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The New Sea Was Teeming With A Secret Life It Was The Greatest Engineering Feat The Flooding Of Part Of The Sahara Desert But The New Waters That Covered Up The Land Also Threatened To Destroy An Ancient, Secret Civilization Beneath The Earth When Mark Sunnet S Plane Crashed Into The New Sea, He And His Beautiful Companion, Margaret Lawn, Were Taken Prisoner By These Secret People They Were Taken Deep Beneath The Earth Into Strange, Dark Caverns Caverns That Seemed To Hold No Hope For Escape But Mark And Margaret Had To Escape For Now, Suddenly, They Were Faced With Two Terrors The Secret People Who Were To Be Their Executioners And The Merciless New Sea That Threatened To Kill Them All

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    So, after reading reviews I feel a bit like I m about to praise an OK book to the sky This is John Wyndham s first book as nearly every reviewer has said , however, I don t feel it shows, not any than The Day of the Triffids In fact, I liked this book much better The first half was amazing, it was felt like a mix between The Loch and Journey to the Center of the Earth And even Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea How could I not love it What starts as a hot, dull vacation in Africa, soon turns into a nightmare for Mark and Margaret, after one flight over The New Sea which has covered a part of the Sahara Desert It leads them to a lost civilization, caves, monster fungi and the most startling of inventions After the halfway part things slow a little, Mark and Margaret are fighting for their freedom and their lives As The New Sea grows steadily larger above their heads, the rock bead begins to leak, and its only a matter of time before they can never escape They fight with the Pygmies, who are also fighting for their lives as well as their civilization I don t want to give anything away, because the surprises were the kind that once spoiled would never be the same While I m not going to say this is amazing literature how can I with all the OK reviews and three stars , but I can and will say that I really, truly, loved it Maybe I was in the mood for good Si Fi pulp Or maybe I don t have very good taste, whatever I think my taste is pretty good, so we ll allow me a few iffy ones, right Anyway, for fans of Science Fiction and John Wyndham I d whole heartedly recommend this I can only hope you ll enjoy it at least half as much as me PG There are some mild swears, a bit of violence, when it comes to warfare and a bit of what I d call Chinese Torture I must say about the torture, I m very glad we were not show it step by step, because I think we can all imagine how it feels to have splinters thrust into our fingers, without being told We do get the excitement of being there, but it is blacked out among other things which aren t every expounded on.

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    I chose this purely because of the cover, expecting it not only because of the cover but also as this was his first book to be worse than it was.I miss the dys of cheap books in oxfam, days when every other book on their shelves was a Wyndham book I suppose it is, in some ways at least, a good thing that no longer seems to be the case.This is very much a testing the water book pun intended and it is so well written, that in some parts, the story becomes secondary to the enjoyment of reading

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    The Secret People is a science fiction novel by John Wyndham in 1935 The novel was written under Wyndham s early pen name, John Beynon The Secret People came out in a serialized form in the English magazine Passing Show Now before anything else I wanted to know why he wrote the book using another name, so off I went to find out This is what I came up with, for some reason beyond me Wyndham s full name is John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris That seems like an awful lot of names for a person to have to remember and write and tell people over and over again, you know like when you go to the doctor and the receptionist asks for your full name, I can just see the look on her face as she is writing all that down, and I m positive there isn t enough room on any form I ve ever had to fill out for anything for all of those names However, that s what his full name is so it is now perfectly understandable to me why he shortened it writing under names such as, John Beynon Harris, John Beynon, Wyndham Parkes, Lucas Parkes, Johnson Harris and of course John Wyndham As to why he changed his pen name so often, I m just going to go with because he could and be done with the wondering As for The Secret People it certainly was unusual, I ll give it that It was filled with surprises for me, things that have never even occured to me before For instance I am positive I have never read a book before where mushrooms played such a big part in the story It has never occured to me that if we had giant mushrooms growing around here, we could defend our small town from all invaders by using the mushroom stems to build walls around our village We can also use the big round part of the mushrooms as shields If the creek floods our town as it does once in a while, we can use the mushroom stems to build rafts, if we have enough rope that is, they are fantastic floating machines I learned that you can live your entire life eating nothing but mushrooms You can eat them raw, or boil them, or mush them up and eat them like a type of mushroom oatmeal, or make mushroom soup, and there is also a mushroom drink described as several stages below that inferior vodka which is made from bread.And where are all these mushrooms They are in a deep, deep layer of caverns Caverns that, once you find yourself in them, there seems to be no way to get out again And where are all these caverns They are under the Sahara Desert, only the Sahara Desert isn t a desert any, it s a sea The New Sea It seems that France and Italy joined together and flooded it According to our novel the idea of the New Sea had been around since the nineteenth century, the great De Lesseps whoever he is had first come up with the idea, but it went nowhere until 1945 According to the book Then after being for almost a century a matter of merely academic interest it had, in 1945, suddenly become practical politics The French, in fact, decided to flood a part of the Sahara Desert That the undertaking was within the range of possibility had long been admitted by many experts, but until France had discovered Italy s willingness to enter into partnership, the financial obstacles had proved insurmountable Through mutual assistance and for their mutual benefit the two nations had gone to work upon the most ambitious engineering scheme yet projected So, now I know that France and Italy decided to make a sea, but I m still not sure why, then I read this France could foresee in the creation of this inland sea several advantages for herself First, she hoped that southern Tunis and a part of Algeria would benefit It was argued that the land about it would rapidly become fertile Trees would grow, clouds would follow, bringing rain the rain would induce still vegetation, and so on until the erstwhile desert sands should bloom Italy, once satisfied that there was no catch in the plan, became equally enthusiastic If her barren property should become fertile, at least in part, colonial expansion would give her a chance to build up a yet larger population The great day when the might of the Roman Empire should be revived would be brought a step nearer Now me being anything but a scientist or even a person who thinks scientifically ever, I couldn t see how this plan of theirs could ever work, I m still not sure where they were getting all the water unless they were just emptying some other sea from some other place Another thing I was wondering was if you build a sea in a desert would it really make it rain and things grow and all that wonderful stuff I have no idea The only way I could see this working at all however, was as a fresh water sea If it s salt water how is anything going to grow anyway I m pretty sure if I went outside right now and watered my plants with salt water it wouldn t be good, I can kill a plant though just by bringing it home so I m not sure what salt water will do to them, but my sister who is a wonderful gardener doesn t poor salt water on them So I can t see anything growing if the sea is salt water And no one could drink it, so why would they move to a now watery desert that still has no drinkable water So in my mind it has to be fresh water OK, now that we have mushrooms, caverns, deserts and seas all we need is the people to finish our story As for them our hero is Mark Sunnet and our heroine is the beautiful Margaret Lawn Our main characters get trapped in the caverns that you can t get out of with a whole lot of other people, I m not telling you how When Mark wakes up in a room with other men who are dressed in rags with long, dirty beards he asks this But what are you all doing here Just living here But why Because we darn well can t do nothing else D you think we re here for fun He finds out that there are hundreds of men and women living in the caves and most have been there for years The groups of people are broken up into three catagories first, the people like Mark who have come in from the outside, next the people who have been born while in the caverns, they are called the natives , they have no desire to leave and finally we have the secret people , little people everyone calls pygmies , it s good they are there or we wouldn t have a book title They don t want anyone to leave, they want to keep their world a secret.Now here s my water problem, I m already convinced the sea should be fresh water or pointless, but from things I ve read it seems to be salt water Besides, it s salt water it s got into some of the reservoir caves already, and joined the fresh water streams So it is salt water and if I m right will not help the desert at all Another thing, they are worried it will polute their fresh water streams, are there really streams under the desert Finally, there s a cat in there, just one, running around the caverns The cat won t eat mushrooms so they catch fish and feed it the fish If they can catch fish in their mysterious streams, why in the world don t they eat some themselves At least once in a while for a change from mushroom oatmeal I ve told you enough now, how they all got there, if they ever get out, if they ever turned the Sahara into a beautiful seaside resort, if any pygmies wind up married to outsiders and all living happily ever after, how there happens to be enough light for everyone to be able to see just fine, and how they build fires without wood, you will have to find out by either reading the book or just searching the internet It said on my copy that it is a Science Fiction Classic so I looked up the words Science Fiction and it is described as this Science fiction is a genre of fiction dealing with imaginative content such as futuristic settings, futuristic science and technology, space travel, time travel, faster than light travel, parallel universes, and extraterrestrial life Well, it was set in the future, it was written in 1935 and set in the year 1964, so that covers the futuristic parts and maybe the cat is an alien Oh, and no one in the novel looks anything like the cover picture of the strange guy with mushrooms growing out of his head, that s just one odd thing about the book It certainly was interesting, I ll give Wyndham that.

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    by John Wyndham, published in 1935.I love to read author s first novels and this, The Secret People , is indeed John Wyndham s first And I have to say right off that despite it having been written so long ago it reads pretty much like a modern novel and not like its contemporaries.And for whatever reason he published it under the pseudonym John Beynon If my first novel was this good I would stick with my first published name and run with it from there on.Which gets me to the meat of the book itself or should that be Portobelo mushroom steak Let me explain.The gist of the novel is that a secret society of pygmies lives deep underground below the Sahara Desert No, really And two, for the times anyhow, cool concepts were being explored and kudos to Wyndham for coming up with them when he did though he is likely not the first, but I don t really know for sure.First off he has a rocket powered airplane Remember this was published in 1935 Cutting edge technology for the times Also the Sahara Desert is being turned into a huge inland sea which leads to troubles as you can imagine And what would a science fiction tale be without cool big concepts into which you toss a handful of characters.Which is pretty much what happens You see, the rocket plane crashes into this growing sea while the pilot Mark is trying to impress a female friend Margaret Some things are just universal aren t they.Well the plane with Mark and Margaret inside gets sucked down a whirlpool and underground into the lands of the pygmies They are separated and Mark ends up in a prison colony in a deep layer of the caverns where he meets many others who have been there as much as ten or years It seems that once the pygmies catch you in their lands, they never let you leave and so their society has indeed remained secret for all these hundreds of years.But their world is threatened now by flooding as the Sahara keeps getting pumped with and water and and cave ins occur which will eventually flood their homes.Oh, and one other cool concept I almost forgot the pygmies have developed cold light Think a kind of bioluminescence coupled with fluorescent light and you have the glow globes of the underground Again, this is 1935 we are talking about, so cool light is very cutting edge tech I m impressed.The novel overall is pretty exciting with escape plans to make Papion blush and several skirmishes with pygmies and evil double crossing humans oh and romance, cat worship and some other surprising twists.So, if you ever wondered what the creator of Day of the Triffids and Midwich Cuckoos first novel was like find a copy of this, The Secret People and give it a go.While reading this novel I was mostly reminded of Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne, so if you liked that you will like this.

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    In The Secret People we are drawn down a sinkhole into a series of subterranean caverns in which live a strange tribe of people, descendants perhaps of people who once walked the face of the African continent Captured and imprisoned,our heroes Mark and Margaret must survive as they strive to escape the doomed caverns.John Wyndham was one of my parents favorite sci fi authors so I read a lot of his growing up, I was amazed to find one I had not read The story telling, writing and world crafting are every good as I remembered them to be and I thoroughly enjoyed this story.It could be argued that it has not dated well written in 1935, the setting is in some ways very true to it s era and in that way very dated the men and women are 30 s people through and through, appearances, social gender and imperialism and all, I found that quite fascinating but I am not sure it would be every modern readers cup of tea The futures Wyndham predicted did not eventuate Rocket ships zooming through the atmosphere under the hands of private pilots were not a thing in 1964 but if he can called it a concord would it have worked and rocket propelled craft had a very limited trialing in the 2000 s Italy and France did not combine forces to flood the Sahara desert and create an inland sea on the other hand apparently the idea was discussed at one stage.While reading this story I kept getting reminders of other old but brilliant stories Edgar Rice Burroughs Pellucidar adventures, H G Wells marvelous adventures and of course Jules Verne s Journey to the center of the earth.On the whole, I enjoyed this book throughly

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    Non male pi che fantascienza, si tratta di avventura esotica alla Haggard con tutti i pregi e i difetti di quel genere.Non entusiasma, il finale scontato ed ha una sua tragica bellezza si legge con piacere, ma nulla pi.

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    Es gibt Ideen, die k nnen einfach nur aus bestimmten Zeitaltern stammen Ein Meer in die W ste zu machen, zum Beispiel W hrend man heute ber die praktische Nutzung von Sonnenstunden ohne Ende nachdenkt und dabei die Energieversorgung im Auge hat waren die geistigen Projektoren von Science Fiction Autoren auf viel profanere Einf lle gerichtet Profan im Sinne von nicht besonders hilfreich Und was ist unn tiger als noch ein weiteres Meer, um das wir uns nicht k mmern Sei es, wie es sei Die riesigen Pumpen, die das neue Meer erschaffen sollen, verrichten jedenfalls ihren Dienst, als der Pilot eines D senjets samt seiner Freundin nebst Katze just ber diesem k nstlichen Gew sser abst rzt Sehr zu seinem Gl ck geht zwar der Flieger selbst zu Bruch, ihre Knochen bleiben aber gr tenteils heil Nachdem man sich vom ersten Schock ganz gut erholt hat, folgt sofort der Zweite W hrend eines Versuchs sich von einer kleinen, aufgesch tteten oder vielmehr noch nicht untergegangenen Insel aufs Festland treiben zu lassen, werden die drei hinab gesogen in ein bis dahin v llig unbekanntes H hlensystem Und dort geht gleich von Anfang an alles schief die hiesigen Bewohner totenbleiche Pygm en leben von Pilzen, G tterkulten und Langeweile Die einzige Abwechslung in deren Leben scheint es jedenfalls zu sein, ungl ckliche Neuank mmlinge zu ungl cklichen lteren Ank mmlingen zu sperren So werden unser Pilot und seine Freundin noch immer nebst Katze zu Gefangenen unter Tage bewaffnet einzig mit der Hoffnung das Tageslicht irgendwann einmal wiederzusehen.Wem das nicht Anfang zwanzigstes Jahrhundert genug ist, dem kann man nicht mehr helfen Das Tolle daran ist aber, dass wir einen weiteren, sensationellen Einblick in die K pfe dieser Zeit erhalten Wyndham verbindet klassische Science Fiction bester Tradition mit mit genau jener Sorte Zukunftsvisionen, die eigentlich auch dem Gr enwahn jenes Zeitalters entsprechen, in dem Das Versteckte Volk geschrieben wurde 1935 klang die Erschaffung eines k nstlichen Meeres vielleicht nicht nur wie eine gro artige Leistung sondern auch wie eine gro artige Idee.In Sachen Stil hat sich Wyndham tats chlich viel von anderen Meistern abgeschaut Beim Lesen erh lt man den Eindruck nicht das kreativste Werk aller Zeiten vor Augen zu haben, daf r aber mit soliden Erl uterungen und Herleitungen ausgestattete Upper Class Ware Es machte durchaus Spa jenen Bogen gemeinsam mit seinen Figuren zu spannen, den diese von Kinderb chern ber Wichtel und Gnome hin zu einem vergessenen Pygm en Volk zogen.Ich w rde die kurze Lekt re sicherlich jenen Empfehlen, die gerne einmal etwas von Wyndham lesen wollen, weil er sicherlich ein bedeutender Schriftsteller auf seinem Gebiet war Zwar habe ich das Buch nicht deshalb ausgew hlt ich h tte es aber durchaus deshalb tun k nnen Was man vorab aber vielleicht wissen sollte ist, dass die bersetzungen nur m ig angepasst wurden Das eine oder andere heute ge chtete Wort ist darin jedenfalls vorhanden Und obwohl ich mich in dieser Hinsicht gerne recht unempfindlich gebe muss ich durchaus zugeben, dass es auch mich kurz gebeutelt hat, als ich das erste Mal Neger gelesen habe.

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    The Secret People was one of science fiction author, John Wyndham s first books, written under the pen name, John Benyon in 1935 Wyndham is one of my favourite science fiction writers His books, The Day of the Triffids, The Chrysalids and The Kraken Wakes are amongst my favourite books in the genre.So, it was quite a pleasant surprise when I found The Secret People while I was leafing through one of my used book store s shelves.Was The Secret People at the same level of Wyndham s classics Not by a long shot However, it was still an entertaining adventure, somewhat in the same vein as Jules Verne s Journey to the Center of the Earth, and maybe so, HG Wells Land that Time Forgot books.The Secret People is set in Africa, in the Sahara Desert The French and Italians have begun a project to flood the desert by piping up water from under the desert to make a huge sea An English adventurer, Mark Sunnet, in his new jet plane, is visiting Africa, just to see new lands and to try out his plane He meets the lovely Margaret in a stopover in Algiers and takes her for a flight to see this new sea Unfortunately, an accident lands them, floating, in the middle of the sea.Caught in a whirlpool, the are sucked beneath the surface into a world of tunnels and caves under the desert It s peopled by a pygmy people who are desperate to remain undiscovered It turns out that there are many people who have by various accidents been made prisoners below the surface.Thus begins an adventure to escape from below the desert before a major disaster occurs I ll leave that part for you find out about It s an entertaining story, sometimes encumbered with philosophical discussions, but all in all fun to read and a nice intro to the future works of Wyndham I hope that I can find his other earlier works 3 stars

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    The Secret People is one of the first or THE firstI can t recall books written by John Wyndham and originally published under the name John Beynon I thought it was very good overall, but it didn t engage me as much as The Midwich Cuckoos and The Day of the Triffids did However, the part where evolution was discussed with regard to the pygmies was extremely impressiveespecially considering this book was written in 1935 before all the tenets of modern evolutionary synthesis were fully realized Wow Oh And the book is set in the future 1964 and Wyndham identifies Queen Elizabeth II as the reigning monarch of Great BritainBUUUUUUUT, when the book was published, in 1935, she wasn t in the direct line of succession How freaky deaky is that So, while I do believe that John Wyndham s writing definitely improved over time, I can now see that his ideas have always been rather revolutionary Kudos, Mr Wyndham

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    Don t get me wrong, I think Wyndham is a great writer, but his convoluted descriptions are a bit too much for me fanciful and elaborate as they may be, they distance me from the story instead of drawing me in because I just don t know what he s going on about This book s political allegory was also lost on me because I was ignorant of the references made to things like comic military reactions of Germany which in 1935 was under Nazi rule towards potential violations of their airspace by the protagonist s descending rocket plane and the Piltdown Man Yes I got these off Wikipedia But I enjoyed reading about how the different individuals reacted to bring trapped in the caves and he illustrates well just what humans are capable of when driven to desperation I think the implicit commentary on how humans have impeded on flora and fauna for their own selfish benefit is worth dwelling upon At first, I did think that the people consuming mushrooms were a reference to drugs and that implied the story was going to be a whole hallucinatory process lol