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EternityThis was an assume book I could not put it down I recommend this book to everyone it s fascinating Loved it It s been awhile since I ve read a book where I got angry with my life for getting in the way of me finishing a book in one sitting.I was amazed at how Mr Heinan put as much detail as he did into such a compact book I have never been to New Orleans and the pictures and his ability to describe scene helped me to understand the physical, emotional, and mental settings of the story.I hadn t heard of Delphine Lalaurie or Marie Laveau before reading L immortalite After reading it I want to knowof the history and rumor surrounding both women.One would assume the book would focus on just the two women and the other characters would be flat, but I felt I knew all of the other characters surrounding the legend as well as madam Lalaurie and Marie Laveau, no matter how minor the character seemed to be.The grizzly detail of the legend, the horrific acts, and the way T.R Heinan described them sent chills up my spine I found myself cringing from fear and anxiety, but unable to stop reading Constantly cheering on another main character, Phillipe Bertrand.Following Phillipe s journey of self discovery and watching him grow from a cowardice person to a heroic figure folded in well with theobvious plot of the book.I was enthralled with the clash and harmony of voodoo and Catholicism One would think that these two should not coincide or even mix, but Marie Laveau made it make sense.The blend of history and legend, mystery, grousomeness, religion, and internal external struggle makes this an enticing read An Historical Fiction Horror Trade Paperback L Immortalite Is A Comedic Reflection On Life After Death Based On The True Story Of The Delphine Lalaurie And The Most Haunted House In New Orleans Illustrated By John Weston Philippe Bertrand, Sacristan At St Louis Cathedral Is Helped By Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau When A Young Slave Escapes The Horrors Of The Lalaurie Mansion L IMMORTALITEby T.R.HeinanThis novel is an exciting mixture of fact and fiction and it is hard to know which is which L Immortalite brings to light, once again, the brutal nature of slavery Set in New Orleans, Louisiana, where a family of rich white slave owners torture, mutilate, and murder many of their own slaves and cast terror into the hearts of the others in their captivity Mr Heinan introduces us to Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau, who gives aid and comfort to a runaway slave, and faces a death sentence if she is caught The author creates a graphic picture of a corrupt society that cannibalizes itself and is doomed to failure Well done, Mr Heinan, I could not put this book down.Mary Firmin, author DEADLY PLEASURES. L immortalite by T.R Heinan is an intriguing look into the true story of one New Orleans couple, whose gruesome acts performed upon others granted them a grotesque form of immortality.This book is based on true events and real people, including Delpine and Louis Lalaurie, and Marie Laveau, the famed Voodoo Queen of New Orleans The book not only retells the legend and truth of the atrocities that took place in the Lalaurie mansion the disfigurement of, experimentation upon, and horrific treatment of numerous slaves but addresses thoughts on immortality and the price one must pay to achieve it.What was most interesting for me was the historical truth of this novel I had no idea that these events took place, including the Louisiana wide Code Noir, which both oppressed and protected blacks during the time of its enforcement The blending of Voodoo, Catholicism, and multicultural traditions in New Orleans during this time was a fascinating and essential backdrop to the telling of the story I felt like I was getting an in depth history lesson while being pulled along with the tale.This book is a very quick read, but one which I found myself needing to know what was going to happen to the many interesting characters Although the back of the book describes it as a comedic meditation, I had a hard time finding the humor in the horrific events That being said, Marie Laveau was a very likeable character, and I found myself smiling at some of her wisdom I would recommend this book, especially if you are looking for a quick read about a pervasive, yet somewhat elusive, topic in our nation s history. I was fortunate to win this books in one of Goodreads Giveaways Included with the book, signed by the author, was a letter from the author which was absolutely thrilling I loved the added information in that letter and certainly appreciate all of the hard work and research that went in to it I thoroughly enjoyed this book More history than fiction, I found the story fascinating and appalling at the same time I think the only down side is that it is not long enough Congratulations to you T.R.Heinan on an excellent effort and piece of literary work I look forward to seeingfrom you. L Immortalitie Madame LaLaurie and the Voodoo Queen by T R Heinan is a well written and for the most part historically accurate novel about the Madame LaLaurie and her husband, who were clearly both demented, and their torturous experiments on their slaves and how they were eventually discovered and fled New Orleans Within this is woven the tale of Madame LaLaurie s relationship to the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau and how magic served to undo the LaLauries This is a well written and interesting tale with illustrations and is well worth reading The Silver Elves authors of The Elves of Lyndarys A Magical Tale of Modern Faerie Folk. This book has made me stop and think about life in the South as that is where I was raised Ashamed that this history exist for the Southern people, I am happy that T.R Henan has done such an outstanding job of connecting history with twist of suspense.L Immortalite gives us a glance of how it was with the earthy farmers and their slaves I love New Orleans and it makes me sad to remember that we shared such a sorted history but Mr Heinan has done a fabulous job with his account Now, true or fiction is your job to sort I bought the paperback version because I love a book in the hand Mamie An Excellent Tale of Horror, Mixed with Some Real History, Magic, and Esoteric Lore The novel L IMMORTALITE MADAME LALAURIE AND THE VOODOO QUEEN by T R Heinan provides the reader a compelling and graphically descriptive tale with a clear window into both the history and legend of antebellum New Orleans with its historical fabric consisting of horrid racial bigotry and cruelty along with its magical charms, where Catholicism and Voodoo can join hands, and where unspeakable horrors are committed by Delphine and Louis Lalaurie and yet the brave Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau, risks her life to give comfort to a slave girl who has been tortured by the couple at Lalaurie Mansion Having grown up in Mississippi, and living near New Orleans, I found this novel disturbing for its historical truth about torture and treatment of slaves but also charming in that I love the blend of cultures of antebellum New Orleans so beautifully described by T.R Heinan It is a great tale and I certainly give it 5 stars and recommend this novel to everyone who loves a little horror, mixed with some real history, magic and esoteric lore, and excellent descriptive writing. Horrendous yet UpliftingThis is a fictional story woven around the true history of Delphine Lalaurie whose desire for immortality came true, as her name will always be linked to the history of New Orleans She beat and mistreated her slaves and sanctioned her husband s gruesome experiments in the name of science Their antebellum mansion in the French Quarter has been preserved and is said to be one of the most haunted houses in New Orleans today, where the cries of the tortured and dismembered slaves can still be heard The story revolves around Philippe Bertrand, the Saint Louis Cathedral s lay sacristan and the kindly Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, and their combined efforts to save a slave child and end the torture to the other slaves in the mansion.The book is filled with hidden innuendo Bertrand lives in a yellow brick house where today a yellow brick building actually exists, on Pirate s Alley, which becomes a metaphorical brick road for him He gives the runaway slave girl Elise bread, and later pours her wine.Marie Laveau practices voodoo but is also a regular member of the Catholic Church, and in reality, New Orleans is probably the only place in the world where the two come together today.The story moves at a fast pace and is hard to put down.The characters from the book are to be used by the hit TV series American Horror Story.