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books Henry and the Buccaneer BunniesAuthor Carolyn Crimi –

Step Aboard, Buccaneers And Book Lovers Comically Dramatic Illustrations Set The Tone For This Humorous, Hare Raising Adventure On The High Seas BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES Aboard A Ship Called The Salty Carrot Sails A Wild, Rowdy Band Of Buccaneer Bunnies Their Leader, Barnacle Black Ear, Is The Baddest Bunny Brute Of All Time, But His Son Refuses To Perform His Proper Pirating Duties Henry Would Rather Read Books Than Shout Shiver Me Timbers Or Make Prisoners Walk The Plank Even If It Means He Has To Swab The Decks As Punishment But When A Crashing, Bashing, Thrashing Wildcat Of A Storm Threatens The Salty Carrot And Its Crew, Will Henry And His Landlubbin Library Save The Day

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    My boys really enjoyed this book about a bunny pirate who is interested in reading then being a typical pirate.

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    Today was pirate day at preschool story time Henry is a lonely buccaneer bunny on the crickety pirate ship The Salty Carrot , a bunny, whose father is Barnacle Black Ear the baddest bunny of all time All Henry wants to do is read his books, all his father wants him to do, is his pirate duties.But when wildcat of a hurricane breaks up their pirate ship, who comes to the rescue of all the buccaneer bunnies Henry Using his books he builds, cooks and fashions the buccaneer bunnies, so that they will be able to visit the local library on nearby Easter Island.I LOVE this book, the illustrations and the humor will even have the youngest of children hanging on the edge of their seats ..

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    Shout Shiver me timbers Black Ear ordered I d rather finish this chapter, said Henry.That basically sums up my entire life I d always rather finish this chapter.

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    Henry is sailing the seas onboard The Salty Carrot, with his dad, Barnacle Black Ear and all his pirate buddies Henry has no intention of doing all those nasty pirate things, but all he wants to do all day is read, read, read He loves The Old Hare and the Sea, and Rabbitson Crusoe His dad is furious with his book loving waysuntil one day when Henry predicts a storm a brewing Disaster strikes and they are shipwrecked on a deserted island But, Henry saves the day with all the knowledge and information he has accumulated through his love of reading and books Henry builds a hut, cooks up a delicious seaweed stew, and outfits the buccaneers in fancy duds He s a hero And, it is all because of books Barnacle Black Ear declares, Buccaneer Bunies will always need books Ahmusic to Henry s ears.The illustrations are delightful.

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    Henry is the son of Barnacle Black Ear, the captain and one of the fiercest of the Buccaneer Bunnies Unfortunately, Henry prefers reading to pirating despite his father s pressure to participate in the pirate life Once a storm arrives, Henry s reading soon proves its worth A large portion of the fun in this titles comes from the details lots of pirate talk and tidbits, but also several references that older readers and parents might recognize such as Rabbitson Crusoe and the tatoo of a cabbage named Beatrix on Calico Jack Rabbit s arm Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies is a funny, light read which also promotes reading and libraries.

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    Henry loves to read books like the rest of us No one in Henry s world understands his love for reading until all of the bunnies are stranded on an island Henry takes his knowledge from books and helps everyone to survive All the bucanneers now understand why Henry loves to read so much What a great book to share with young readers

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    Henry and the B.B s is so adorable Its about a pirate bunny who gets teased for reading all the time But, when the pirates get stranded on an island after a storm and Henry knows how to take care of everthing b c of books he is seen in a new light.

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    I love this series There is just something that about a bunny that would rather be reading than doing dastardly deeds that just gets to me And all his book learnin pays off in the end As it should.

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    Let me start off by saying, I love Pirates I will pick up just about any picture book about Pirates just to see what it s about and this one didn t disappoint Henry is a good bunny unlike his father Captain Barnacle Black Ear Henry would rather spend his days reading then act like a pirate His love of reading causes him some trouble until it proves useful to his dad This is a great story to show the importance of reading I can t wait to share it with my students.

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    The Salty Carrot is a pirate ship filled with wild, rowdy band of Buccaneers The Captain Barnacle Black Ear tries to make his son a rowdy pirate, but Henry only wants to read books When a storm shipwrecks the crew, Henry puts all of his book reading to good use, and impressed the crew, and his dad Barnacle Black Ear.