waiting and waiting to get engrossed in it It never happened When I read a book I don t want to have to use a bookmark I want to read something that remembering the page that I am on is second nature This wasn t one of those books for me.

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    Not anywhere nearly as good as Speak. Kate, the science brain who is nevertheless too stupid or too driven to apply to any other college than MIT, doesn t get in that s not a spoiler, it s the first twenty pages and her life is turned upside down when her reverend father takes in Teri Litch, an outcast girl, and Teri s mother and young brother Teri is the catalyst of the hackneyed title, altho we never see anything from her point of view and never get to know her as a character We don t get to know any other characters, either Where Melinda, in Speak, was believably acid tongued because of the trauma she was enduring, Kate s bright brittleness is blamed on the early death of her mother whom we never see, either The division of her character into outward, conforming Good Kate and inner caustic Bad Kate is as binary and simplistic as the nomenclature Unlike the year long exploration of the art program in Speak, the chemistry talk in this book feels painted on, a thin literary contrivance that can t support the thematic weight it s asked to bear in place of real structure or characterization The real story here is Teri s, but nobody tells it not Teri, not Kate, not Anderson herself Kate s English teacher still thinks understanding Greek mythology is the key to happiness If you ask me, Theresa Litch is a living, breathing Greek tragedy In an especially annoying and typical trend in modern literature, the plot and its problems are never resolved there s just a fake epiphany, and the book simply ends Melinda herself from Speak makes a cameo as a student building an art installation on campus, but it s just a gag since she and Kate only exchange a few words and she means nothing to the story I paid two dollars for this book at a Value Village, and it was too much.Probably Catalyst s biggest disappointment, and the biggest reason for its failure, is its heroine or rather, heroines Anderson falls into one of the oldest narrative traps of all how do you write about a boring character without being boring Kate isn t boring, exactly well, probably not intentionally, anyway but she s closed off and defensive and shut down Teri is the one with the story which drives the plot, but we re stuck listening to Kate Melinda couldn t speak to the people around her in her own world, and so her voice, speaking directly to us, created a unique bond between the character and the readers Her story not only had a clear arc and well defined end, there was a reason she was telling it, to us the storytelling itself became part of the plot and theme, as it does with all good first person novels Kate, by contrast, doesn t speak to or for us, or anyone else, at all.

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    This book is a work of terrible genius, but I can t go into too much detail because it will break me Suffice it to say that it s brilliant and that it completely blindsided me and wrecked me emotionally in a way that no other book I ve read has ever done.

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    Me before reading Catalyst Ooh it s written by Laurie Halse Anderson This should be good Me after reading Why the hell did I even waste money on this book and WHY did I actually waste precious reading time to suffer through this garbage Yep It was that bad.And the thing is, I kept reading, mistakenly thinking that this would be one of those books that resolves everything in the last few pages and everything clicks by the end of the novel But, disappointingly, nothing was resolved At all.Another thing that bugged me was how stupid Kate was She brings shame upon all perfectionists everywhere if I was one, I would be very offended by how they are portrayed It is claimed that she is a straight A student who is perfect in school But, alas, she has absolutely no common sense She doesn t apply to multiple colleges, because she is obsessed with MIT Which is completely out of character Not only that, but she spends the entirety of the book moping around and whining The multiple references to chemistry was a bit overused and unnecessary, in my opinion To me, there wasn t really a point to this novel It kind of just rambled on and on about MIT this, cross country that, and loads of drama over insignificant things To say Kate is melodramatic is an understatement.Don t get me wrong, Kate s character actually had potential If LHA executed her character well, this would have been a semi enjoyable read But she was so unbearable and irritating that it was hard to sympathize with her.Maybe I m totally missing the point of this book Maybe this book has a really good message that I am unable to see I don t know What I do know for sure is that this book was a pain to read, and unless you want to torture yourself and be trapped in the mind of Kate Whining Malone, you probably won t be a fan of this one.

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    Catalyst by Laurie Halse Anderson is a sequel companion to Speak It s set one year after the events of Speak This novel is narrated by Kate Malone straight A senior, science and math whiz, and daughter of the local reverend Kate s also a great runner, which is good because Kate s been running from a lot of things Kate has been the family caretaker since her mother died She hasn t been sleeping as she waits to hear from her dream college she runs instead And now Teri Litch, Kate s nemesis, and Terry s little brother are living with the Malones Kate tries to ignore all of these problems by running and keeping her head in the sand Besides, things couldn t get any worse Until they do.You ll have to read the book to figure out what happens next because I don t do spoiler reviews.So now we can talk about the book in technical terms The book is broken up into elements solid, liquid, gas and features quotes from an AP Chem prep book Most of them are straightforward enough to be understandable and relate to the story Kate also makes use of scientific elements for her narration without being overly scientific AKA confusing boring.I greatly admire Laurie Halse Anderson She s a great writer and she never comes off as smug or pompous in her interviews at the back of her books Even better, Anderson is a fresh voice.That said, the voice here was not as fresh as it was in Speak In other words, Kate s narration sounds a lot like Melinda even though they are completely different characters That bothered me I like that Anderson s prose is so snappy and often sarcastic, but it was weird having two disparate characters narrate in almost the same voice Given the connection between these two books, I suppose comparisons are inevitable so I ll finish the thought Melinda is a likable narrator than Kate That makes a difference.Ironically, the increased dialogue in this book Melinda does not talk throughout most of hers doesn t make the characters developed The minor characters, particularly Sara and Travis, remain flat developed enough to be quirky but not present enough to be memorable This might be because Kate s social circle is larger, giving Anderson characters to fit into the narrative.The other thing to bear in mind about Catalyst is that it is not the same kind of book as Speak Kate s path throughout the narrative, and her way through her problems, is very different than Melinda s If you haven t guessed yet, Kate s path involves a lot of running This book also has a different appeal Speak seemed universal, the scope for Catalyst is narrow Anderson does a great job of capturing the anxiety and drama that surrounds the college application acceptance process She also creates a compelling study of the silent, overachiever that seems to be at every high school More importantly, Anderson shows that those achievements don t always come without a cost.Overall, Catalyst is a good book I enjoyed it and I would recommend it But Speak was a great book that was, overall, powerful than its sequel.You can find this review and on my blog Miss Print