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More Than Four Million Blissfully Ignorant American Men Are Thrust Into Fatherhood Every Year, Yet These Men Are Rarely Armed With An Honest Account Of What To Expect In The First Nine Months This Nine Month, Non Fiction Account Details How One Man Learns To Let Go Of Control In The Quest For The Perfect Pregnancy All Accounts Were Documented When They Happened, Long Before The Blurred Baby Goggles Of Fatherhood Were Firmly Affixed This Rare, Honest, And Unmoderated Male Perspective On Pregnancy Will Be Educational For Any New Couple Thinking Of Starting A Family For Those Already Pregnant, It Is A Funny, Relatable, And Often Neurotic Vision Of The Day To Day Struggles Encountered During This Profoundly Hormonal Time In A Couple S Life If You Ve Ever Had To Settle On A Baby S Name Or The Color Of A Nursery, Be Publicly Humiliated During Birthing Classes, Or Run The Obstacle Course Otherwise Known As A Grocery Store With Someone Days Away From Delivery, You Ll Understand The Expecting Market Is Polluted With Day By Day Pregnancy Journals, Medical Texts, And Non Fiction Work Overburdened With Touching Accounts Of The Mother S Journey Throughout Pregnancy Yet In A Time Where The Husband S Role In Pregnancy Has Increased, There Is Still A Distinct Lack Of Literature Defining The Paternal Struggles That He May Expect While Sleeping Dangerously Close To A Nine Month Long Science Experiment

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    I found this book, at various times, gut wrenching ly hilarious and supremely touching I actually work in an OBGYN office and seeing the experience of pregnancy through a father s point of view was fascinating I see these guys come in with their wives or significant others all the time, and it was engaging as hell to maybe get a bit of a window into their mindset as they experience one of life s many joys I gotta say that this author has a fantastic way with words when it comes to his hilarity I found myself laughing out loud often as he goes into the micro penis, referring to a kidney as a dead sac of pee , the changing definition of The Butcher , and a vaginal chiropractor He s got a natural way of writing that makes you feel like you re in the same room as him, just holding a conversation, a bit hilarious and eyebrow raising though it may be I ve also got to give him kudos for talking about the stuff he does and the way in which he does He holds nothing back, and I actually found that very refreshing.One thing I wish that may have been done differently was the about of subject meandering the author indulged in We could be talking his wife, their midwife appointments, or nursery painting The next thing we know, we re talking about his sister in law and her uniqueness, taking a hike in the woods, childhood memories, or going to church While the meandering would eventually get back on target, the reader is left scratching their heads wondering why we made these detours in the life of the author.All in all, I found this a very pleasant diversion into a book genre I don t visit that often The subject matter of fatherhood and pregnancy was just icing on the cake, knowing where I work The author is both hilarious and touching in his writing Sometimes subject meandering struck, but eventually we always got back to the main subject of pregnancy and the inherent subjects connected with it I d definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a humorous and touching look at fatherhood and pregnancy through the other half s eyes Note Book received for free via Good Reads First Reads program in exchange for honest review.

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    magical sperm repository Testeclese pampers magnum milk pimp Hormone harpy vaginass If these little sayings made you giggle, as they most certainly did me, I think you ll enjoy this book Honest is an understatement when it comes to Mr Vavasour s colorful accounts of the days leading up to, during, after conception delivery This was the perfect size book It was a quick read Short entertaining chapters Great for a long trip or time spent in a Dr s office waiting room Whether you re thinking of having a baby, are already in the process, or have one of your own it s a sweet story told by a wonderful first time dad Fortunately for the world this isn t the kind of story that will scare you into sterility In fact it s heartfelt real in a way that turns some the most nerve wrecking thoughts of pregnancy into a humorous exciting adventure It s exactly what having a baby should be Fun, scary, gross, exciting, exhausting, loving, kind, at times a little inappropriate A beautifully woven tale.

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    Disclaimer I received a copy for review through GoodReads First Reads.My copy arrived in an envelope decorated by the author s daughter It was pretty awesome This book is short and sweet It describes one father s perspective on pregnancy and the birth of his first child If you have ever wondered at what a man may be feeling, BirthCONTROL is enlightening and humorous James Vavasour s worry and excitement come through very well I have borrowed it to my brother who will be a first time father soon.

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    I won this is in a goodreads giveaway I thought it was a very funny husbands point of view of his wife s pregnancy I just went through this myself over 4 months ago, so it s pretty fresh I wonder if my husband felt similiar In the back of the book he states he is working on a book 2 about fatherhood I will read it, see how he handles that

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    5 out of 5 stars for BirthCONTROL A Husband s Honest Account of Pregnancy by James VavasourMore than four million blissfully ignorant American men are thrust into fatherhood every year, yet these men are rarely armed with an honest account of what to expect in the first nine months This nine month, non fiction account details how one man learns to let go of control in the quest for the perfect pregnancy.All accounts were documented when they happened, long before the blurred baby goggles of fatherhood were firmly affixed This rare, honest male perspective on pregnancy will be educational for any new couple thinking of starting a family For those already pregnant, it is a funny, and often neurotic vision of the day to day struggles encountered during this profoundly hormonal time in a couple s life If you ve ever had to settle on a baby s name or the color of a nursery, be publicly humiliated during birthing classes, or run the obstacle course otherwise known as a grocery store with someone days away from delivery, you ll understand.The Expecting market is polluted with day by day pregnancy journals, medical texts, and non fiction work overburdened with touching accounts of the mother s journey throughout pregnancy Yet in a time where the husband s role in pregnancy has increased, there is still a distinct lack of literature defining the paternal struggles that he may expect while sleeping dangerously close to a nine month long science experiment.Dear Readers BirthCONTROL is a fantastically funny, laugh out loud viewpointscared thoughts, vivid imagery, and educational stepping stones of the author s path to becoming a father This book is a perfect read for parents to beor anyone who just wants a good laugh

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    I received a copy through a First Reads giveaway I received an autographed copy The envelope it came in had some crayon scribble in the back I m not sure if this was just a recycled envelope, but I like to think that Little Abby autographed it for me as well Thanks, Abby DI fell in love with the Vavasour couple they seem to compliment each other very well Vavasour s account of his and his wife s experiences during their 9 month journey into becoming first time parents was absolutely spot on There were embarrassing moments, tender moments, overwhelming moments of choosing the right person to deliver the baby, what to avoid, frightening stories of women and their birthing experiences, awkward birthing class sessions my favorite part of the book , etc Although this would make a great gift for dads to be, you don t have to be one to appreciate it Moms will benefit from the read as well With that said, in the effort to inform couples researching the pros and cons of natural child birth vs epidurals and Pitocin, I offer some info that the author suggests every husband should know about Pitocin and epidurals If natural delivery is not progressing as quickly as it should, an epidural can be used to help the mother relax Pitocin can be used to stop the bleeding after the baby has been delivered and the placenta is passed Both could be used in a last ditch effort to avoid a C section after all other options have been exhausted this was especially logical, considering an epidural would be in place once the decision to do a C section was made anyway Happy birthing

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    I won this book as part of the Goodreads First Reads program I ve had my eye on it for a while, as it sounds really funny, so I m glad I finally got it Full review to come when it arrives UPDATE So I just finished this book, and it definitely delivered pun absolutely intended BirthCONTROL is just a wee little book, so I was able to race through it pretty quickly, but the fact that I wanted to keep reading certainly helped As I predicted, this is a very funny book James Vavasour has a real knack for writing, and seems to just be a genuinely funny person, as he was able to bring humour to pretty much every stage of the pregnancy his description of it in the book I was laughing out loud on a number of occasions However, and I consider this to be almost important, this book is also very honest and sincere I felt this to be especially true in the chapter Abby vs the Chicken Sandwich , when Vavasour discusses his wife contracting food poisoning You can sense his feelings of helplessness and fear as he waits to find out whether everything will be okay In a humour book, I think striking a balance is important, and I really feel like it was done well in this book As I am neither a man nor a parent, I maybe didn t get quite as much out of this book as some people would have, but I think the fact that I still really enjoyed it speaks to how well done it is There are a few typos here and there which I would have liked to have seen edited out, but I m sure that s only noticeable and or distracting to the nerds out there like myself Otherwise, a good read Looking forward to the sequel

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    Disclaimer I received a copy for review through GoodReads First Reads I received an autographed copy Which was pretty awesome I have to admit that I was nervous about reading this book, due to the fact that I have no kids My fear was that I really wouldn t be able to relate to it This books was so interesting and even though I don t have kids I found it laugh out loud funny This book is such a quick read and so sweet.I really enjoyed the perspective of the first time father It was really nice seeing what a man s take on various things involving pregnancy and childbirth It was such a nice break from the normal female perspective BirthCONTROL , did just that at points I love that the author kept it real and brought his honest opinion into the story It was nice to see something better out there than just what to expect when your expecting is out there on the market I also loved the relationship the author James Vavasour has with his wife I feel like they compliment each other so well I had such a great time reading this book I read it all in one sitting The whole book had me chuckling as I turned every page Since I am in my early tweenties, everyone I know is pretty much having childern, so I have been recommending this book constantly I plan on keeping this book, just in case I decide to have childern someday.

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    I won this book through a Goodreads Giveaway Being able to read through a male viewpoint of pregnancy is invaluable It s easy to get so caught up in what the woman must be experiencing, but reading through this I connected with the male s feeling of complete helplessness, and his high anxiety levels I kept thinking throughout the read, calm down, dude Just relax Busting through the idealized myth of what baby class should be, ultrasound sessions, and virility test was also revealing to me how Hollywood s versions of what an experience might be permeates our experience But, I have to admit, I was practicing deep breathing as I was reading along, on the behalf of the worrisome husband Overall, I d say this was well written It s clear and concise and does have some humorous insights, though I found a lot of the humor to be forced and some of it just plain snarky It s not all that informative in terms of medical knowledge or advice for expecting couples, but it s definitely a book for men to turn to if they re feeling particularly anxious and need to hear a voice of someone who has felt all the same ways and came through the experience successfully which I m sure is the author s target audience and intent.

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    Birthcontrol a husband s honest account to pregnancy is funny, entertaining and easy to follow as well as easy to relate to Birthcontrol has short chapters which makes it nice for people that don t have much down time to read and worry about stopping in the middle of a chapter Overall I give this fun, truthful story a four star only because sometime it feels like the author goes off topic a little but he always finds his way back I would highly recommend this book to my friends and family as light read I am happily looking forward to Birthcontrol 2 A husband s honest account to fatherhood This is an adult book but if you are a young adult that is planning to have sex or thinking of sex this would be a good book to Read There is a little bit of strong language and medical descriptions on what happens to a woman s lower regions but it s not often I also reviewed this book on youtube if you rather watch that the link is below.http watch v ZFoK2o