Free Reading No Pirates Allowed! Said Library Lou Author Rhonda Gowler Greene –

A loud, dirty pirates comes into the library looking for treasure Library Lou admonished him and tells him to clean up and come back, then she will help with the treasure He comes back and she gives him letters as a clue He keeps coming each day looking for the treasure and she gives him books as clues for the treasure Finally, the Pirate knows what the treasure isdo you Funny story with great rhyming passages Kids will crack up when she tells him to go change his underwear The illustrations are very detailed I love looking at the facial expressions on all the characters in the book and as a librarian, I really love the 2 page illustration of Library Lou in the stacks Some kids might need some assistance or at least another read with a few of the shaming passages, but it s still sure to crack a few smiles.I read it to second graders and they enjoyed it. Lively premise, and even though pirates seem able to show up in almost at setting, is one is a bit of a surprise The pirate takes a tad too long to figure out the punch line, but kids will be way ahead of him Seems like a great intro to the library organization and its ultimate value to readers Kids who say ruble with breaking the code will appreciate the pirate s initial AAARGH When confronted with the process. At Seabreezy Library, Things Were Just Right Booklovers Were Cozy The Sky Was Blue Bright When Shiver Me Timbers Through Seabreezy S Door Stormed Big Pirate Pete And His Parrot, Igor Argh Things Are Looking And Smelling A Little Fishy At Seabreezy Library When The Big X On Pirate Pete S Treasure Map Leads Him And His Parrot Sidekick Igor To Believe Buried Treasure Is Hidden At The Library, The Patrons Are Quaking In Their Shoes But Never Fear Library Lou, Seabreezy S Librarian Extraordinaire, Is As Cool As A Cucumber And Knows How To Handle An Irate Pirate Or Two She Knows Exactly Where The Treasure Is Buried But First She Needs To Help Pirate Pete And Igor Get A Handle On Their Hygiene, Brush Up On Library Etiquette, And Then Tackle Learning Their Letters And That Will Lead Them To The Treasure That Can Always Be Found At The Library Pirate vs Librarian My bet s on librarian every single time. Predictable And it bugged me that he kept using me in place of I Yes, pirates say me in place of my, but I think that otherwise they use the correct pronouns. Read this to 2nd grade during pirate week. In this story all is well with Library Lou and the patrons of Seabreezy Library until one day when loud and smelly Pirate Pete and his parrot, Igor, march in looking for treasure Library Lou tells Pirate Pete that unless he is quiet, there are no pirates allowed in the library She tells him that there is treasure at the library and she will show it to him but he is to go home and clean up first When he and Igor get all cleaned up, they come back to the library looking for treasure Library Lou shows him the letters of the alphabet and how they go together He begins to practice at home and comes back to the library every day foruntil one day he demands the sweet gold he has been promised Library Lou shows him the books and Pirate Pete reads and reads and reads He becomes a reader and soon realizes that the books are the treasure he has been looking for all his life He thanks Library Lou, who at the end hangs a sign on the door that says, Pirates Allowed Greene, R G., Ajhar, B 2013 No pirates allowed said Library Lou Ann Arbor, MI Sleeping Bear Press. Everyone likes to read, even pirates In the picture book, No Pirates Allowed Big Pete has tracked his map to find treasure at a local library Causing a ruckus in this cozy library, he is asked to leave by the head librarian, librarian Lou She teaches him a lesson or two when he comes back to the library the next day, and even checked out some books Big Pete learned about letters, sounds, words and eventually how to even read At the end of the story pirate are even invited to enter the library Liberian Lou was inclusive enough to invite Pete to read and the book ended with a potential love interest between the two I would recommend this book to any kindergarten level teacher who is supporting students who are intimated by reading or don t enjoy it Another critique of this story is it too long and you might lose interest when or if you re reading it aloud However, there are themes of endearment, support, and aspects of realism that reach home for many It feels as if there are too many gives and takes with this book overall. I hate when people portray librarians as sweater wearing, bun styling, cat glasses wearing, shushers, but this book added in a strong personality, desire to help others, and an unwilling to back down attitude that made me forgive the stereotype Library Lou teaches Big Pirate Pete how to read and shows him the real treasure in this world stories I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH Seriously, this book is not only for the enjoyment of young readers or listeners, but for the adults that read it too I swear that I have not laughed as much over a children s book ever While this book is guaranteed to make you laugh, it s also educational for the kiddos in an entertaining way I mean, who would ever expect a boisterous, filthy pirate to go to the library and You MUST read to find out